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13 Possible Causes for Costochondritis, Mastitis, Pleurisy with Effusion

  • Viral Pleurisy

    […] pleuritis [ ploo͡-ri tis ] pleurisy. lupus pleuritis pleurisy, pleural effusion, and fever in patients with systemic lupus erythematosus. rheumatoid pleuritis pleurisy, pleural[] Though not causes of pleuritis per se, conditions such as pericarditis, perforated viscus, and costochondritis should be considered in the differential diagnosis when patients[] […] multicystic kidney ( 多嚢胞腎) 【嚢胞水腫】*cystic hygroma 【嚢胞性歯牙腫】*cystic odontoma 【嚢胞性線維腫】*cystic fibroma 【嚢胞性線維性骨炎】*ostitis fibrosa cystica[L] 【嚢胞性線維腺腫】*cystadenofibroma 【嚢胞性乳腺炎】*cystic mastitis[]

  • Uremic Pneumonitis

    Pleurisy and/or a pleural effusion may also be the presenting and sole manifestation of the disease.[] NON-PULMONARY CAUSES: Tietze's Syndrome (Costochondritis): Superficial chest pain with local tenderness.[] Gram-positive bacteria Staphylococcus aureus Food poisoning, wound infections, toxic shock syndrome, more F C E HA IA Streptococcus pyogenes Strep throat, scarlet fever, mastitis[]

  • Dressler Syndrome

    It is characterized by chest pain, fever, pericarditis with a friction rub, pleurisy, pleural effusion, joint pain, and elevated white blood cell count and sedimentation rate[] […] inspiration, improved by leaning forward Diagnosis : Elevated ESR Diffuse ST segment elevation Treatment : NSAIDs Associated With : Pericarditis Differential Diagnosis : Costochondritis[] […] bleeding) Milia, Male infertility Menstrual cramps Milk allergy, Mammary duct ectasia Mental illness Miscarriage, Marfan syndrome Meralgia paresthetica Mitral valve prolapse, Mastitis[]

  • Chest Wall Pain

    Infections of the bronchial tree or lung, including bronchitis, pleurisy, pleural effusion, pneumonia, empyema, bronchiectasis, and lung abscess, can cause acute chest pain[] Abstract Costochondritis is a common diagnosis in patients with anterior chest wall pain in whom serious disease has been excluded.[] Skin: Herpes zoster Breast Fibroadenomas Mastitis Gynecomastia Musculoskeletal Costochondritis Precordial catch syndrome Pectoral muscle strain Rib fracture Cervical or thoracic[]

  • Perioophoritis

    […] are of particular interest because pleural effusion in young people may be caused by TB.[] costochondritis also called Tietze’s syndrome cowperitis coxarthritis same as coxitis coxitis cranitis cryptitis crystallitis (Mineralogy) crystalloiditis same as phacitis[] 82 Most of the abnormalities found were suggestive of prior pulmonary TB, whereas active pulmonary TB in association with genital TB was rare. 13, 15, 82 Signs of earlier pleurisy[]

  • Severe Idiopathic Pneumococcemia

    (see also Pleurisy, with effusion) 511.9 bacterial, nontuberculous 511.1 seropurulent 510.9 with fistula 510.0 serous (see also Pleurisy, with effusion) 511.9 bacterial,[] […] psychosocial dysfunction 338.4 due to trauma 338.21 postoperative 338.28 post-thoracotomy 338.22 syndrome 338.4 coccyx 724.79 colon 789.0 common duct 576.9 coronary - see Angina costochondral[] […] breast 675.2 malaria (conditions classifiable to 084) 647.4 malnutrition 648.9 mammillitis 675.0 mammitis 675.2 mania 296.0 recurrent episode 296.1 single episode 296.0 mastitis[]

  • Hantavirus Pulmonary Syndrome

    (empyema; hemothorax) pleurisy pneumoconiosis pneumonia, bacterial Pneumonia, mycoplasma (primary atypical pneumonia; "walking pneumonia"; eaton-agent pneumonia) pneumonia[] All presented with dyspnea as well as pleurisy and/or transient pleural effusions.[] […] constipation convulsion, febrile cor pulmonale (pulmonary hypertension) corn or callus corneal abrasion and ulcer coronary-artery disease (arteriosclerotic heart disease) costochondritis[]

  • Trichomonal Prostatoseminovesiculitis

    (see also Pleurisy, with effusion) 511.9 bacterial, nontuberculous 511.1 seropurulent 510.9 with fistula 510.0 serous (see also Pleurisy, with effusion) 511.9 bacterial,[] Breast Problems  Some breast disorders, such as mastitis, result from infection and usually affect lactating women.[] […] with childbirth (O91.-) neonatal infective mastitis (P39.0) thrombophlebitis of breast [Mondor's disease] (I80.8) N62 Hypertrophy of breast [ edit ] Includes: gynecomastia[]

  • Optic Nerve Edema-Splenomegaly Syndrome

    Pleurisy with effusion (511.9), within the previous 2 years if known or unknown origin. p.[] Idiopathic costochondritis. Localised tenderness at the costosternal junction. NSAIDS. Transient neurological defict (paresis) after a siezure.[] Si-1/ G-21/ Ren-17/ St-18 mastitis or breast abscess.[]

  • Tibial-Metacarpal Chondrodysplasia Punctata

    ) 胸膜炎(pleurisy) 膿胸(pyothorax) 肺梗塞(pulmonary infarction) 新生児呼吸窮迫症候群(infantile respiratory distress syndrome) 胸部皮下気腫(subcutaneous emphysema of chest) 縦隔気腫(pneumo mediastinum[] […] epiphyseal cartilage of long bones, ankle and carp; e) flexed knee and elbow joints; f) slightly enlarged metaphyseal regions ( Figures 2 and 3 ); g) punctate calcifications in costochondral[] Asphyxiating thoracic dystrophy (Jeune Syndrome) Chondrodysplasia affects costochondral junction where there is hyperplastic cartilage which ossifies poorly.[]

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