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1,575 Possible Causes for Crohn's Disease, Hernia

  • Intestinal Obstruction

    An internal hernia is a rare cause of intestinal obstruction, which can occur at any age.[] Abstract Few data are available regarding emergency surgery for Crohn's disease (CD) during pregnancy.[] Strictures of the small intestine have been attributed many causes of Crohn's disease, nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs, neoplastic, post-surgical, and corrosive ingestion[]

  • Small Bowel Obstruction

    Internal hernia related to paracecal hernia is a rare disease and is difficult to confirm by preoperative diagnosis.[] Abdominal CT scan showed features of ileocaecal Crohn's disease. She was treated with high dose steroids and her symptoms rapidly settled.[] Fecaliths in Crohn's disease. N Engl J Med 360: e25. Wide JM, Loughran CF, Shoker BS (1996) Crohn's disease, calculi and cancer: a report of two cases.[]

  • Umbilical Fistula

    They have been calling it umbilical fat hernia, what lights up just like a umbilical fat hernia on a cat scan?[] Spontaneous umbilical fistula in Crohn's disease is extremely rare, with very few reports found on a 15-year review of the medical literature.[] Spontaneous umbilical fistula developed in two young women with Crohn's disease. This peculiar complication of Crohn's disease has been rarely reported.[]

  • Ischemic Bowel Disease

    hernias, adhesions, volvulus, and intussusception What are the most common sites of hernias in males and females?[] Around 60-75% of people with Crohn's disease will need surgery to repair damage to their digestive system and treat complications of Crohn's disease.[] A hernia can also obstruct the artery and block blood flow, as can scar tissue that has formed as a complication of hernia surgery, the removal of a tumor, and many other[]

  • Appendicitis

    De Garengeot hernia is a rare phenomenon, with less than 5% of femoral hernias containing the appendix and 0.08% to 0.13% containing an incarcerated acute appendicitis.[] During October 2016 a 58-year-old woman was operated because of a clinical recurrence of Crohn's disease.[] Occasionally, acute appendicitis may be the first manifestation of Crohn's disease.[]

  • Partial Small Bowel Obstruction

    Causes of SBO included jejunojejunostomy stenosis (n 6), adhesions (n 5), incarcerated ventral hernia (n 5), internal hernia (n 3), and other (n 2).[] Crohn’s disease can cause narrowing or strictures which can block the bowel and cause extreme pain.[] Small bowel obstructions are most frequently caused by hernias or adhesive bands.[]

  • Bowel Stricture

    hernia), near the groin (inguinal hernia), or at the front of the upper thigh (femoral hernia).[] Twenty four of 71 Crohn's disease patients tested had a positive glucose breath test.[] The most common are adhesions, hernias, cancers, and certain medicines.[]

  • Iron Deficiency Anemia

    [ 23 - 26 ] 8%-42% Gastric bleeding from hernia is an established cause of IDA Even in absence of visible lesions, large hernia may be a possible cause of IDA with unexplained[] This can happen if you have intestinal surgery (such as gastric bypass) or a disease of the intestine (such as Crohn's disease or celiac disease).[] […] protein relates to the increased incidence of Crohn disease in Japan.[]

  • Colon Carcinoma

    Inguinal (inguinoscrotal) hernia and colon cancer are common conditions.[] Risk Factors Adenomatous polyp Family history of benign or malignant colon tumors Chronic ulcerative colitis Crohn’s disease Prior pelvic radiation In women who have carcinoma[] Dysplasia in ectopic colonic mucosa was significantly more frequent in UC than in Crohn’s disease[ 14 ].[]

  • Partial Intestinal Obstruction

    ICD-10-CM Codes › K00-K95 Diseases of the digestive system › K55-K64 Other diseases of intestines › K56- Paralytic ileus and intestinal obstruction without hernia › Partial[] For those of you who do suffer from this because of your Crohn’s Disease or ulcerative colitis , I wanted to share some of my experiences with you.[] Complete bowel obstruction is common in small intestinal hernia. It is often accompanied with intestinal strangulation (see below).[]

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