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498 Possible Causes for Coxa Valga

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  • Prieto Syndrome

    valga * Extra teeth * Speech defect * Underdeveloped ear lobe * Undescended testes Note that Mental retardation X-linked dysmorphism symptoms usually refers to various symptoms[] valga 0002673 Cryptorchidism Undescended testes Undescended testis [ more ] 0000028 Epicanthus Eye folds Prominent eye folds [ more ] 0000286 Generalized hypotonia Decreased[] Subcortical cerebral atrophy * Abnormal walk * Low set ears * Abnormal dermatoglyphics * High forehead * Broad nose * Wide set eyes * Reduced muscle tone * Small jaw * Seizures * Coxa[]

  • Singleton Merten Syndrome

    Other commonly seen radiographic findings include shallow acetabular fossa , subluxation of the femoral head , coxa valga , hypoplastic radial epiphysis , soft tissue calcifications[] valga ; Cutaneous photosensitivity ; Decreased body weight ; Expanded metacarpals with widened medullary cavities ; Expanded metatarsals with widened medullary cavities ;[] valga Cutaneous photosensitivity Decreased body weight Expanded metacarpals with widened medullary cavities Expanded metatarsals with widened medullary cavities Expanded[]

  • Coffin-Lowry Syndrome

    […] color of hands, feet, or parts of face 0001063 Bifid sternum 0010309 Broad palm Broad hand Broad hands Wide palm [ more ] 0001169 Coarse hair Coarse hair texture 0002208 Coxa[] valga,irsutismo.[] valga 0002673 Cutis laxa Loose and inelastic skin 0000973 Cutis marmorata 0000965 Decreased body weight Decreased weight Low body weight Low weight Weight less than 3rd percentile[]

  • Weaver Syndrome

    valga 0002673 Cutis laxa Loose and inelastic skin 0000973 Delayed speech and language development Deficiency of speech development Delayed language development Delayed speech[] […] disturbances [ more ] 0000708 Calcaneovalgus deformity 0001848 Camptodactyly Permanent flexion of the finger or toe 0012385 Clinodactyly Permanent curving of the finger 0030084 Coxa[]

  • Frontometaphyseal Dysplasia

    Severe left sided coxa valga. Minor right sided coxa valga with lateral bowing of the right leg.[] valga ; Delayed eruption of teeth ; Dental malocclusion ; Downslanted palpebral fissures ; Elbow flexion contracture ; Fused cervical vertebrae ; Genu valgum ; High palate[] Keywords Foramen Magnum Orthopaedic Complication Coxa Valga Sclerosing Bone Dysplasia Diaphyseal Dysplasia These keywords were added by machine and not by the authors.[]

  • Mucopolysaccharidosis 1H

    The epiphyseal centers are not well developed, the pelvis is poorly formed with small femoral heads and coxa valga.[] The major joints show limitation of movement and deformities develop in flexion at the hips and knees with deformities like coxa valga, genu valgum and pes planovalgus.[]

  • Schwartz-Jampel Syndrome

    The syndrome also induces various skeletal irregularities, such as micrognathia, pectus carinatum, kyphosis, coxa valga, short femoral bones and a short neck.[] valga ; Coxa vara ; Decreased testicular size ; Delayed skeletal maturation ; Flat face ; Flexion contracture of toe ; Full cheeks ; Generalized hirsutism ; High pitched[] […] vara and coxa valga Deformities of the fingers Clubfoot and/or flat feet Osteoporosis Both muscle hypertrophy and atrophy Chondrodystrophy (abnormalities of the cartilage[]

  • Ehlers-Danlos Syndrome, Progeroid Form

    valga ; Failure to thrive ; Flat forehead ; Generalized hypotonia ; Genu recurvatum ; Global developmental delay ; Hypertelorism ; Joint laxity ; Long toe ; Low-set ears[] Accelerated skeletal maturation ; Arachnodactyly ; Atrophic scars ; Autosomal recessive inheritance ; Bifid uvula ; Blue sclerae ; Bowing of the long bones ; Cleft palate ; Coxa[]

  • Hypertrichotic Osteochondrodysplasia

    Coxa Valga [Vertically-oriented femoral neck] Coxa valga is a nonspecific defect occurring in a variety of unrelated disorders, both congenital or acquired.[] Thickened calvarium, narrow thorax, wide ribs, flattened or ovoid vertebral bodies, coxa valga, osteopenia, enlarged medullary canals, and metaphyseal widening of long bones[] The proximal femora are characteristically broad and elongated, with marked coxa valga.[]

  • Mucopolysaccharidosis 4A

    valga.[] valga 0002673 Disproportionate short-trunk short stature Disproportionate short-trunked dwarfism Disproportionate short-trunked short stature Short-trunked dwarfism [ more[] Radiological findings in Morquio's syndrome include odontoid hypoplasia, atlanto-axial subluxation, flared ribs, short thorax, flattened capital femoral epiphyses, coxa valga[]

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