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286 Possible Causes for Corneal Infiltrate, Corneal Ulcer

  • Keratitis

    What Is Keratitis (Corneal Ulcers)? Infectious keratitis and corneal ulcers refer to the invasion of an infectious organism, such as bacteria, into the cornea.[] Adenoviral conjunctivitis may lead to subepithelial corneal infiltrates as a late complication.[] He had undergone a corneal tear repair on that eye 15 days prior to the onset of keratitis. The infiltrations were along the sutured corneal tear tracts.[]

  • Fungal Keratitis

    Fungal infections are a cause of corneal ulcers in contact lens wearers.[] The corneal infiltrate findings were suggestive of fungal keratitis, and corneal smears were positive for septate fungal hyphae.[] , entropion and a long-standing corneal ulcer resistant to treatment.[]

  • Herpes Zoster Ophthalmicus

    Topical treatment with nerve growth factor for corneal neurotrophic ulcers.[] These epithelial lesions can lead to anterior stromal corneal infiltrates.[] Corneal neovascularization and lipid infiltrates may occur in patients with uncontrolled chronic disease.[]

  • Scedosporium Infection

    Efficacy of fluconazole subconjunctival injection as adjunctive therapy for severe recalcitrant fungal corneal ulcer. J Med Assoc Thai 2008;91:309-15. [ PUBMED ] 12.[] He had a 4 x 4 mm central corneal infiltrate with satellite lesions and a 4 mm hypopyon ( Figure 1a ).[] The right eye showing corneal opacity and conjunctival congestion with right infiltration lesion around (red arrowhead).[]

  • Acanthamoeba Keratitis

    The diameter of the corneal ulcer was more than 6 mm in 27 (81.82%) eyes (P 0.001).[] It typically presents as a unilateral central or paracentral corneal infiltrate, often with a ring-shaped peripheral infiltrate.[] The progressive nature of the corneal infiltrate, the epithelial defect, and the lack of response to treatment was highly suggestive for Acanthamoeba keratitis.[]

  • Hypopyon Ulcer

    […] a corneal abscess or a hypopyon ulcer.[] The diagnosis of a sterile corneal ulcer and infiltrate was established.[] Thus, any corneal ulcer may be associated with hypopyon, however, it is customary to reserve the term 'hypopyon corneal ulcer' for the characteristic ulcer caused by pneumococcus[]

  • Central Corneal Ulcer

    […] cause of corneal ulcers.[] Mid-peripheral corneal infiltrate at 9:00 as well as surrounding corneal edema consistent with infection ICD-10 Diagnosis Codes: H16.011– Central corneal ulcer, right eye[] corneal ulcer, bilateral H16.009 Unspecified corneal ulcer, unspecified eye H16.01 Central corneal ulcer H16.012 Central corneal ulcer, left eye H16.013 Central corneal ulcer[]

  • Corneal Ulcer

    Corneal ulceration affects the eye and its vision.[] The best corrected visual acuity, location, size, and density of corneal infiltrates, the size and presence of a corneal epithelial defect, subjective eye pain (scale of 0[] The area of the corneal ulcer was central in three, and paracentral in three eyes. The corneal infiltrate was small in one eye, and medium in five eyes.[]

  • Phlyctenular Keratoconjunctivitis

    Ring corneal ulcer, left eye H16.023 Ring corneal ulcer, bilateral H16.029 Ring corneal ulcer, unspecified eye H16.03 Corneal ulcer with hypopyon H16.031 Corneal ulcer with[] Examination revealed the presence of catarrhal corneal infiltrates and neovascularization associated with corneal thinning.[] Corneal Infiltrate Corneal infiltrates usually associated with contact lens wear This condition is not characterized by ulceration and the lesion does not migrate into the[]

  • Foreign Body in the Eye

    ulceration or herpetic keratitis For foreign bodies of the ear, the healthcare provider may wash out the foreign body, or use a small instrument to scoop out the foreign[] There were 4 cases of corneal infiltrate, 3 of them preceded by an AC reaction.[] Contact lens users : Microbial keratitis (corneal ulcer) can be mistaken for a corneal abrasion.[]

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