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31 Possible Causes for correa, Gingival Recession, Lip Swelling

Did you mean: cornea, Gingival Recession, Lip Swelling

  • Gingivitis

    He also presented with swelling of both lips which was recurrent and for the same duration of 3 years.[] PMID:6577032 Peres MA, Peres KG, Cascaes AM, Correa MB, Demarco FF, Hallal PC, et al.[] The reconstructive phase for this patient consisted of the fabrication of a heat-cured acrylic gingival facade to mask the gingival recession.[]

  • Periodontitis

    A complete resolution of lip swelling and cobblestone formation were shown after treatment.[] Correa, Marco A. Peres and Flávio F.[] The patient was a 22-year-old woman who presented with the chief complaint of gingival recession.[]

  • Hypersensitivity

    Angioedema : Angioedema is a soft, painless, non-itchy swelling that usually involves the lips, tongue or cheeks.[] Dhingra N, Shemer A, Correa da Rosa J, et al. (2014) Molecular profiling of contact dermatitis skin identifies allergen‐dependent differences in immune response.[] ., tuberculosis, and transplant reaction). hypersensitivity, dentin, n refers to the pain caused by fractures, or gingival recession, which exposes the dentin of a tooth.[]

  • Periapical Abscess

    […] top lip), as an infection had taken hold and an abscess had formed at the tooth root (which, via x-ray, was shown to be the cause of the bump on the gums).[] Stomatologija 16:118-124. [ Crossref ] Correa FO KM, Silveira FM, Martins TM, Ahmed HB, Javed F (2014) Severe alveolar bone loss around the mandibular incisor teeth as a long-term[] The tooth had apprently died and had been giving me pain and mild swelling (particularly a 'bump' on my gum that made it feel like i had a constant air bubble trapped in my[]

  • Hereditary Gingival Fibromatosis

    There was no lip swelling or eversion, and endocrine and metabolic assessments were unremarkable for both patients.[] Holzhausen M, Goncalves D, Correa Fde O et al. A case of Zimmermann–Laband syndrome with supernumerary teeth. J Periodontol 2003; 74 ( 8): 1225–1230. 15.[] Chronic periodontitis Epidemiology of periodontal diseases Gingivitis Gum graft Periodontist Tooth loss Gingival recession American Academy of Periodontology Home Page Periodontal[]

  • Periostitis

    With the development of periostitis in the area of the front teeth, swelling of the upper lip or middle part of the face is observed.[] Craver RD, Correa-Gracian H, Heinrich S. Florid reactive periostitis . Human Path 1997;28:745–7. [9]. Nishio J, Iwasaki H, Soejima O, et al.[] Recession: 1-Year Follow-Up Study. ( 27333020 ) Godavarthi L....Pavankumar S. 2016[]

  • Gingival Fibromatosis-Progressive Deafness Syndrome

    It is normally associated with swelling of lips, bowel disorders, fever and ulcers. A consultation with gastro-enterologist will prove to be helpful.[] Holzhausen M, Goncalves D, Correa Fde O et al. A case of Zimmermann–Laband syndrome with supernumerary teeth. J Periodontol 2003; 74 ( 8): 1225–1230. 15.[] Autosomal recessive gingival fibromatosis with distinctive facies.[]

  • Congenital Mandibular Hypoplasia

    The most common type of cleft lip results from failure of the maxillary swellings to fuse with the intermaxillary process. 7 , 16 – 18 Fig 3.[] […] infrazygomatic SMAS P Morales 167 the argon gas surgical unit D Man and H Plosker 173 Improving mammaplasty scars with lipoplasty E B de Souza Pinto P J Erazo I A C Muniz and J P T Correa[] The intraoral examination revealed Angle Class II malocclusion and an overjet of 4.5 mm, horizontal bone loss and gingival recession in the maxilla and mandible (Figure 2)[]

  • Gingival Hyperplasia

    Rajakulasingam, Recurrent lip swelling: a diagnostic challenge, Case Reports, 2014, aug21 1, (bcr2013203018), (2014).[] Correa JD et al. Phenytoin-induced gingival overgrowth: a review of the molecular, immune, and inflammatory features. ISRN Dent 2011:497850. Modeer T, et al.[] Several reasons are involved with food impaction such as gingival recession, periodontal disease, caries, age, excessive attrition, etc.[]

  • Familial Median Cleft of the Upper and Lower Lips

    CASE REPORT An 11-year-old Chinese girl presented with recurrent upper lip swelling after repeated incision and drainage procedures.[] Correa A, Gilboa SM, Besser LM, et al; National Birth Defects Prevention Study. Diabetes mellitus and birth defects. Am J Obstet Gynecol. 2008;199(3):237.e1-237.e9. 13.[] recession in relation to 16,17, 26, 27, 31, 32, 33, 36, 37, 41, 42, 43, 46, and 47.[]