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32 Possible Causes for Costochondritis, Mastitis

  • Breast Contusion

    It can be costochondritis, muscle pain or potentially pleurisy (which ...Read more 40 How will I know if I have breast lump?[] Costochondritis / Tietze's syndrome Costochondritis is an inflammatory condition that occurs at the joints between the ribs and the sternum (breastbone).[] Costochondritis is thought to be caused by overuse, resulting in repetitive micro-trauma. The two bones themselves are cushioned by cartilage inside the joint.[]

  • Mastodynia

    Nongynecologic causes—dorsal radiculitis or inflammatory changes in the costochondral junction (Tietze’s syndrome), sclerosing adenosis, chest wall muscle spasms, costochondritis[] The pain could be caused by: Cysts Fibroadenomas Fibrocystic disease Duct ectasia (widening) Mastitis (inflammation) Injury Breast abscesses Costochondritis, an inflammation[] Breast pain during lactation or after weaning is not included into this definition but usually classified as breast engorgement or mastitis.[]

  • Breast Irradiation

    Push your fingers down right at that junction; if it hurts, it's costochondritis and can be treated with aspirin and antiarthritis medicines.[] Severe early postoperative complications (bleeding) were documented in 2 patients (1.6%), wound healing complications in 3 (2.4%), and infection (mastitis or abscess) in 2[] RIM is a clinical diagnosis of exclusion and most cases are often mistaken for cellulitis/mastitis, or inflammatory breast cancer, and initial treatment with antibiotics,[]

  • Chondritis

    Costochondritis is notable for feeling like a heart attack.[] Nephritis Glomerulonephritis Pyelonephritis Ureteritis Cystitis Urethritis Reproductive female Oophoritis Salpingitis Endometritis Parametritis Cervicitis Vaginitis Vulvitis Mastitis[] From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia Jump to navigation Jump to search Chondritis is inflammation of cartilage. [1] It takes several forms, osteochondritis, costochondritis[]

  • Herpes Zoster Infection of the Chest Wall

    Costochondritis, an inflammation of costochondral junctions of ribs or chondrosternal joints of the anterior chest wall, is a common condition seen in patients presenting[] Less common causes of chest pain include: shingles (herpes zoster) – an infection that typically causes pain, before a skin rash appears mastitis, usually caused by a breast[] Costochondritis b. Muscle strains c. Sternocostal dysfunction (2nd-7th joints) d. Lower cervical dysfunction e.[]

  • Vaginospasm

    Biochemistry PharmacyOrDrug CORTISOL Biochemistry PharmacyOrDrug CORTISONE Biochemistry PharmacyOrDrug CORYNEBACTERIUM Organism CORYZA SymptomOrSign COSTA Anatomy COSTO Anatomy COSTOCHONDRITIS[] SymptomOrSign MASSETER Anatomy MASTALGIA DiagnosisOrProblem MASTECTOMIES TreatmentOrProcedure MASTECTOMY TreatmentOrProcedure MASTICATION BodyFunction MASTICATOR Anatomy MASTITIS[] Anatomy-Desc CORTEX Anatomy-Desc CORTICAL Anatomy-Desc CORTICES Anatomy-Desc CORTICOADRENAL Anatomy-Desc CORTICOMEDULLARY Anatomy-Desc CORTICOSPINAL Anatomy-Desc COSTAL Anatomy-Adj COSTOCHONDRAL[]

  • Breast Adenoma

    Nonbreast etiologies of anterior chest wall pain Achalasia Angina Cervical radiculitis Cholecystitis Cholelithiasis Coronary artery disease Costochondritis (Tietze syndrome[] Duct ectasia and periductal mastitis See separate Mammary Duct Ectasia and Periductal Mastitis article.[] 45.5%, ductal cancer 18.2%, lipoma 12.1% and rest about 24% accounts fore, e.g. cystic hygroma, cystic mastopathy, fibroadenoma, ductal pappiloma, tuberculosis, periductal mastitis[]

  • Uremic Pneumonitis

    NON-PULMONARY CAUSES: Tietze's Syndrome (Costochondritis): Superficial chest pain with local tenderness.[] Gram-positive bacteria Staphylococcus aureus Food poisoning, wound infections, toxic shock syndrome, more F C E HA IA Streptococcus pyogenes Strep throat, scarlet fever, mastitis[]

  • Systemic Candidiasis

    Abstract We studied the clinical, scintigraphic, and histopathologic characteristics of 26 intravenous drug abusers with costochondral involvement secondary to systemic infection[] ., doxycycline, tetracycline, and clindamycin ) Vaginal yeast infection Mastitis Balanitis Systemic candidiasis Candidemia: symptoms may vary from fever to sepsis (hard to[] Costochondritis is frequently associated with pain localized over the involved area.[]

  • Pneumopericardium

    […] contusions, rib fractures, heartburn, acute asthma exacerbation, pneumomediastinum, pneumopericardium, pneumothorax, traumatic tracheal rupture, myocardial infarction, and costochondritis[] […] multicystic kidney ( 多嚢胞腎) 【嚢胞水腫】*cystic hygroma 【嚢胞性歯牙腫】*cystic odontoma 【嚢胞性線維腫】*cystic fibroma 【嚢胞性線維性骨炎】*ostitis fibrosa cystica[L] 【嚢胞性線維腺腫】*cystadenofibroma 【嚢胞性乳腺炎】*cystic mastitis[] […] encephalitis 【日射性口唇炎】*actinic cheilitis 【日照性紅斑】*erythema solare[L] 【入院うつ病】*nosocomephrenia 【乳汗症】*galactidrosis 【乳癌】*breast cancer *breast carcinoma 【乳首内反】*inversion of nipple 【乳腺炎】*mastitis[]

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