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365 Possible Causes for Cornea, Frontal Balding, Male Pattern Baldness, Male Sterility

Did you mean: Cornea, Frontal, Balding, Male Pattern Baldness, Male Sterility

  • Myotonic Dystrophy

    […] reflex. pupil dilatation See mydriatic ; pupil light reflex. ectopic pupil See corectopia. entrance pupil of the eye This is the image of the iris aperture formed by the cornea[] pattern baldness and red-green color blindness.[] A 25-year-old Ethiopian man presented with symptoms of myotonia, muscle wasting, gait problems, frontal baldness, and family history characterizing the hereditary disorder[] baldness, lenticular opacities, and testicular atrophy.[]

  • Alopecia Areata

    […] detect compounds with a fluorescent tag Aestheticians check for signs of ageing skin and other imperfections Ophthalmologists look for scratches and foreign bodies in the cornea[] Alopecia areata affects both males and females. This type of hair loss is different than male-pattern baldness, an inherited condition. What causes alopecia areata?[] “Alopecia” means hair loss, and that includes everything from common male-pattern baldness to chemotherapy-induced hairlessness to patchy bald spots appearing out of the blue[] Androgenic alopecia: also known as male-pattern baldness. Trichotillomania: manually pulling the hair out caused by a psychological disorder.[]

    Missing: Male Sterility
  • Primary Hypergonadotropic Hypogonadism-Partial Alopecia Syndrome

    Rhizomelic Chondrodysplasia Punctata, Type 3 Rickets, Vitamin D-dependent, Type I Rickets, Vitamin D-dependent, Type II Rickets, Vitamin D-resistant, Type I Ring Dermoid of the Cornea[] Virilization The development of male secondary sex characteristics in a woman, potentially including a deepening voice, increased body and/or facial hair, male-pattern baldness[] Synonyms al awadi-farag-teebi syndrome primary hypergonadotropic hypogonadism - partial alopecia Etiology Please input defination information here.[] ., Semen parameters and hormonal profile in obese fertile and infertile males. Fertil.[]

  • Salti-Salem Syndrome

    Cornea Unit Cornea makes this world beautiful to the person and it also makes person looks beautiful to the world.[] , Male Pattern Baldness, Pattern Female Pattern Baldness Hair Loss Hair Losses Losses, Hair Loss, Hair Male Pattern Alopecia Male Pattern Baldness MPB, INCLUDED Pattern Baldness[] Patients present with fine, scanty hair and frontoparietal alopecia.[] Examples Alopecia Areata ; Loose Anagen Hair Syndrome ; Mucinosis, Follicular Other names Pseudopelade; Male Pattern Baldness; Baldness; Alopecia, Androgenetic; Male Pattern[]

    Missing: Male Sterility
  • Syphilitic Alopecia

    ) Hair transplant (Medical Encyclopedia) Male pattern baldness (Medical Encyclopedia) Trichotillomania (Medical Encyclopedia) [ Read More ] Syphilis Syphilis is a sexually[] […] mid-frontal hair loss (p 2) “Vertex baldness, but not frontal baldness, is associated with an increased risk of chronic heart disease.[] Fertil Steril. 2003;79(1):91–95. 12. Leyden J, Dunlap F, Miller B, et al. Finasteride in the treatment of men with frontal male pattern hair loss.[] pattern alopecia or male pattern baldness ).[]

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  • Telogen Effluvium

    Male- and female-pattern baldness Male-pattern baldness usually starts around the late twenties or early thirties.[] Congenital Alopecia Congenital Hypotrichosis Corticosteroids Female Pattern Hair Loss Follicular Unit Extraction Frontal Fibrosing Alopecia Hair Follicle Hair Loss Hair Transplantation[] Fertil Steril. 2003;79(1):91–95. 12. Leyden J, Dunlap F, Miller B, et al. Finasteride in the treatment of men with frontal male pattern hair loss.[] Keywords: Alopecia; Alopecia areata; Biopsy; Dermoscopy; Histology RESUMO A alopecia difusa tem como principais causas eflúvio telógeno, alopecia androgenética difusa (alopecia[]

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  • Epididymitis

    Consequently, the cornea and conjunctiva may become exposed and irritated. Often the edge (margin) of the lower lid is red.[] Some specific forms are associated with other cutaneous signs (nail involvement, alopecia, hyperpigmentation, palmoplantar keratoderma) or extracutaneous involvement (muscular[] Key Words: Vasectomy, sterilization, male contraceptives, pregnancy, prostate cancer, cardiovascular dis-[] Nails that are thick or don't form Blisters inside the mouth and throat Thickened skin on the palms and soles of the feet Scalp blistering, scarring and hair loss (scarring alopecia[]

    Missing: Male Pattern Baldness
  • HAIR-AN Syndrome

    Some individuals may develop abnormal protrusion of the cornea (keratoconus).[] Elevated levels of male hormone may result in physical signs, such as excess facial and body hair (hirsutism), and occasionally severe acne and male-pattern baldness.[] Hyperandrogenism – clinical (hirsutism, acne, – Clinical or biochemical frontal balding) – biochemical (high serum androgen concentrations) 2. Menstrual irregularity 2.[] Fertil Steril 63: 779, 1995 43 Carey AH, Waterworth D, Patel K et al: Polycystic ovaries and premature male pattern baldness are associated with one allele of the steroid[]

  • Polycystic Ovary Syndrome

    Elevated levels of male hormone may result in physical signs, such as excess facial and body hair (hirsutism), and occasionally severe acne and male-pattern baldness.[] Worrisome symptoms are cliteromegaly, an increase in muscle mass (typically in the shoulder girdle area), deepening of the voice, progression over one year, frontal balding[] Sohlh2 knockout mice are male-sterile because of degeneration of differentiating type A spermatogonia.[] Symptoms such as excessive hair growth and male pattern baldness can last beyond menopause and may become worse.[]

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  • Hyperthyroidism

    When the eyes were open the white of the eyes could be seen in the breadth of several lines around all of cornea."[] […] loss of interest in sex itchy skin with raised itchy swellings (urticaria) nails become loose menstrual problems in women, especially lighter periods or absence of periods alopecia[] Hair thinning or diffuse alopecia. Urticaria, pruritus. Brisk reflexes. Goitre. Proximal myopathy (muscle weakness wasting). Gynaecomastia.[]

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