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4,070 Possible Causes for Cornea, Lacunar Infarction, Non Specific ST-T Changes

  • Hypertension

    The aqueous flows through the pupil and fills the anterior chamber of the eye, which is the space between the iris and the cornea .[] Myocardial infarction and angina identified by electrocardiogram (ECG) or coronary revascularization, and silent events, were considered to meet the inclusion criteria.[] Hypertension is a result of disruptions in the aqueous humour, the fluid substance that fills the anterior chamber of the eye and helps to keep the cornea functioning properly[]

  • Stroke

    Irrigation and lubrication prevent oral mucous membranes and eyes (cornea) from drying.[] […] cerebral circulation stroke Pure motor lacunar infarction Pure sensorimotor lacunar infarction Pure sensory lacunar infarction R.I.N.D. syndrome Reversible ischemic neurologic[] PATIENT CONCERNS: A 73-year-old female patient had only a lacunar infarction with the development of a new microbleed whenever a new neurologic symptom occurred, without the[]

  • Malignant Hypertension

    Ophthalmology Congress, Sinaia, October 16-19, 2013 The First National Congress of Cataract and Refractive Surgeons, Bucharest, June 20-22, 2014 Therapeutic Options for Cornea[] […] dysfunction (due to increased afterload) aortic dissection (due to medial degeneration) intracerebral hemorrhage (due to medial degeneration, Charcot-Bouchard aneurysms) lacunar[] Both corneas were within normal limits. The anterior chambers of both eyes were deep and quiet and the iris stroma was within normal limits. Both lenses were clear.[]

  • Mitral Valve Prolapse

    RESULTS: No statistically significant differences emerged between the study and control groups in terms of Bowman layer thickness in the central cornea and the cornea's superior[] Lacunar infarction in a puerpera with mitral valve prolapse. Ital J Neurol Sci. 1988;9(5):515-7. [ Links ] 19 Artal R, Greenspoon JS, Rutherford S.[] CONCLUSIONS: Our study revealed thinning of Bowman layer in the inferior half of the cornea in patients with MVP.[]

  • Diabetes Mellitus

    In severe retinopathy, neovascularization may lead to adhesions (synechiae) between iris and cornea or iris and lens.[] Shrestha Priyadarsini, Akhee Sarker-Nag, Jeremy Allegood, Charles Chalfant and Dimitrios Karamichos, Description of the Sphingolipid Content and Subspecies in the Diabetic Cornea[]

    Missing: Non Specific ST-T Changes
  • Arteriosclerosis

    (white or grey rings around the cornea) constitutes an independent risk factor for cardiovascular disease.[] It is the underlying mechanism of small vessel ischemic changes and lacunar infarcts in the brain of hypertensive patients and in most renovascular disease.[] Inflammation-mediated damage in progressing lacunar infarctions: a potential therapeutic target. Stroke 33 : 982–987, 2002 .[]

    Missing: Non Specific ST-T Changes
  • Graves Disease

    Rarely it may progress to affect the integrity of the cornea and may even endanger vision.[] In some patients, eye protrusion makes it difficult for the lids to close properly and the cornea becomes exposed and vulnerable.[] Retracted and puffy eyelids can change a person's appearance and increase the risk of the cornea drying.[]

    Missing: Lacunar Infarction
  • Cerebral Hemorrhage

    infarcts (process: fibrinoid necrosis or lipohyalinosis) 14.[]  Most ICH originate from the rupture of small deep penetrating arteries (50 to 200 um); most common: lenticulostriates  Same arteries are recognized to be occluded in lacunar[]

    Missing: Cornea
  • Hyperthyroidism

    When the eyes were open the white of the eyes could be seen in the breadth of several lines around all of cornea."[]

    Missing: Lacunar Infarction
  • Atrial Septal Defect

    infarction with risk factors, aortic-arch atheroma, complex migraine, vasculitis, and conversion disorder.[] […] stroke (defined by a small, deep infarct less than 15 mm in diameter in a patient with hypertension); cardioembolic causes, such as atrial fibrillation, recent (within four[] […] patients in the closure group and in 22 of 29 patients in the medical-therapy group; these included new-onset atrial fibrillation, a clot in the left atrium, subcortical lacunar[]

    Missing: Cornea

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