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1,408 Possible Causes for Cricopharyngeal Dysphagia, Hyperactive Brainstem Reflexes, Spastic Paralysis

  • Pseudobulbar Palsy

    […] neurons; characterized by speech and swallowing difficulties, emotional instability, and spasmodic, mirthless laughter. pseudobulbar palsy Pseudobulbar paralysis, spastic[] This could be very useful in cricopharyngeal spasms causing dysphagia.13,15 Diltiazem can aid in esophageal contractions and motility, especially in the disorder known as[] brainstem reflexes (eg, jaw jerk), the dissociation of automatic and volitional movements of the bulbar muscles with preservation of automatic movements, and the absence[]

  • Upper Motor Neuron Disease

    There are also rare progressive, autosomal recessive upper motor neuron degenerations (Infantile –Onset Ascending Hereditary Spastic Paralysis, Juvenile Primary Lateral Sclerosis[] Signs: Upper Motor Neuron Lesion findings Muscle group weakness (not complete paralysis) Minimal muscle atrophy "Clasp-knife" spasticity Initial resistance to motion is strongest[] […] degeneration of the UMNs and LMNs, culminating in respiratory paralysis.[]

    Missing: Cricopharyngeal Dysphagia
  • Infantile-Onset Ascending Hereditary Spastic Paralysis

    Infantile Ascending Hereditary Spastic Paralysis - How is Infantile Ascending Hereditary Spastic Paralysis abbreviated?[] […] tendon reflexes, and Babinski signs.[] IAHSP stands for "Infantile-onset ascending hereditary spastic paralysis" How to abbreviate Infantile-onset ascending hereditary spastic paralysis?[]

    Missing: Cricopharyngeal Dysphagia
  • Progressive Bulbar Palsy

    Synonym(s): spastic diplegia ; spastic paraplegia Erb-Duchenne paralysis - Synonym(s): Erb palsy[] Inclusion Body Myositis Associated with Progressive Dysphagia: Treatment with Cricopharyngeal Myotomy.[] Pseudobulbar palsy is a clinical syndrome of dysarthria, dysphagia, a hyperactive gag reflex and labile emotional responses.[]

  • Juvenile Primary Lateral Sclerosis

    Differential diagnosis Differential diagnoses include the allelic disorders juvenile amyotrophic lateral sclerosis and infantile-onset ascending hereditary spastic paralysis[] […] tendon reflexes, and Babinski signs.[] Disease Type of connection Autosomal recessive spastic paraplegia type 18 Infantile-onset ascending hereditary spastic paralysis Juvenile amyotrophic lateral sclerosis Recessive[]

    Missing: Cricopharyngeal Dysphagia
  • Stroke

    Cerebral hemisphere infarcts may cause: Contralateral hemiplegia which is initially flaccid (floppy limb, falls like a dead weight when lifted) and then becomes spastic.[] Posterior circulation ischaemia [ 1 ] : Motor deficits (weakness, clumsiness, or paralysis of any combination of arms and legs, up to quadriplegia, sometimes changing from[]

    Missing: Cricopharyngeal Dysphagia Hyperactive Brainstem Reflexes
  • Oculopharyngeal Muscular Dystrophy

    Eventually SCA3 leads to paralysis and severe disability.[] We examined the safety of cricopharyngeal BTX for dysphagia in oculopharyngeal muscular dystrophy (OPMD).[] On the basis of the patient's clinical condition, radiographic and manometric findings, a cricopharyngeal myotomy was performed, resulting in relief from dysphagia.[]

    Missing: Hyperactive Brainstem Reflexes
  • Primary Progressive Multiple Sclerosis

    Affected individuals may have tremors, muscle stiffness (spasticity), exaggerated reflexes (hyperreflexia), weakness or partial paralysis of the muscles of the limbs, difficulty[] Later symptoms may include: Fatigue Muscle spasticity and stiffness Tremors Paralysis Pain Vertigo Speech or swallowing difficulty Loss of bowel and bladder control Incontinence[]

    Missing: Cricopharyngeal Dysphagia Hyperactive Brainstem Reflexes
  • Cervical Herniated Disc

    Changes in bladder or bowel function Paralysis from the waist down Bulging disc in your cervical spine: Pain moving your neck Deep pain near or over your shoulder blade Radiating[] […] symptoms may include: Bulging disc in your thoracic spine: Muscle weakness, numbness, or tingling in one or both legs Increased reflexes in one or both legs that can cause spasticity[]

    Missing: Cricopharyngeal Dysphagia Hyperactive Brainstem Reflexes
  • Encephalitis

    Severe disease is characterized by rapid onset of high fever, headache, neck stiffness, disorientation, coma, seizures, spastic paralysis and ultimately death.[] ( Hypokalemic, Hyperkalemic ) - Lambert-Eaton myasthenic syndrome Cerebral palsy والمتلازمات paralytic الأخرى Cerebral palsy - Paralysis - Spastic diplegia - Hemiplegia -[] Myasthenia gravis - Muscular dystrophy - Myotonic dystrophy - Myotonia congenita - Thomsen disease - Neuromyotonia - Paramyotonia congenita - Centronuclear myopathy - Periodic paralysis[]

    Missing: Cricopharyngeal Dysphagia Hyperactive Brainstem Reflexes

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