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1,659 Possible Causes for Coxa Valga, Delayed Eruption of Primary and Secondary Teeth, Dental Caries

  • Mucopolysaccharidosis

    CONCLUSION: Mothers' SOC of children/adolescents with MPS was associated with dental caries experience in their children.[] valga, genu valgum, waddling gait, and laxity of joints.[] Severe coxa valga was seen in 91% of the patients.[]

    Missing: Delayed Eruption of Primary and Secondary Teeth
  • Singleton Merten Syndrome

    MMP13 polymorphism decreases risk for dental caries.[] Other commonly seen radiographic findings include shallow acetabular fossa, subluxation of the femoral head, coxa valga, hypoplastic radial epiphysis, soft tissue calcifications[] valga ; Cutaneous photosensitivity ; Decreased body weight ; Expanded metacarpals with widened medullary cavities ; Expanded metatarsals with widened medullary cavities ;[]

    Missing: Delayed Eruption of Primary and Secondary Teeth
  • Cleidocranial Dysplasia

    caries, osteomyelitis of the mandible or maxilla, respiratory distress in early infancy. [6], [8] A narrow pelvis may necessitate cesarean section in the pregnant female.[] […] vara), failure of the lower jaw bones to unite, a defect of the hip that causes the thigh bone to angle out to the side of the body (coxa valga), curvature of the spine ([] […] shedding of primary teeth and also eruption of secondary teeth.[]

  • Mucopolysaccharidosis 4

    CASE REPORT A male patient, 17 years, weighing 18 kg, presented to the pedodontics department with dental caries for full mouth rehabilitation.[] CT Axial manifestations platyspondyly hypoplasia of odontoid peg atlantoaxial subluxation os odontoideum anterior central vertebral body beaking round vertebral bodies coxa[] Mouth and Throat Sore on lips Color/ cracks/ ulceration Oral cavity Mucus membrane color Gum-bleeding/ ulceration/ swelling Missing teeth Dental caries Tongue Odor from mouth[]

    Missing: Delayed Eruption of Primary and Secondary Teeth
  • Coffin-Lowry Syndrome

    Despite difficulties in management, the dental treatment for caries and gingivitis could be completed on the brothers without sedation.[] […] color of hands, feet, or parts of face 0001063 Bifid sternum 0010309 Broad palm Broad hand Broad hands Wide palm [ more ] 0001169 Coarse hair Coarse hair texture 0002208 Coxa[] Dental anomalies are common and include small teeth, malpositioning, open bite, hypodontia of secondary teeth, advanced or delayed eruption of primary teeth, and premature[]

  • Progeria

    The oral and craniofacial abnormalities caused dental caries, severe malocclusion, and swallowing, feeding and speech problems.[] Severe coxa valga can be apparent by the age of 2 years.[] Dental abnormalities may also be present, such as delayed eruption of the primary (deciduous) and secondary (permanent) teeth; irregularly formed, small, discolored, and/or[]

  • Mucopolysaccharidosis 4A

    […] and updated chapters Temporomandibular Joint Diseases section completely rewritten Physical and Chemical Injuries of the Oral Cavity chapter updated Extensive revision of Dental[] valga.[] Dental caries (enamel abnormalities).[]

    Missing: Delayed Eruption of Primary and Secondary Teeth
  • Rickets

    Dental deformities include delayed formation of teeth, defects in the structure of teeth, holes in the enamel, and increased incidence of dental caries.[] The legs bow outwards with variable deformity of the hips (both coxa vara and coxa valga are seen 1 ).[] Tooth development is impaired, with delayed eruption, enamel hypoplasia, and early dental caries ( 12 – 14 ).[]

    Missing: Delayed Eruption of Primary and Secondary Teeth
  • Cockayne Syndrome

    caries.[] Radiologic findings included microcephaly, a thick cranial vault, a small pelvis, coxa valga, and “ivory epiphyses” in terminal phalanges of hands and feet.[] Dental caries was associated with enamel defects, a high sugar/carbohydrate soft food diet, poor oral hygiene and dry mouth.[]

    Missing: Delayed Eruption of Primary and Secondary Teeth
  • Wolcott-Rallison Syndrome

    Two-year longitudinal observations of salivary status and dental caries in children with insulin-dependent diabetes mellitus. Pediatr Dent 1992;14:184-8. [ PUBMED ] 9.[] Dental health of young insulin dependent diabetic subjects in Northern Ireland. Community Dent Health 1991;8:335-41. [ PUBMED ] 10.[] Periodontal and caries experience in children with insulin-dependent diabetes mellitus. J Am Dent Assoc 1986;113:277-9. [ PUBMED ] 11. Matsson L, Koch G.[]

    Missing: Delayed Eruption of Primary and Secondary Teeth

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