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45 Possible Causes for Cornea, Male Sterility, Primary Male Hypogonadism

  • Noonan Syndrome

    […] experience infertility (sterility).[] Br J Ophthalmol 1987, 71 : 235–8. 19 Bleshoy H : Sensitivity and neuropathology in the Keratoconic Cornea: PHD. City University, Northampton Square, London. 1990.[] If not corrected surgically, male reproductive cells (spermatozoa) may fail to develop properly within the testes (deficient spermatogenesis), and some affected males may[]

  • Myotonic Dystrophy

    […] reflex. pupil dilatation See mydriatic ; pupil light reflex. ectopic pupil See corectopia. entrance pupil of the eye This is the image of the iris aperture formed by the cornea[]

  • Malignant Neoplasm of the Testis

    Klinefelter's Syndrome is a genetic disorder characterized by low levels of male hormones, sterility, breast enlargement, and small testes.[] […] acute ankle artery benign Bite bone brain breast cardiac cell cerebral cervical cervix chronic complication NEC condition congenital connective tissue Continued contusion cornea[] Hypogonadism The prevalence of primary hypogonadism increases in long-term testicular cancer survivors and is associated with treatment intensity 35 : 11 years after treatment[]

  • Hypogonadism

    […] aging male, Fertility and Sterility, 10.1016/j.fertnstert.2008.08.094, 90, 5, (S83-S87), (2008).[] Gokcen Gokce, Volkan Hurmeric, Tarkan Mumcuoglu, Gokhan Ozge, Yalcin Basaran, Hilmi Umut Unal, Erol Bolu and Fatih Mehmet Mutlu, Effects of androgen replacement therapy on cornea[] Share on Pinterest Primary male hypogonadism is caused by testicular dysfunction that can be congenital or develop later in life.[]

  • Anorchia

    Androgen replacement therapy induces pubertal virilization (changes that make a male body different from a female body) and maintains in adult life.[] Words and phrases that rhyme with anorchia : (2 results) 3 syllables : porchia, torchia Words and phrases that almost rhyme † : (35 results) 3 syllables : ardea, cardia, cornea[] Impaired androgen action - increased LH, FSH, Te List the causes of primary hypogonadism. 1. Klinefelter Syndrome - MC congenital cause of primary male hypogonadism 2.[]

  • Laurence Moon Syndrome

    Grand father had polydactyly, aunt (father's sister) had polydactyly with sterility.[] CORNEA GUTTATA DISTROFIA COMBINATA DELLA CORNEA DISTROFIA ENDOTELIALE DI FUCHS DISTROFIA CORNEALE ENDOTELIALE POSTERIORE POLIMORFA RF0280 CHERATOCONO RF0290 CONGIUNTIVITE[] The primary features are: 1. Polydactyly 2. Rod-cone dystrophy 3. Learning disabilities 4. Obesity 5. Hypogonadism in males 6.[]

  • Cystinosis

    Fertility status in male cystinosis patients treated with cysteamine.[] The clinicopathological and in vivo confocal microscopic characteristics of the corneas from a patient with infantile cystinosis is reported.[] […] hypothyroidism 3 pancreatic exocrine failure causing clinical diabetes mellitus by the age of 18 years in 50% of patients 4 primary hypogonadism in males skin hypopigmentation[]

  • Prader-Willi Syndrome

    In 1976, physicians became aware that Creutzfeldt–Jakob disease could be transmitted by neurosurgical procedures and cornea transplantation.[] However, recent evidence has emerged supporting primary gonadal failure as a significant contributor to male hypogonadism [ 69 – 71 ].[] Hypogonadism Both males and females are affected, although the primary external manifestations in females (clitoral and labia minora hypoplasia) may not be obvious with cursory[]

  • Blepharospasm

    Male sterility is common because, for reasons that are not well understood, men with Bloom syndrome are unable to produce sperm.[] His cornea and conjunctiva were normal on slit lamp examination, including fluorescein staining.[] […] in male patients; hypertriglyceridemia Neoplastic risk nearly half of patients have had at least one cancer (10% of whom having had more than one primary cancer, which is[]

  • Leydig Cell Hypoplasia due to LHB Deficiency

    […] and sterility, lactorrhea and amenorrhea in female. 8) In lab investigation there is increase in organic phosphate, glucose and there is hyper calciurea. 50 HYPO-SECRETION[] […] early-onset PINK1 Corneal fleck dystrophy PIP5K3 Iris hypoplasia PITX2 Rieger syndrome PITX2 Peter anomaly PITX2 Iridogoniodysgenesis syndrome PITX2 Ring dermoid of the cornea[] […] pseudohermaphroditism and primary hypogonadism not associated with this. ( 1617805 ) Toledo S.P. 1992 23 Normal expression of the serologically defined H-Y antigen in Leydig[]