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460 Possible Causes for correa, Fatigue, Sore Mouth

Did you mean: cornea, Fatigue, Sore Mouth

  • Hypersensitivity

    These sores can be found on the genitals, vagina, anus, rectum, lips and mouth. Pregnant women can transmit the disease to their unborn child.[] Dhingra N, Shemer A, Correa da Rosa J, et al. (2014) Molecular profiling of contact dermatitis skin identifies allergen‐dependent differences in immune response.[] These reactions often cause chronic joint or muscle pain, inflammation, and swelling, leading to generalized fatigue and lack of energy.[]

  • Food Allergy

    […] defects of permanent teeth Adults are less likely to have digestive signs and symptoms and may instead have one or more of the following: anemia bone or joint pain canker sores[] Correa-Rocha, The role of regulatory T cells in the acquisition of tolerance to food allergens in children, Allergologia et Immunopathologia, 10.1016/j.aller.2018.02.002,[] While not life-threatening, symptoms can be severe and range from gastrointestinal distress, headache and chronic fatigue.[]

  • Chronic Kidney Insufficiency

    Gansevoort RT, Correa-Rotter R, Hemmelgarn BR, et al. Chronic kidney disease and cardiovascular risk: epidemiology, mechanisms, and prevention. Lancet. 2013;382:339-52.[] In fact, drowsiness, fatigue, and an overall lack of energy are encountered in the majority of patients, along with pruritus and pain.[] Correa-Rotter R, et al. (2012). Peritoneal dialysis. In MW Taal et al., eds., Brenner and Rector's The Kidney, 9th ed., vol. 2, pp. 2347–2377. Philadelphia: Saunders.[]

  • Sjögren Syndrome

    Other symptoms may include: Contact lens discomfort Dry sinuses and frequent sinus infections or nosebleeds Sore mouth, tongue or throat Difficulty chewing or swallowing Dry[] Correa, Ruben D.[] […] with fatigue.[]

  • Folate-Deficiency Anemia

    For more information see: Folic acid and birth defect prevention Symptoms Fatigue Headache Pallor Sore mouth and tongue Exams and Tests The doctor or nurse will perform a[] Correa A, Gilboa SM, Botto LD, Moore CA, Hobbs CA, Cleves MA.[] Folate-deficiency anemia causes symptoms that are common for all types of anemia, like fatigue, irritability, headaches, diminished concentration ability, dyspnea, and palpitations[]

  • Skin Cancer

    Chemotherapy, targeted therapy and immunotherapy drugs may cause a variety of side effects, such as nausea and vomiting, fatigue, nerve damage, mouth sores and rashes.[] ISBN 1-4160-2999-0 . a b De Stefani E, Deneo-Pellegrini H, Ronco AL, Boffetta P, Brennan P, Muñoz N, Castellsagué X, Correa P, Mendilaharsu M (October 2003).[] However, they may develop painful sores (ulceration).[]

  • Plant Poisoning

    Franklin Riet-Correa CABI, 2011 - Nature - 739 pages This comprehensive collection of up-to-the-minute research in the field of poisonous plants investigates the effects of[]

  • Squamous Cell Carcinoma of the Skin

    , scaly patch on your lip that may evolve to an open sore A red sore or rough patch inside your mouth A red, raised patch or wart-like sore on or in the anus or on your genitals[] ISBN 1-4160-2999-0 . a b De Stefani E, Deneo-Pellegrini H, Ronco AL, Boffetta P, Brennan P, Muñoz N, Castellsagué X, Correa P, Mendilaharsu M (October 2003).[] (b) Number of adverse events by the end of treatment The most frequently encountered adverse effects associated with the combined adjuvant therapy regimen were dry skin, fatigue[]

  • Pernicious Anemia

    Here, I show that her physical ailments spanned 30 years and included sore mouth, pallor, paresthesias, the Lhermitte symptom, fever, headaches, fatigue, resting tachycardia[] Revista Colombiana de Gastroenterologia Print version ISSN 0120-9957 Abstract CONTRERAS ZUNIGA, Eduardo ; RAMIREZ CHEYNE, Julián Andrés ; VALLEJO SERNA, Raúl Andrés and ZUNIGA CORREA[] Signs and Symptoms of Anemia The most common symptom of all types of anemia is fatigue (tiredness).[]

  • Tropical Sprue

    Its primary symptoms are diarrhea, sore tongue and weight loss.[] Okumura M, Correa Neto A. Produção experimental de "megas" em animais inoculados com Trypanosoma cruzi.[] The authors report two cases of American residents living in Thailand and Vietnam who had been suffering from chronic diarrhea, weight loss, being easily fatigued and nutritional[]

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