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2,347 Possible Causes for Creatinine Increased, Patient Appears Chronically Ill, Starvation Ketosis

  • Chronic Gouty Nephropathy

    In patients with urate nephropathy, hypertension is common, but usually there is only mild proteinuria and a slight increase in serum creatinine.[] ketosis Chronic myeloproliferative disease Psoriasis Secondary hyperuricosuria: primary gout, excessive purine intake, tubular reabsorptive defect, uricosuric drugs (e.g.[] Persistent ... are at increased risk. Three simple tests can detect CKD: blood pressure, urine albumin and serum creatinine. ...[]

  • Chronic Kidney Insufficiency

    Creatinine test As kidney function declines, your creatinine increases. This protein is also related to muscle mass.[] AKI is defined as any of the following: Increase in serum creatinine concentration by 0.3 mg/dL in 48 hours, OR Increase in serum creatinine concentration by more than 50%[] Once any sign (such as an increase in creatinine) of disease is detected, it is imperative that immediate steps be taken to halt its progress, as kidney function can decline[]

    Missing: Starvation Ketosis
  • Diabetic Nephropathy

    Dose should be decreased if symptoms of orthostatic hypotension develop or serum creatinine increases by more than 30%.[] Achieving the best metabolic control (A1c 7%), treating hypertension ( 130/80 mmHg or 125/75 mmHg if proteinuria 1.0 g/24 h and increased serum creatinine), using drugs with[]

    Missing: Starvation Ketosis
  • Multiple Myeloma

    The blood urea increased to 8.1 mmol/L (normal 7.1 mmol/L) and creatinine increased to 158 μmol/L (normal 133 μmol/L).[] […] serum creatinine and positive urinary Bence-Jones protein containing increased kappa light chain.[] At the time of the diagnosis, his laboratory findings revealed massive rhabdomyolysis with a significantly increased creatinine kinase level (CK; 3,582 U/L); 98.8% of which[]

    Missing: Starvation Ketosis
  • Anorexia Nervosa

    ) further magnifies the impact of the malnutrition on the brain, owing to it being in a starvation-illness mode.[] 10] During prolonged food restriction in genetically vulnerable individuals, the ensuing malnutrition perpetuated by the biochemical changes induced by weight loss (ie, ketosis[]

    Missing: Creatinine Increased
  • Granulomatosis with Polyangiitis

    Serum creatinine may be increased.[] Serum creatinine may be increased. Serologic testing to detect ANCA is followed by enzyme-linked immunosorbent assay (ELISA) to check for specific antibodies.[] Serum albumin and total protein content are decreased, while creatinine values are increased, as a result of poor kidney function.[]

    Missing: Starvation Ketosis
  • Lupus Nephritis

    She was admitted with malar "butterfly" rash, anasarca and hypertension, associated with an increase in serum creatinine (1.7 mg/dl).[] Adverse events consisted of one patient with severe infection, two herpes zoster and one with transient increased serum creatinine level.[] […] serum creatinine levels.[]

    Missing: Starvation Ketosis
  • Diabetes Mellitus

    If creatinine increases above 2 or 3 mg/dL, ACE inhibitors should be avoided because overt renal failure can result, which can lead to a need for dialysis or kidney transplant[] In addition, although alcoholic ketoacidosis can result in profound acidosis, the serum bicarbonate concentration in starvation ketosis is usually not 4 ).[] As your kidneys fail, your blood urea nitrogen (BUN) levels will rise as well as the level of creatinine in your blood.[]

  • Chronic Glomerulonephritis

    Some authors have found that persistent hypertension, serum creatinine increase at diagnosis, and macroscopic hematuria episodes are also related to worse prognosis.[] In all 20 patients with chronic renal failure hyperkynureninemia develops due to decreased renal function (increased serum kynurenine, neopterin and creatinine concentrations[] In PGN, according to increase of histological grade and decrease of creatinine clearance, the number of TUNEL-positive cells in glomeruli is decreased in spite of an increase[]

    Missing: Starvation Ketosis
  • Addison's Disease

    Addison's disease, or primary adrenal insufficiency, is often associated with reduced well-being and fatigue despite use of currently recommended adrenal hormone replacement. Hypoglycaemia is a known manifestation of glucocorticoid deficiency, but is generally considered rare in adults and not relevant to troubling[…][]

    Missing: Starvation Ketosis

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