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2,525 Possible Causes for Coronary Atherosclerosis, Narrow Hands, Non Specific ST-T Changes

  • Hypertension

    Coronary, cerebral, and muscle blood flow is maintained unless severe atherosclerosis coexists in these vascular beds.[] In arterioles, on the other hand, decreases in the density of blood vessels (rarefaction) and in vasomotion amplitude may play a more important role than reductions in lumen[] Adiposity, cardiac size and precursors of coronary atherosclerosis in 5- to 15-year-old children: a retrospective study of 210 violent deaths.[]

  • Angina Pectoris

    coronary artery without angina pectoris I25 . 810 Atherosclerosis of coronary artery bypass graft(s) without angina pectoris Cases of angina alone without coronary atherosclerosis[] However, there are risk factors that are known to increase the development of fatty deposits, which can cause your arteries to narrow.[] Pravastatin limitation of atherosclerosis in the coronary arteries (PLAC I): reduction in atherosclerosis progression and clinical events.[]

  • Stroke

    Effect of very high-intensity statin therapy on regression of coronary atherosclerosis: the ASTEROID trial. JAMA. 2006 ; 295 : 1556–1565.[] She improved significantly, and eight hours after tPA therapy, had only moderate expressive speech difficulties and mild hemiparesis on the right (dominant hand) side.[] Blumenthal and Tae-Hwan Lim, Incidence of subclinical coronary atherosclerosis in patients with suspected embolic stroke using cardiac computed tomography, The International[]

  • Cardiomyopathy

    Ischemic cardiomyopathy is generally ascribed to epicardial coronary atherosclerosis, but it can also occur in any vasculitic process (eg, Takayasu's arteritis), congenital[] Lilly -- Atherosclerosis / Jordan B. Strom and Peter Libby -- Ischemic heart disease / June-Wha Rhee, Marc S. Sabatine, and Leonard S.[] […] artery disease (CAD), all other major cardiac diseases will be discussed in these sections, including contributing factors such as a high cholesterol , atherosclerosis ,[]

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  • Ischemic Cardiomyopathy

    Coronary (artery) atheroma Coronary (artery) atherosclerosis Coronary (artery) disease Coronary (artery) sclerosis Type 2 Excludes atheroembolism ( I75.- ) atherosclerosis[] The most common cause of ischemic cardiomyopathy is atherosclerosis of the large coronary arteries; about six million people in the USA have heart failure related to coronary[] Ischemic cardiomyopathy is generally ascribed to epicardial coronary atherosclerosis, but it can also occur in any vasculitic process (eg, Takayasu's arteritis), congenital[]

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  • Mitral Valve Prolapse

    This article is available to subscribers. Subscribe now. Already have an account? Sign in Original Article Free Preview Archive Andrew R. Marks, M.D., Christopher Y. Choong, M.B.B.Chir., Ph.D., Anthony J. Sanfilippo, M.D., Merry Ferré, M.S., and Arthur E. Weyman, M.D. Abstract Mitral-valve prolapse is a common cardiac valvular[…][]

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  • Amyloidosis

    An autopsy revealed significant cardiomegaly (500 g) and mild coronary atherosclerosis, with no evidence of acute or remote myocardial infarction.[] Hypertension and smoking are associated with reduced regional left ventricular function in asymptomatic: individuals the Multi-Ethnic Study of Atherosclerosis.[] Coronary microvascular dysfunction is related to abnormalities in myocardial structure and function in cardiac amyloidosis. JACC Heart Fail 2, 358–367 (2014). 18.[]

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  • Hypomagnesemia

    Liao F, Folsom AR, Brancati FL: Is low magnesium concentration a risk factor for coronary heart disease? The Atherosclerosis Risk in Communities (ARIC) Study.[] .  Changes in electrocardiogram are non specific like prolongation of conduction and slight ST depression, Nonspecific T-wave changes, U waves may b seen, Prolonged QT and[] Some non-specific changes in the ECG also suggests probability of magnesium deficiency, including ST segment depression, peaked T waves, PR prolongation and broad QRS segment[]

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  • Acute Alcohol Intoxication

    Free Access article Free Access article Atherosclerosis, Vascular Biology and Development Session Title: Microcirculation and Cerebral/Coronary/Peripheral Circulation II Originally[]

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  • Metabolic Syndrome

    The notion that people can be "fat but fit" is being challenged by a study showing a high prevalence of subclinical coronary atherosclerosis in obese subjects with no evidence[] The patients, aged 14 and 16 years, had truncal obesity, mild mental retardation, hypotonia, narrow hands and feet, a high-arched palate, prominent upper central incisors,[] The metabolic syndrome, its component risk factors, and progression of coronary atherosclerosis. Archives of Internal Medicine 170, 478 – 484.[]

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