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217 Possible Causes for Crohn's Disease, Loss of Appetite, Periumbilical Pain

  • Appendicitis

    During October 2016 a 58-year-old woman was operated because of a clinical recurrence of Crohn's disease.[] Snap Shot 24-year-old presents with nausea, vomiting, constipation, and periumbilical pain that settles in the lower right quadrant.[] Other symptoms may include: Swelling in the abdomen Loss of appetite Nausea and vomiting Constipation or diarrhea Inability to pass gas Low fever Not everyone with appendicitis[]

  • Intestinal Obstruction

    Abstract Few data are available regarding emergency surgery for Crohn's disease (CD) during pregnancy.[] Evaluate pain . Crampy abdominal pain, an early sign, may be centered in the periumbilical area.[] […] of appetite Constipation or inability to pass gas Swelling in the stomach or abdomen Because some of these symptoms can also be present in several other conditions, pain[]

  • Small Bowel Obstruction

    Abdominal CT scan showed features of ileocaecal Crohn's disease. She was treated with high dose steroids and her symptoms rapidly settled.[] Evaluate pain . Crampy abdominal pain, an early sign, may be centered in the periumbilical area.[] If you experience abdominal bloating, severe constipation, and a loss of appetite, seek immediate medical attention.[]

  • Retrocecal Appendicitis

    Ricci MA, Meyer KK (1985) Psoas abscess complicating Crohn's disease. Am J Gastroenterol 80: 970-977. Bresee JS, Edwards MS (1990) Psoas abscess in children.[] RESULTS: Patients presented with right lower abdominal pain (49%, 16/33), right flank pain (24%, 8/33), right upper abdominal pain (18%, 6/33), and periumbilical pain (15%[] IWorsens with sneezing, coughing, and deep breathing Pain may increase with movement, loss of appetite , nausea , vomiting , swelling of the abdomen,abdomen feels hard,onstipation[]

  • Abdominal Migraine

    It can be very tricky to diagnose, and it’s important to rule out other possible issues (such as irritable bowel syndrome, Crohn’s disease and peptic ulcer).[] The pain can't be attributed to any other disorder. The abdominal migraine is a sudden episode of intense, acute periumbilical pain that lasts more than one hour.[] At least two of the following four associated symptoms or signs: Anorexia (loss of appetite) Nausea Vomiting Pallor Pain can be severe enough to interfere with normal activities[]

  • Meckel Diverticulum

    Although the association of Crohn disease and Meckel diverticulum has been widely reported, the direct involvement of a Meckel diverticulum by Crohn disease is less common[] Localised periumbilical pain may be experienced in the right lower quadrant (like appendicitis).[] He also experienced loss of appetite, nausea and vomiting. He had undergone no previous abdominal or pelvic surgery.[]

  • Intestinal Perforation

    Twelve free perforations in 10 patients with Crohn's disease were studied.[] In all types of perforation, the person usually has nausea, vomiting, and loss of appetite.[] […] of appetite, diarrhoea and abdominal pain.[]

  • Perforated Appendix

    Crohn disease ) cecal diverticulitis epiploic appendagitis perforated cecal and appendiceal carcinoma Related Radiopaedia articles Promoted articles (advertising)[] pain radiating to the right lower quadrant Acute appendicitis has myriads of clinical mimics Grossly normal appendix must be studied histologically as a gross exam may miss[] The patients with abdominal tuberculosis usually have abdominal pain, loss of appetite, loss of weight and fever.[]

  • Meckel Diverticulitis

    Clinically, acute Meckel diverticulitis can be mistaken for acute appendicitis or Crohn disease.[] The most common initial presentation is a periumbilical, gnawing pain that migrates within a few hours to the right iliac fossa.[] […] of appetite Slight fever Diagnosis If you have symptoms, the doctor will ask about your symptoms and medical history.[]

  • Ulcerative Colitis

    The latter group was matched for sex and age with the Crohn's disease group.[] Condition Presentation Diagnosis Management Appendicitis [14] Abdominal pain, nausea, vomiting, fever Periumbilical pain, migrates to RLQ Clinical (history & physical exam[] Other symptoms may include Anemia Severe tiredness Weight loss Loss of appetite Bleeding from the rectum Sores on the skin Joint pain Growth failure in children About half[]

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