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12 Possible Causes for CT Scan showing Adrenal Mass, Hepatomegaly, Increased Basal Metabolic Rate

  • Angiomyolipoma

    Examination revealed hepatomegaly with tenderness in the right upper quadrant.[] Multiple hypermetabolic pulmonary metastases were also noted.[] The follow-up 18F-FDG PET/CT scan showed a nearly complete resolution of the previously detected adrenal mass, with very low tracer uptake and a decrease in its functional[]

  • Hepatocellular Carcinoma

    Case: We present a case of a 36 year old woman at 36 weeks of gestation with jaundice and hepatomegaly. She was hepatitis B positive.[] Fig 2 [ 18 F]Fluorodeoxyglucose positron emission tomography (PET)–computed tomography (CT) scan.[] However, intense hypermetabolic activity in muscles of the abdominal wall was noted.[]

  • Disseminated Histoplasmosis

    A multivariable analysis identified hepatomegaly [adjusted (a) prevalence ratio (PR) 1.96; 95% confidence interval (CI): 1.21-3.16), CD4 count 75/µL (aPR 2.02; 95% CI: 1.06[] A positron emission tomography-computed tomography scan revealed prominent hypermetabolic lesions in the cecum and the lung, pointing towards a malignant disease.[] CT scan of brain showed ring-enhancing lesions, raising suspicion for metastatic malignancy.[]

  • Carcinoma of the Lung

    Signs and Symptoms of Lung Cancer Due to Distant Metastases Site Sign or symptom Frequency (%) Any site Any sign or symptom 33 Liver Weakness, weight loss, anorexia, hepatomegaly[] Chest CT scan showed a lobulated mass of 2.7 cm 2.7 cm in size at the upper left lung.[] ., Ichinose, Y. (2008) Pulmonary typical carcinoid tumor and liver metastasis with hypermetabolism on 18-fluorodeoxyglucose PET: a case report.[]

  • Electrolyte Imbalance

    The diuretics were indicated in infants with at least two symptoms or findings including tachypnea, retractions, growth failure, hepatomegaly, cardiomegaly on chest roentgenogram[] Answers QUESTION 1 The CT scan (figure 2 ) shows a large mass (arrow) arising from the region of the right adrenal gland.[] Second period The early post-resuscitation phase is a period of transition from the shock phase to the hypermetabolic phase, and fluid strategies should change radically with[]

  • Ganglioneuroma

    Common presenting features include a palpable abdominal mass, hepatomegaly, and a thoracic mass detected on routine chest X-ray.[] USG and CT scan showed a well-defined heterogeneous left adrenal mass with solid and cystic components. MIBG Scan revealed a left adrenal mass. S.[] (d) FDG-PET-CT: moderately hypermetabolic lesion. Zoom The MRI confirmed the minimal uptake of contrast material after administration.[]

  • Renal Cell Carcinoma

    Great mimic" due to associated paraneoplastic syndromes of Cushing syndrome, gynecomastia, hypercalcemia, hypertension, leukemoid reaction, polycythemia, Stauffer syndrome (hepatomegaly[] In addition, the patient had 2 hypermetabolic uterine leiomyomas.[] Computer tomography (CT) scan showed a solid right renal lesion, multiple liver metastases, florid chest, lymphadenopathy in left supraclavicular region and a right adrenal[]

  • Thoracic Neuroblastoma

    […] include: H utchinson syndrome : bony metastases may present with skeletal pain or a palpable lump or limping and irritability due to skeletal metastases 2 Pepper syndrome : hepatomegaly[] A hypermetabolic midline mass in the medial left supraclavicular fossa region was seen extending into the left infraclavicular fossa region and paralaryngeal region inferiorly[] A: Computed tomography (CT) through the upper abdomen shows a large soft-tissue mass ( T ) arising in the right adrenal gland and extending to the midline (aorta, arrow ).[]

  • Orbital Metastasis

    In addition, orbital, liver, and skin metastases are frequently observed, which may lead to proptosis, hepatomegaly, and dark blue skin masses (also known as "blueberry muffin[] (B) 18-FDG-PET scan showing multiple hypermetabolic lesions in the stomach, lymph nodes, liver, and bone.[] A thoracic- abdominal CT scan showed an 83 mm*43 mm*42 mm retroperitoneal heterogeneous mass located on the left adrenal gland (Figure 2 ) embracing vascular elements and[]

  • Adrenocortical Carcinoma

    He had no lymphadenopathy or hepatomegaly and no clinical signs of hormone access of 1.7 from a baseline of 1.0, hyponatremia (serum sodium 130 mmol/L), and normocytic anemia[] CT scan of the abdomen revealed a 35 mm left adrenal mass.[] No metastasis or size increase of the remaining adrenal glands were found suggesting that their hypermetabolic state could be attributed to mitotane treatment.[]

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