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330 Possible Causes for cornea, Male Sterility

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  • Malignant Neoplasm of the Testis

    Klinefelter's Syndrome is a genetic disorder characterized by low levels of male hormones, sterility, breast enlargement, and small testes.[] […] acute ankle artery benign Bite bone brain breast cardiac cell cerebral cervical cervix chronic complication NEC condition congenital connective tissue Continued contusion cornea[] Male factor subfertility: possible causes and the incidence of nutritional factors. Fertil Steril 2000;73(3):435–42. Jensen TK, Toppari J, Keiding N, Skakkebaek NE.[]

  • Autonomic Neuropathy

    Examine for effects of reduced eye secretions (cornea). Mouth examination Look for excessive dental decay (an effect of dry month).[]

  • Hyperthyroidism

    When the eyes were open the white of the eyes could be seen in the breadth of several lines around all of cornea."[]

  • Liver Failure

    Dupuytren’s contracture Fetor hepaticus—a sweet, pungent breath odor Gynecomastia Hepatomegaly Jaundice Kayser-Fleischer ring—brown-green ring of copper deposit around the cornea[]

  • Bee Sting

    sterile female functions -kill sisters and mother -mate with males -lay 1500 eggs/day 200K eggs/year -secrete pheromone 9-hydroxydecenoic acid HOOC C-C-C-C-C-C-COH-C -mate[] […] heterochromia-iridis, internal ophthalmoplegia, and punctate subcapsular lenticular opacities developed in a 9-year-old girl after she received a bee sting in her right cornea[] Bee stings of the cornea are rarely reported, but have the potential for causing serious ophthalmological injuries.[]

  • Corneal Ulcer

    Kingella kingae was isolated from a corneal ulcer in an 11-month-old male.[] There are many possible causes of recurrent corneal erosion, including a history of corneal injury, such as corneal abrasion, and corneal disease.[] A corneal transplant can replace your damaged cornea with a healthy donor cornea to restore vision.[]

  • Laurence Moon Syndrome

    Grand father had polydactyly, aunt (father's sister) had polydactyly with sterility.[] CORNEA GUTTATA DISTROFIA COMBINATA DELLA CORNEA DISTROFIA ENDOTELIALE DI FUCHS DISTROFIA CORNEALE ENDOTELIALE POSTERIORE POLIMORFA RF0280 CHERATOCONO RF0290 CONGIUNTIVITE[] Case 4 :-Satya Narain, 14 years, Hindu male child was brought to us with the complaints of diminished vision more so during night since 3 years, adiposity and mental retardation[]

  • Noonan Syndrome

    […] experience infertility (sterility).[] Br J Ophthalmol 1987, 71 : 235–8. 19 Bleshoy H : Sensitivity and neuropathology in the Keratoconic Cornea: PHD. City University, Northampton Square, London. 1990.[] If not corrected surgically, male reproductive cells (spermatozoa) may fail to develop properly within the testes (deficient spermatogenesis), and some affected males may[]

  • Myotonic Dystrophy

    […] reflex. pupil dilatation See mydriatic ; pupil light reflex. ectopic pupil See corectopia. entrance pupil of the eye This is the image of the iris aperture formed by the cornea[]

  • Ophthalmia Nodosa

    Genetic engineering of complete or male sterility may help offer a solution in reducing the production of allergenic pollen (Brunner et al ., 1998).[] We experimentally simulated this condition by surgically implanting gypsy moth hairs in the rabbit cornea.[] If you wear contact lenses, they float on top of your corneas.[]

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