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83 Possible Causes for Coxa Valga, Pediatric Disorder, Severely Disproportionate Short Stature

  • Cleidocranial Dysplasia

    […] vara), failure of the lower jaw bones to unite, a defect of the hip that causes the thigh bone to angle out to the side of the body (coxa valga), curvature of the spine ([] Tachdjian's Pediatric Orthopaedics. 5th ed. Philadelphia, PA: Elsevier Saunders; 2014:chap 40. Horton WA, Hecht JT. Disorders involving transcription factors.[] The presented case also had severe disproportionate short stature with US/LS of 1.03 and height of 118 cm (SDS of -4.2).[]

  • Progeria

    Severe coxa valga can be apparent by the age of 2 years.[] Haller, Caffey's Pediatric Diagnostic Imaging 10th ed. Mosby, 2004: 2212- 2213.[] […] growth retardation, resulting in short stature, low weight and delayed anterior fontanel closure.[]

  • Anauxetic Dysplasia

    Valgus subtrochanteric osteotomies and hemiepiphyseodesis around the knees have been performed to correct severe coxa vara and genua valga in a girl patient who manifested[] Department of Foot and Ankle Surgery, Neuroorthopaedics and Systemic Disorders Pediatric Orthopedic Institute n.a. H. Turner Saint Petersburg Russia 2.[] Suggestive Findings CHH-AD spectrum disorders should be suspected in individuals with: Mild to severe disproportionate short-limbed short stature (final adult height Presence[]

  • Diastrophic Dysplasia

    Coxa vara sau coxa valga; 6. It is also an easy- to- grow ornamental plant that can be grown on a variety of support structures.[] ., BONE DYSPLASIA: An Atlas of Genetic Disorders of Skeletal Development, 2nd Ed., Oxford Press, 2002, 200.[] BACKGROUND: Diastrophic dysplasia results in severe disproportionate short stature, generalized joint deformities, and early osteoarthritis.[]

  • Spondyloepiphyseal Dysplasia - Spondyloepimetaphyseal Dysplasia

    valga were identical in all patients, but the patient of the second family showed severe brachydactyly unlike the other two patients.[] […] you need to effectively diagnose and treat pediatric musculoskeletal disorders.[] We report a 14-yr-old Korean male who presented with a disproportionately short stature and a short trunk.[]

  • Tibia Varum

    Examples coxa valga and coxa vara : relation of the femoral shaft to the femoral neck coxa vara: femoral neck is in a relatively flat position coxa valga: femoral neck is[] 12/18/2017 by Megan Young, MD, Children’s National Medical Center, Washington, DC Pediatric Lower Extremity Disorders Topics covered in this section: Genu varum Physiologic[] The clinical picture is that of a mild achondroplasia and is represented by disproportionate short stature with short limbs but without an obvious rhizomelia, brachydactyly[]

  • Dyggve-Melchior-Clausen Syndrome

    valga, leading to progressive bilateral dislocation of the hip joint laterally and superiorly [ 7 ].[] Center for Human Genetics and is Director of the Rare Brain Disorders Program (Clinic and Laboratory).[] Here, we report two cases with DMC: one with disproportionate short stature, developmental delay, and severe ID with a novel frameshift mutation (c.1028_1056del29) leading[]

  • Schwartz-Lelek Syndrome

    Femoral capital epiphyses are flattened, with expansion of the femoral heads and coxa valga (hip deformity).[] Craniotubular bone disorders. Pediatric Radiology , Vol. 24, Issue. 6, p. 392.[] […] coxa vara and disproportionate short stature, abnormal epiphyses and vertebra plana Femoral head ossification not until 5 years Vertebrae are flattened throughout and pear[]

  • Familial Short Stature

    Schwartz‐Jampel syndrome It is characterized by short stature, myotonic myopathy, joint contractures, pectus carinatum, kyphosis, coxa valga, myopia and blepharophimosis [[] Explore the impact of today’s advances and challenges, including explosive growth in molecular biology, sophisticated imaging techniques, and an increase in both pediatric[] Lifshitz F, Zandsberg S (1985) Disorders of growth. In: Lifshitz F (ed) Pediatric endocrinology. Marcel Dekker, New York p 14 Google Scholar 14.[]

  • Osteogenesis Imperfecta

    Notice the flattened irregular and mottled appearance of the proximal femoral epiphyses, coxa valga (increased neck shaft angle), and wide shallow acetabular cavities.[] Neurology and Musculoskeletal disorders and Home care, Astrid Lindgren Children's Hospital at Karolinska University Hospital, Stockholm, Sweden.[] […] congenital disorders is caused by a glycine substitution in the procollagen molecule?[]

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