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64 Possible Causes for Cricothyroid Cartilage Pain, Tender Larynx

  • Relapsing Polychondritis

    The voice box (larynx), windpipe (trachea), or airways of the lungs can be affected, resulting in hoarseness, a nonproductive cough, shortness of breath, and tenderness over[] , trachea, or bronchi (causing hoarseness, cough, and tenderness over the laryngeal cartilage) Internal ear Cardiovascular system (eg, aortic regurgitation, mitral regurgitation[] The nose may become tender, and cartilage can collapse. Other affected sites include the eyes, resulting in inflammation.[]

  • Tracheal Injury

    Forensic Sci Int. 2013 May 10;228(1-3):e62-6. doi: 10.1016/j.forsciint.2013.02.009. Epub 2013 Mar 1. Author information 1 Department of Environmental Science, Forensic and Social Environmental Medicine, Kanazawa University Graduate School of Medical Science, 13-1 Takara-machi, Kanazawa, Ishikawa 9208640, Japan.[…][]

  • Carcinoma of the Larynx

    In some cases, a tumor in the larynx can make it hard to swallow.[] Dyspnoea and stridor, pain, dysphagia, cough, swelling in the neck, haemoptysis, halitosis, reflective otalgia, tenderness of the larynx and weight loss can also occur during[] In addition to checking general signs of health, your doctor will carefully feel your neck to check for lumps, swelling, tenderness or other changes.[]

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  • Cricoarytenoid Ankylosis

    Early pathological changes of rheumatoid arthritis in the larynx affect the synovium and can present with symptoms of pain, tenderness, dysphonia, redness and swelling of[]

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  • Traumatic Perforation of the Trachea

    Textbook of Critical Care, by Drs. Jean-Louis Vincent, Edward Abraham, Frederick A. Moore, Patrick Kochanek, and Mitchell P. Fink, remains your best source on effective management of critically ill patients. This trusted reference - acclaimed for its success in bridging the gap between medical and surgical critical[…][]

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  • Laryngeal Fracture

    Neck hematomas, hemoptysis, tenderness over the larynx and the loss of visible anatomical markers over the neck also constitute indications for a thorough clinical assessment[] Also, stridor, hemoptysis, subcutaneous emphysema and tenderness/deformity of the larynx skeleton may be present.[] Suspect an acute fracture if tenderness is present upon palpation of the larynx.[]

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  • Subacute Thyroiditis

    Thyroid dysfunction during pregnancy may result in both maternal and neonatal complications. Subacute thyroiditis (SAT) is an extremely rare cause of both hyper- and hypothyroidism in pregnant women. A case of first trimester SAT is presented. Diagnosis of SAT was based on fine-needle aspiration biopsy. The[…][]

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  • Traumatic Asphyxia

    Perthe's syndrome or traumatic asphyxia is a clinical syndrome associating cervicofacial cyanosis, petechia and subconjonctival hemorrhage to neurological symptoms. This syndrome appears after severe and transient compressive blunt chest injury. A Valsalva maneuver is necessary before thoracic compression for the[…][]

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  • Injury of the Thyroid Gland

    Karen H Calhoun 672 Richard E Hayden 678 Netterville 684 Netterville 691 Garner and S Anthony Wolfe 698 275 722 Facial Reanimation and Facial Sling 740 285 752 Bone Graft Reconstruction of the Douglas E Henrich and Harold C Pillsbury III 782 Skeletal Correction of Hemifacial 316 Esophagoscopy 832 Aesthetic Facial[…][]

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  • Inhalation Burn

    After suffering an inhalation burn, a 22-year-old male was intubated for seven days. Full-length massive scar formation in the upper airway necessitated tracheostomy five months later. After this, the stenosis became complete in the cricoid region, and a long cannula was needed to maintain the severely damaged[…][]

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