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881 Possible Causes for Corneal Edema, Melanin Dispersion in Iris, Transillumination of the Iris

  • Exfoliation Syndrome

    The melanin dispersion is from atrophy of the iris pigment epithelium. Actual pseudoexfoliative material may be noted on the TM.[] Furthermore, prominent concentric, circular iris transillumination (grade 3) was only observed in XFS.[] The mean ultrasound time, cumulative dissipated energy, and incidence of moderate to severe corneal edema and wound burn in the late-stage group were significantly higher[]

  • Iris Atrophy

    Infrared transillumination stereophotography of normal iris. Can J Ophthalmol 1977 ; 12: 308 – 11 . Google Scholar Medline ISI 19.[] Intraocular pressure in the eyes with corneal edema ranged from normal to extreme elevation with glaucomatous damage, and lowering the pressure relieved the corneal edema[] […] keratoplasty is occasionally required for cases with advanced corneal edema.[]

    Missing: Melanin Dispersion in Iris
  • Pseudoexfoliation Syndrome

    Peripapillary atrophy and iris sphincter region transillumination Melanin dispersion associated with pupillary dilation Poor mydriasis, asymmetric pupil sizes Melanin dispersion[] Loss of iris pigment and its deposition throughout the anterior segment are refl ected in iris sphincter region transillumination defects, loss of the pupillary ruff, pigment[] ., a red eye, corneal edema, and IOP often higher than 50 mm Hg) Other problems include a postoperative pressure spike, corneal oedema, increased incidence of capsular opacification[]

  • Foreign Body in the Eye

    Examine closely for iris tears and transillumination defects, lens opacities, AC shallowing, and asymmetrically low IOP in the involved eye.[] Entry sites in the cornea may be seen as a disruption in the smooth surface with corneal edema surrounding the entry site.[] Be sure to remove the contact lens in 24 hours to check the cornea for edema and striae as well.[]

    Missing: Melanin Dispersion in Iris
  • Corneal Stromal Dystrophy

    transillumination.[] Most patients remain asymptomatic and corneal edema is usually absent.[] […] of edema.[]

    Missing: Melanin Dispersion in Iris
  • Chandler Syndrome

    Chronic sequelae from acute angle-closure glaucoma can include iris transillumination defects, peripheral anterior synechiae and an irregular pupil.[] In the presence of corneal edema or haze, corneal endothelium can be clearly visualized by confocal microscopy.[] The cornea was clear with absence of corneal edema.[]

    Missing: Melanin Dispersion in Iris
  • Glaucoma Related Pigment Dispersion Syndrome

    […] and iris atrophy.[] Iris transillumination.[] edema, ocular pain, intermittent blurring of vision or halos Signs: Radial periphery transillumination defects of the iris Krukenberg spindle: a vertically oriented deposition[]

  • Iridocorneal Endothelial Syndrome

    Additional features of ICE included corneal endothelial guttata-like changes in 33 (46%), corneal edema in 7 (10%), iris pigment epithelial transillumination defects in 12[] corneal edema or any previous ophthalmic, medical, or family history.[] […] glaucoma, and corneal edema.[]

    Missing: Melanin Dispersion in Iris
  • Keratoglobus

    , posterior embryotoxon, transillumination defects, Krukenberg spindles, trabecular meshwork pigmentation, posterior embryotoxon, Rieger anomaly, goniodysgenesis and cataracts[] Corneal thickness measurements during the trial can give a better idea of corneal edema expected after prescribing the PROSE device.[] Acute corneal edema due to rupture of Descemet's membrane and perforation even from minimal trauma are the most frequent complications.[]

    Missing: Melanin Dispersion in Iris
  • Corneal Blood Staining

    […] thins and causes transillumination defect (lighter iris).[] corneal edema Left stromal corneal edema Microcystic corneal edema (mce) Right corneal edema Right corneal infiltrate Right microcystic corneal edema Right stromal corneal[] On Slit lamp biomicroscopic examination, there was a deep corneal hematoma in lower half of the graft, with deep vascular arcade and corneal edema and blood vessels at limbus[]

    Missing: Melanin Dispersion in Iris

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