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49 Possible Causes for Cotton Wool Spots, Retinal Scar, Retinal Vessels Attenuated

  • Retinopathy

    The clinical hallmarks are abnormal fundus with bone-spicule deposits and attenuated retinal vessels, abnormal electroretinographic findings and reduced visual fields (Daiger[] The scarring and bleeding can lead to retinal scarring or detachment from the back of the eye, resulting in vision loss. Why is retinopathy of prematurity a concern?[] An ocular examination revealed multiple retinal cotton-wool spots and hard exudates. Interferon treatment was suspended.[]

  • Cytomegalovirus Retinitis

    […] of retinal vessels, and clumping of the pigment, with contraction of the field of vision.[] Fibrovascular changes occurred in the CMV retinitis scar, were misdiagnosed as CMV retinitis reactivation, and were treated with anti-CMV medication.[] The patient was found to have an exudative retinal detachment involving the fovea, subretinal hemorrhage, cotton wool spots, and active CMV retinitis temporal to the exudative[]

  • Ocular Toxoplasmosis

    Discussion The classically described fundus appearance of RP includes attenuated retinal vessels, mottling and granularity of the retinal pigment epithelium (RPE), bone spicule[] An inactive retinal scar was observed in most cases (71.4%).[] Findings of congenital and acute acquired ocular toxoplasmosis include retinal scars, white-appearing lesions in the active phase often associated with vitritis.[]

  • Retinal Arterial Branch Occlusion

    Central retinal artery occlusion with cilioretinal artery sparing Chronic signs of retinal artery occlusion include pale optic disc, thinned retinal tissue, attenuated vessels[] As I learned, the complications from my BRVO were severe and pervasive: retinal hemorrhaging, retinal ischemia (retinal cells dying from lack of oxygen), and a scarred macula[] Color fundus photographs demonstrate extensive retinal hemorrhages and cotton-wool spot formation.Vein obstruction is localized at the arterial venous crossing.[]

  • Retinal Artery Embolism

    Central retinal artery occlusion with cilioretinal artery sparing Chronic signs of retinal artery occlusion include pale optic disc, thinned retinal tissue, attenuated vessels[] Macular pucker - scar tissue on the macula Macular hole - a small break in the macula that usually happens to people over 60 Floaters - cobwebs or specks in your field of[] Occasionally, an embolus (cholesterol, fibrinoplatelet, calcific) can be seen within the artery, and cotton wool spots may eventually occur around that area.[]

  • Retinitis

    vessel attenuation and waxy pallor of the optic nerve Posterior subcapsular cataracts characterized by yellowish crystalline changes in the visual axis of the posterior lens[] Two patients were not treated (patients 1 and 8), one of whom (patient 8) had received an autologous transplant and was diagnosed with atrophic retinal scarring compatible[] Very early CMV may resemble cotton wool spots, but with lesions larger than 750 µm, CMV must be considered.[]

  • Retinal Perforation

    vessels (sometimes referred to as “boxcarring”) and attenuation of retinal arteries; cherry-red spot at the fovea; pale fundus; pupil may be dilated and react poorly to light[] Similarly, in some people with retinal lesions such as lattice retinal degeneration or chorio-retinal scars, the vitreous membrane may be abnormally adherent to the retina[] wool spots, comprising what is called leukemic retinopathy. [1] Although exudative retinal detachment has only been reported in several cases of myeloproliferative and lymphoproliferative[]

  • Peripheral Vasoproliferative Retinopathy

    […] ischemia from attenuation of the retinal vessels or exudation from incompetent retinal vessels.[] A vasoproliferative tumor of the sensory retina, secondary to presumed congenital toxoplasmosis scars, can cause vitritis and exudative/traction retinal detachment.[] F/A: HF - blockage of background choroidal and retinal capillary fluorescence. 14. • Cotton wool Spots /Soft exudates/ NFL infarcts - Local ischaemia ,axoplasmic flow block[]

  • Retinal Phlebitis

    On dilated funduscopic examination, he had optic disc drusen, blunted foveal reflexes, attenuated retinal vessels, and diffuse atrophic and spicule-like pigmentary changes[] […] edema Large vessel involvement with peripheral nonperfusion Neovascularization, retinal hemorrhage, and vitreous hemorrhage Scar tissue formation and traction Differential[] Other features include Roth’s spots, cotton wool spots, exudates, retinal venous tortuosity, perivascular sheathing, and neovascularization.[]

  • Radiation Retinopathy

    The involved vessels are attenuated (appear small), with sheathing (whitish line along the vessels), and are sometimes occluded ( Fig. 7.28).[] scarring.[] The findings in the right eye were normal except for cotton wool spots in the superior major arch.[]

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