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113 Possible Causes for Cushingoid Appearance

  • Cryoglobulinemia

    Blood 2017 129:289-298; doi: Abstract Cryoglobulinemia is a distinct entity characterized by the presence of cryoglobulins in the serum. Cryoglobulins differ in their composition, which has an impact on the clinical presentation and the underlying disease that triggers cryoglobulin formation. Cryoglobulinemia is[…][]

  • Ectopic ACTH Syndrome

    She received chemotherapy and radiotherapy then and gradually lost her cushingoid appearance.[] Abstract An 8 year-old girl had a cushingoid appearance for six months.[] He did not have a typical Cushingoid appearance nor used diuretics.[]

  • Primary Hypergonadotropic Hypogonadism-Partial Alopecia Syndrome

    It is accompanied by an accumulation of adipose tissue in the face and neck causing a double chin, fat neck, or cushingoid appearance.[]

  • Primary Pigmented Nodular Adrenocortical Disease

    The clinical pattern involved Cushingoid appearance, hypertension, virilization and depressive mood.[] There was cushingoid appearance 1 year after surgery.[] Cushingoid features still did not appear 122 months after left adrenalectomy. In May 2011, this patient was readmitted due to cushingoid characteristics.[]

  • Familial Partial Lipodystrophy

    A 34-year-old woman admitted with myalgia and cushingoid appearance was found to have a round face with double chin, neck bump, and loss of fat on extremities.[] appearance.[] Patients may develop a double chin, excess supraclavicular fat (fat above the clavicle) and a round face (cushingoid appearance).[]

  • ACTH-Independent Cushing Syndrome

    Oedema Proximal myopathy Glycosuria A cushingoid appearance can also result from alcohol excess ( pseudo-Cushing’s syndrome ) although the pathology of this is poorly understood[] Prolonged excess alcohol consumption, which can cause a Cushingoid appearance. Obesity. Poorly controlled diabetes. HIV infection.[] The Cushingoid appearance includes * rounded face (moon facies), truncal obesity (fat especially around the waist), "buffalo hump" (increased fatty tissue in the supraclavicular[]

  • Cushing Ulcer

    On physical examination, hypertension was noted without any cushingoid appearance.… PMC Free PDF PMC Free Full Text Publisher Full Text New Search Next[]

  • Iatrogenic Cushing's Disease

    appearance, whereas some others develop severe cushingoid adiposity after only a few days or weeks of treatment.[] In the sixth month of follow-up, the cushingoid appearance of the patient recovered completely.[] appearance.[]

  • Cushing Syndrome

    He showed Cushingoid appearance, hypertension, and palpable left flank mass. Serum cortisol and adrenocorticotropic hormone (ACTH) levels were elevated.[] CASE DESCRIPTION: A 56-year-old female presented with Cushingoid appearance and diabetic ketoacidosis.[] Her physical examination was remarkable for cushingoid appearance with body weight of 211 lbs, palmar erythema and hirsutism.[]

  • Mauriac's Syndrome

    AB - Background: Mauriac syndrome is characterised by growth failure, cushingoid appearance and hepatomegaly which occurs in patients with insulin dependent diabetes and was[] appearance, and delayed puberty.[] Medicine at King's College Hospital, Denmark Hill, London SE5 9PJ, UK; emer.fitzpatrick{at} Abstract Background Mauriac syndrome is characterised by growth failure, cushingoid[]

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