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285 Possible Causes for Cortical Thinning, Hydronephrosis

  • Renal Tuberculosis

    thinning.[] An ultrasound (USG) examination of abdomen revealed grade 1 renal parenchyma changes and bilateral hydronephrosis.[] […] scarring "Smudged" papillae (moth-eaten) –irregular due to inflammation and necrosis Several cysts surrounding a calyx with cortical thinning Infundibular strictures Hydrocalyces[]

  • Hydronephrosis

    […] atrophy seen as cortical thinning Hydronephrosis grading systems (including the SFU) are controversial in terms of their intra-rater and inter-rater reliability.[] Hydronephrosis can also be diagnosed during pregnancy.[] Excretory urogram after 30 min. shows severe dilatation of the right pelvocalyceal system with cortical thinning and smooth obstruction of the right ureteropelvic junction[]

  • Uterine Prolapse

    A pelvic examination and computed tomography revealed severe bilateral hydroureteronephrosis with marked cortical thinning induced by total uterine prolapse.[] To our knowledge this is the first reported treatment of a case with bilateral hydronephrosis due to uterine prolapse that were corrected and overcame with a novel minimally[] Uterine prolapse resulting in hydronephrosis was uncommon. We report two cases of complete uterine prolapse and bilateral moderate hydronephrosis.[]

  • West Syndrome

    The MRI report found the evidence of cortical thinning and hyperintense signal on T2 WI, FLAIR and IR involving bilateral occipital poles.[] Congenital severe hydronephrosis, typical facial features, and multiple anomalies suggested a clinical diagnosis of Schinzel-Giedion syndrome.[]

  • Vesicoureteral Reflux

    IVU, performed in January 2001, showed marked bilateral hydronephrosis with bilateral cortical thinning ( Figure 4 ).[] Renal ultrasonography: To determine the presence and the extent of hydronephrosis.[] Grade III results in urine reflux into the ureter and the renal pelvis, causing mild hydronephrosis. Grade IV results in moderate hydronephrosis.[]

  • Bilateral Multicystic Dysplastic Kidney

    Postnatal USS however, revealed multiple sub-cortical thin walled cysts of varying sizes which apparently appeared to be communicating.[] Link to Associated Anomalies Hydronephrosis. The classical form is easily distinguished from hydronephrosis.[] The contralateral kidney showed hydronephrosis [Figure 1] a and [Figure 1] b and mild hydroureter involving small part of upper ureter.[]

  • Transitional Cell Carcinoma of the Renal Pelvis

    The CT scan also showed decreased renal parenchymal enhancement around the stones and diffuse cortical thinning with fluid collection ( Fig. 2 ).[] Proximal hydronephrosis was present in 80% of overstaged cases (eight of 10 patients).[] A 59-year-old male patient with left hydronephrosis was referred to us from a local physician.[]

  • Bladder Distention

    Twenty-one cases were evaluated for the presence of oligohydramnios, posterior urethral dilation, bladder wall thickening, urachal patency, cortical thinning, cortical cysts[] Hydronephrosis: A Distended Kidney In hydronephrosis, the kidney is swollen (distended) because the flow of urine is obstructed.[] Antenatal diagnosis Prenatal diagnosis of MMIHS is mostly based on fetal ultrasound, revealing enlarged urinary bladder and hydronephrosis.[]

  • Hydrocephalus

    Fetuses who develop progressive ventricular enlargement and cortical thinning from hydrocephalus before 28 weeks may have irreversible damage by 32 weeks.[] English words similar to 'hydrencephalus' : hydromagnetics , hydromechanics , hydronephrosis , heteromorphous , hydronephroses[] In maximal hydrocephalus there is a very thin rim of cortical mantle seen on the MRI scan. The EEG will show cortical activity.[]

  • Rare Endometriosis

    In Ultrasound and CT Urography there was severe hydronephrosis of left kidney with marked cortical thinning and approx 10 17 mm soft tissue density mass near left uretrovesical[] Patient was followed up every month with ultrasonography (USG) which showed decreasing hydronephrosis and hydroureterosis.[] cortices at ultrasonography.[]

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