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3,241 Possible Causes for copper, high affinity, ion, transport

  • Urinary Tract Infection

    Vaborbactam is a novel boronic acid, β-lactamase inhibitor with a high affinity for serine β-lactamases, including Klebsiella pneumoniae carbapenemase (KPC).[] KEYWORDS: Antibacterial activity; Copper nanoparticles; Hydrogel; Nanocomposite; Urinary tract infection[] Drug interaction Cipro is not recommended to take with medications decreasing acidity in your stomach and any alkaline mineral waters and also medications which contain ions[] […] the body, includes the kidneys (where the urine is made), the bladder (where it is stored before urination), the ureters (tubes that connect the kidney to the bladder and transport[]

  • Morus

    Furthermore, molecular docking studies revealed that these active DAs have high affinity and tight binding capacity towards the active site of PTP1B and α-glucosidase.[] Inhibition of lipid peroxidation of LDL induced by copper (II) ion was achieved during the study.[] However, with high concentration of trivalent metal ions, Fe3 and Al3 and the divalent metal ion Fe2 , a three fold increase in agglutination activity was observed.[] CONCLUSION: Juice of the fruit of M. rubra can be recommended as a suitable transport medium for avulsed teeth.[]

  • Cephalexin

    We conclude that L-cephalexin is transported by PEPT1 with high affinity, but is not metabolized by PEPT1 itself.[] The Schiff base ligand, mononuclear [ML(OAc)(H2O)2] (M(II) Mn, Co, Ni, Zn) complexes and magnetically diluted trinuclear copper(II) complex [Cu3L(OH)5] were characterized[] Caco-2 assay as a fast-growing in vitro model of peptide transport.[] A false positive reaction for glucose in the urine may occur with Benedict's or Fehling's solutions or with copper sulphate test tablets.[]

  • Flutamide

    We presumed a high affinity of androgen receptors to normal level of testosterone and antiandrogen treatment was started.[] A simple, sensitive, and rapid method based on ion association, for the determination of FLD has been developed.[] The toxicity, metabolism,and transport of flutamide were investigated using cultured human hepatocytes.[] Biochemical studies confirmed that both ROT and FLU deplete cellular ATP levels and inhibit complex I of the electron transport chain to a greater extent than CYA.[]

  • Phenacetin

    CYP1A2 has been identified as contributing to the high affinity component, but is not verified as the sole contributor to the high affinity phase.[] Cool and dilute to 1 L with water. 50.5 Copper, Solution Standard (1 mL 0.025 mg Cu) — Pipet 5 mL of copper stock solution into a 100-mL volumetric flask and dilute to 100[] The negative-ion mass spectra of the derivatives contain fragment ions, formed by loss of an acetyl group from the respective molecular ions, which are the base peaks in the[] IMMEDIATELY transport the victim to a hospital.[]

  • Dengue Virus

    affinity.[] Trace elements such as copper and cobalt have been associated with virus-host interactions.[] Traditional real-time RT-PCR and HTS with Ion Torrent PGM detected the presence of dengue virus serotype 2 (DENV-2).[] This pathway may be the route of albumin transport that causes endothelial dysfunction during dengue virus infection.[]

  • Werner Syndrome

    Consistent with this notion, WRN possesses annealing, exonuclease, and ATPase-dependent helicase activity on DNA substrates, with particularly high affinity for and activity[] Ullmann-type C-S bond formation using thiophenol, chloropyridazine, copper(I) catalyst and diol ligand proceeds rapidly and efficiently in this apparatus for elaboration to[] GO - Molecular function i 3'-5' exonuclease activity DNA binding metal ion binding Keywords i Names & Taxonomy i Organism-specific databases Subcellular location i Extracellular[] Abstract The effect of insulin on the transport of proline has been studied in cultured fibroblasts from normal individuals, non-insulin-dependent diabetic patients, and patients[]

  • Promiscuity

    Considerable progress has been made in the identification of high affinity, selective inhibitors.[] Copper Canyon Academy is a boarding school for teenaged girls that are exhibiting negative behavior.[] .); Johns Hopkins Ion Channel Center (H.Z., B.Z., F.D., K.X., M.L.), Johns Hopkins University, Baltimore, Maryland; and GlaxoSmithKline, King of Prussia, Pennsylvania (M.L[] P-glycoprotein (Pgp) remains the archetypal drug membrane transporter expressed in many MDR cancer cells.[]

  • Wilson Disease

    affinity of the cuprothionein to lead staining.[] […] as 'free' copper).[] KEYWORDS: Wilson disease; copper-ion detection; frequency upconversion; in vivo detection[] ATP7B is a copper-transporting P 1B -type ATPase (Cu-ATPase) with an essential role in human physiology.[]

  • Sambucus

    Whereas elder bark agglutinin I (SNA-I) is highly specific for terminal alpha 2,6-linked sialic acid residues, SNA-III displays a high affinity for oligosaccharides containing[] Harper KA (1969) Copper flavonoid complex in acidic solutions. J Food Technol 4:405–407. Google Scholar 21.[] […] thus did not influence the solubility of stone-inducing ions.[] Illinois Department of Transportation, University of Illinois Press, Urbana. Brinkman, K. A. 1974 Sambucus L. Elder.[]