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85 Possible Causes for Cracked Lips, Scurvy

  • Vitamin Deficiency

    lips, sore tongue and mouth, burning eyes; skin rashes; anemia Niacin Pellagra (diarrhea; inflamed skin and mucous membranes; mental confusion and/or dementia) Vitamin B6[] If left untreated scurvy can be fatal.[] Many of us suffer from bad breath, cracked lips and agonising headaches. But they could all be a sign of something much more sinister.[]

  • Scurvy

    Modern cases of scurvy are extremely rare. Scurvy is a disease caused by severe or long term vitamin C deficiency.[] Pseudogene Vitamin C, Inability to Synthesize Scorbutus Vitamin C deficiency Gulo, Nonfunctional edit English scurvy human disease Deficiency of vitamin C Scurvy L-Gulonolactone[] Hemodialysis in the patients with type 1 diabetes mellitus may also cause scurvy. Scurvy is rare in the United States.[]

  • Infantile Scurvy

    […] of changes attributable to scurvy on other cranial bones and the scapulae is encouraging.[] Also called Barlow's disease, hemorrhagic scurvy.[] Scurvy, vitamin C deficiency, is uncommon in industrialized societies today.[]

  • Pellagra

    Bleeding may result in blackened crusts Lesions may occur anywhere on the body especially the hands, arms, lower legs, feet, face, and neck (known as Casal's necklace) Lips[] Reviews concerning scurvy and thiamine deficiency are also available.[] For example, scurvy, one of the oldest recorded vitamin deficiency diseases, is caused by a lack of vitamin C.[]

  • Dehydration

    Other symptoms of dehydration include: Urinating less often than usual, or passing urine that looks dark yellow or brown Having a dry, sticky mouth or cracked lips Feeling[] Yet, when symptoms of scurvy surfaces such as bleeding gums, we are already in the advance stage of vitamin C deficiency.[] Apply moisturizer to cracked lips and medication to mouth sores. This can make drinking and eating less painful.[]

  • Hypervitaminosis K

    lips (due to chronic overdose) Eye irritation Increased sensitivity of the eyes to light Irregular heartbeat Rapid heartbeat Bone pain Joint pain Muscle pain Muscle weakness[] Intakes of vitamins sufficient to prevent classic vitamin deficiencies (such as scurvy or beriberi) may not be adequate for optimum health.[] lips (from long-term overdose), eye irritation, or increased sensitivity to light (for eyes) Heart and blood Irregular or rapid heartbeat Muscles and joints Bone, joint,[]

  • Gingivostomatitis

    Lips are dry and cracked. Your child is weak or sleepy and hard to wake up. Care Agreement You have the right to help plan your care.[]

  • Cheilitis

    Cracks in the lips are most commonly associated with chapped lips, medically referred to as cheilitis simplex.[] Nutritional Deficiency Cheilitis Several nutritional deficiencies such as avitaminosis B2, B9, B12, scurvy (vitamin C), iron deficiency, or zinc deficiency may cause exfoliative[] Cheilitis is commonly known as cracked lips or sometimes known as chapped lips. Lips being very insightful, cracking of them can be very uncomfortable for us.[]

  • Water Soluble Vitamin Deficiency

    B6, folate, and glutathione synthesis 10% to 27% of older adults Fatigue, cracked lips, sore throat, bloodshot eyes Older adults, low intake of animal and dairy products,[] Scurvy results from not eating enough fruit and other fresh foods.[] Lack of riboflavin can cause symptoms such as skin rash, cracks and redness near the corners of the eyes and lips, as well as a hypersensitivity to light (photophobia).[]

  • Gingivitis

    Additionally, the lips are reddened and cracked, the mouth feels scalded, the tongue is smooth and bright red, and the tongue and mucosa may have ulcerations.[] Varioius causes of gingivitis include: poor oral hygiene peridontal disease phenytoin treatment scurvy acute myeloid leukaemia Vincent's angina localised trauma e.g. ill-fitting[] Additionally, the lips are red and cracked, the tongue is smooth and bright red, and the tongue and lining of the mouth may have sores.[]

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