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96 Possible Causes for Creatinine Increased, Metallic Taste, Muscle Cramp

  • Chronic Kidney Insufficiency

    Muscle cramps. Darkness of skin. Cleveland Clinic News & More Cleveland Clinic News & More[] Creatinine test As kidney function declines, your creatinine increases. This protein is also related to muscle mass.[] Common signs and symptoms of CKD include difficulty urinating ( dysuria ), dizziness, foamy urine, frequent urination at night ( nocturia ), metallic taste (dysgeusia), swelling[]

  • Lead Poisoning

    Symptoms are a metallic taste in the mouth, vomiting, bloody or black diarrhea, and muscle cramps. Diagnosis is made by examination of the blood and urine. Treatment.[] The increased serum creatinine in individuals carrying ALAD2 was confirmed in a sample of 89 lead workers ( Bergdahl et al. 1997a ).[] Very high levels of lead in the blood may cause personality changes, headaches, loss of sensation, weakness, a metallic taste in the mouth, uncoordinated walking, digestive[]

  • Mercury Poisoning

    Signs of mercury toxicity in the musculoskeletal system include tender muscles, rapid muscle fatigue, joint stiffness, muscle cramps, muscle weakness, and TMJ dysfunction.[] Exposure to inorganic mercury generally causes development of a metallic taste, local oropharyngeal pain, nausea, vomiting, bloody diarrhea, colic abdominal pain, renal dysfunction[] Gastrointestinal symptoms include a metallic taste, gingivostomatitis, nausea and hypersalivation.[]

  • Acute Kidney Failure

    […] twitching or muscle cramps Itchy skin, or your breath or body smells like urine Behavior changes, confusion, disorientation, or seizures How is AKI diagnosed?[] The second aim was to remark that this syndrome is characterised by a spectrum of progressive damage, from mild creatinine increase to renal injury to a more severe form,[] Effects may include a metallic taste in the mouth, prolonged nausea and vomiting, incessant hiccuping, itching all over the body, fluid retention, unintended weight loss and[]

  • Kidney Disease

    Ammonia breath or an ammonia or metal taste in the mouth — waste build-up in the body can cause bad breath, changes in taste, or an aversion to protein foods like meat.[] Later symptoms can include changes in your urine, nausea and appetite loss, itchiness , swollen or numb hands and feet, darkened skin and muscle cramps.[] As kidney function declines, the levels of creatinine increase. An equation is used to determine GFR.[]

  • Uremia

    Symptoms associated with uremia include nausea, vomiting, fatigue, appetite loss, weight loss, itching, muscle cramps, thirst, visual disturbances, and changes in mental status[] Decreases in creatinine and urea increased as the average intensity increased over the first 7 days of CRRT.[] The patient may experience persistent itching sensations, along with muscle twitching. dry and flaky skin. dry mouth with metallic taste, breath has a distinct ammonia like[]

  • Inhalation of Cadmium Fumes

    Ingested cadmium poisoning causes symptoms of: shock vertigo choking salivation dyspepsia convulsions abdominal pain muscle cramps nausea, vomiting loss of consciousness Breathing[] […] effects show increased risk of osteoporosis even at urinary cadmium below 1.0 nmol/mmol creatinine (1 ug/g creatinine).[] Consumption of cadmium can cause shock, loss of consciousness, salivation, abdominal pain, choking, vertigo, muscle cramps, nausea, vomiting, and convulsions.[]

  • Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis

    Studies directly addressing muscle cramps in ALS should assess number and duration of muscle cramps as well as intensity of muscle cramps on a VAS.[] Blasco, Biological follow‐up in amyotrophic lateral sclerosis: decrease in creatinine levels and increase in ferritin levels predict poor prognosis, European Journal of Neurology[] Many patients report an unpleasant metallic taste.[]

  • Diuretic Toxicity

    cramps or pain unusual tiredness or weakness mental or mood changes Interactions Diuretics may interact with other medicines.[] increase Liang et al.[] University of Maryland July 2010 Side effects may include: Excessive thirst Metal taste in mouth Poor appetite Weight loss Bone pain Tiredness Sore eyes Itchy skin Vomiting[]

  • Chronic Lead Nephropathy

    cramps, fatigue, digestive upset, and dry, itchy skin.[] […] dipstick protein testing but detected using radioimmunoassay) Increased urinary cadmium levels ( 7 μ g/g creatinine) Treatment is elimination of cadmium exposure; note that[] taste in mouth 37.[]

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