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68 Possible Causes for Cor Pulmonale, Sinus Bradycardia, Somnolence

  • Obstructive Sleep Apnea

    bradycardia and atrioventricular block, representing in part the diving reflex response to apnea and hypoxia. 144 These bradyarrhythmias occur even in the absence of any[] Neither patient exhibited daytime somnolence, although both were subsequently found to have severe obstructive sleep apnea.[] References: [14] [15] Complications Hypertension Hypoxia -induced cardiac arrhythmia Pulmonary hypertension and cor pulmonale Global respiratory insufficiency Cardiac infarction[]

  • Sleep Apnea

    In their first paper, 17 which involved a study of 15 patients with SAHS, these authors observed episodes of severe sinus bradycardia and even sinus arrests during the polysomnograph[] In epilepsy patients with risk factors (eg, obesity) or markers (eg, habitual snoring, daytime somnolence) for sleep apnea, a careful sleep history should be elicited and[] Vol 8, No 3 (Autumn 2009) Introduction Cor pulmonale has a well-described association with chronic respiratory diseases such as chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD[]

  • Central Sleep Apnea

    In the three presented cases, marked sinus bradycardia or AV block was followed by the simultaneous occurrence of abrupt acceleration of heart rate and the appearance of rapid[] Patients with hypercapnic forms may experience daytime somnolence (sometimes called wake-time sleepiness), lethargy, and morning headache.[] This can lead to cor pulmonale (right-sided heart failure). Call your provider if you have symptoms of this disorder.[]

  • Morbid Obesity

    […] tachycardia and bradycardia); and fatty infiltration of the conducting and pacing systems. 4 Ischaemic heart disease is more prevalent in obese patients.[] Arterial oxygen tension is lower and chronic hypoxemia may lead to pulmonary hypertension and cor pulmonale.[] This can be spectacularly effective in relieving right heart failure, day-time somnolence, and pulmonary hypertension.[]

  • Ayerza Syndrome

    Validation of a method for choice of pacing mode in carotid sinus syndrome with or without sinus bradycardia. Pacing Clin Electrophysiol 1991;14:196–203. 150.[] […] also Disorder, psychosomatic) 306.9 disorder 300.81 Somatoform disorder 300.82 atypical 300.82 severe 300.81 undifferentiated 300.82 Somnambulism 307.46 hysterical 300.13 Somnolence[] Ayerza syndrome - sclerosis of the pulmonary arteries in chronic cor pulmonale.[]

  • Digitalis Toxicity

    ., sinus bradycardia, atrioventricular block, nonparoxysmal atrioventricular junctional tachycardia, and ventricular tachycardia.[] Included in this group are advanced age, certain cardiac diseases (active ischemia, myocarditis, cardiomyopathy, cardiac amyloidosis, cor pulmonale) and a variety of metabolic[] bradycardia Magnesium sulfate may terminate dysrhythmias, but is contraindicated in the setting of bradycardia or AV block and should be used cautiously in patients with[]

  • Syncope

    During her hospitalization for tapering of AEDs and 24-hour EEG monitoring, the patient developed a seizure followed by sinus bradycardia and an 18-second sinus pause, resulting[] […] reports of syncope associated with AChEIs include the following: A 77-year-old female, who had been on donepezil for more than five years, experienced syncope along with somnolence[] Failure to recognize ECG features consistent with acute cor pulmonale in a man with new onset syncope and dyspnea resulted in death from undiagnosed pulmonary emboli.[]

  • Atrial Fibrillation

    Interestingly, after treatment of crizotinib, the patient suffered a transient QTc interval prolongation and his persistent atrial fibrillation was changed into sinus bradycardia[] We report a previously healthy 58-years old female, admitted because of nausea, dizziness, somnolence, a left-sided hemiparesis and arterial hypotension.[] pulmonale Drug abuse Hyperthyroidism Pneumonia Pulmonary embolism Sleep apnea Clinical Presentation Atrial fibrillation has a wide spectrum of clinical presentations.[]

  • Cor Pulmonale

    De-compensatory stage of the respiratory and cardiac function Respiratory failure Symptoms : severe dyspnea,especially at night, headache, insomnia,inappetence, somnolence[] HEART RATES• NORMAL HEART RATE• SINUS TACHYCARDIA 16. HEART RATES• SINUS BRADYCARDIA 17. COR PULMONALE 18.[] […] lung diseases. [7] Cor Pulmonale Presentation The clinical manifestations of cor pulmonale may be nonspecific.[]

  • Carotid Sinus Syncope

    Do Not Do Recommendation Do not diagnose carotid sinus syncope if carotid sinus massage causes asymptomatic transient bradycardia or hypotension.[] Grip myotonia, weakness, temporal wasting, alopecia, cataracts, glucose intolerance, and daytime somnolence. Both bradyarrhythmia and tachyarrhythmias.[] pulmonale, constrictive pericarditis); asthma; pertussis; cystic fibrosis; traqueobroncomalacea; gastroesophageal reflux; herpetic tracheobronchitis; influenza infection;[]

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