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  • Foreign Body in the Eye

    This photo shows the removal of a rust ring from the cornea using an Alger brush.[] Superficial eye foreign bodies are painful and if they get stuck beneath the upper eyelid, pain increases dramatically when you try and close your eyes.[] Common symptoms of a foreign body in the eye may include eye pain, especially when opening or closing the eye; a feeling that there is something in your eye that you cannot[]

  • Keratitis

    There are many possible causes of recurrent corneal erosion, including a history of corneal injury, such as corneal abrasion, and corneal disease.[] Her main complaints were gritty sensation and pain.[] Affected individuals complain of severe pain and impaired eyesight.[]

  • Eyeball Injury

    We usually see this in a couple of places, typically one can be around the limbus, the edge where the white part of the eye meets the clear cornea.[] I cannot begin to explain the shocking excruciating pain. It was like a thousand burning forks being stabbed into my eyeball. Persil, I am not bad with pain.[] Concerns: The foreign matter can damage the cornea -- the part of the eye you see through. Debris in the eye can lead to infection and ulceration of the cornea.[]

  • Recurrent Corneal Erosion

    Pathologic material from the affected cornea showed microcysts, protrusions of basement membrane and evidence of poor adhesion between the basement membrane and the epithelial[] When the eye opens, it rips the loose skin or epithelial cells from the cornea, leaving a painful abrasion.[] Also, understanding how genes produce and maintain a healthy cornea will help in treating corneal disease.[]

  • Bee Sting

    […] heterochromia-iridis, internal ophthalmoplegia, and punctate subcapsular lenticular opacities developed in a 9-year-old girl after she received a bee sting in her right cornea[] Introduction Popularly called the Schmidt Sting Pain Index ( Berenbaum, 2003 ; Schmidt sting pain index, 2013 ), Justin Schmidt judged the painfulness of stings from 78 species[] Bee stings of the cornea are rarely reported, but have the potential for causing serious ophthalmological injuries.[]

  • Acute Glaucoma

    In some cases the keratopathy is due to detachment of Descemet's membrane from the cornea.[] This occurs without cardiac involvement and can precede ocular pain or headache.[] , and this causes the angle between the iris and cornea to be narrowed.[]

  • Conjunctivitis

    […] the opacified, damaged cornea.[] Pain - some people have pain in one or both eyes. If the eyes are very red and painful it is important to see a doctor.[] Often both the conjunctiva and the cornea are involved, a condition called keratoconjunctivitis.[]

  • Herpes Zoster Ophthalmicus

    METHODS —The corneas of 110 patients, 52 with a documented history of herpes keratitis (HSK) and 58 with non-herpetic corneal disease, were investigated using IHC, PCR, ISH[] We present a challenging case in which the dermatomal pain associated with herpes zoster ophthalmicus preceded the cutaneous rash by several days.[] […] qualities in acute postoperative pain and birth-labor pain [ 17 ].[]

  • Acute Angle Closure Glaucoma

    This depends on the time the cornea takes to become clear again.[] […] for pain relief.[] An 81-year-old woman visited our emergency room for severe ocular pain and vision loss in her left eye.[]

  • Corneal Abrasion

    […] and corneal diseases from the National Eye Institute, please visit the following webpage: Facts About the Cornea and Corneal Disease[] […] patching affected the pain of simple corneal abrasions.[] These include: Congenital diseases like keratoconus Scars from infection or trauma Degenerative corneal diseases Corneal dystrophies Corneal Edema All of the above cause the[]

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