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21 Possible Causes for Cutaneous Candidiasis, Peripheral Vascular Disease, Poor Communication

  • Diabetes Mellitus

    The common skin manifestations of diabetes mellitus are erythrasma, xanthomatosis, xanthelasma, phycomycetes and cutaneous infections like furuncolosis, candidiasis, carbuncle[] Search terms used included "diabetes mellitus," "peripheral vascular disease," "distribution of disease," "angiography," "computed tomography angiography," and "magnetic resonance[] This has encouraged provision of community mobile podiatry services [11].[]

  • Obesity

    Kaplan, Vivienne Patricia Madden, Todor Mijanovich and Ellenrita Purcaro, The Perception of Stress and its Impact on Health in Poor Communities, Journal of Community Health[]

  • Hyperglycemia

    […] between physicians and between nurses upon change of shift and change in level of care Poor teamwork between nurses, physicians, and pharmacists Inadequate supervision of[] […] and possible amputation (peripheral vascular disease) When smaller blood vessels are affected, it can lead to: Kidney disease (nephropathy) Nerve damage (neuropathy) Diabetic[] vascular disease, and neuropathy Polymicrobial infection Polymicrobial infection including S. aureus, Streptococci, & P. aeruginosa Tachycardia Hypotension Pain Fever Chills[]

  • Diabetic Foot Ulcer

    candidiasis in diabetic mice, Journal of Medical Microbiology, 66, 6, (808), (2017).[] (measured on a scale from 1 poor to 4 very good).[] Neuropathy (35%) and peripheral vascular disease (23.3%) was major micro vascular and macro vascular complication associated.[]

  • Tinea Cruris

    DB01127 Econazole A topical antifungal used to treat tinea pedis, tinea cruris, tinea corporis, cutaneous candidiasis and tinea versicolor.[] There is an increased risk of contracting ringworm and other tinea infections if a person: Is malnourished Has poor hygiene Lives in a warm climate Has contact with other[] The most common people to have this condition are those with peripheral vascular disease and women who use artificial nails.[]

  • Skin Infection

    The three communities typified the very poor environmental conditions prevalent in remote Indigenous communities in Australia.[] […] lymphoedema or surgical disruption of the lymphatic or venous system peripheral vascular disease with impaired arterial supply chronic ve nous insufficiency.[] In this Article: Diagnosing a Skin Yeast Infection Treating the Infection Naturally Community Q&A 11 References Yeast infections are overgrowths of certain species of fungus[]

  • Onychomycosis

    Once-weekly oral doses of fluconazole 150 mg in the treatment of tinea corporis/cruris and cutaneous candidiasis. Clin Exp Dermatol. 1992;17:397–401. 18.[] Risk factors making one more susceptible to onychomycosis include: * Family history * Advancing age * Poor health * Trauma * Showering in communal showers * Wearing shoes[] vascular disease (P 0.023).[]

  • Necrotizing Fasciitis

    Candidal folliculitis presents as satellite pruritic papules adjoining areas of cutaneous candidiasis.[] Population-based community prevalence of methicillin-resistant Staphylococcus aureus in the urban poor of San Francisco. Clin Infect Dis 2002 ;34: 425 - 433 28.[] vascular disease, immunocompromising conditions, chronic renal or hepatic insufficiency, chickenpox or herpes zoster, intravenous drug use, or certain medications (e.g.,[]

  • Tropical Phagedenic Ulcer

    Genital Candidiasis.- H. Bacterial Vaginosis.- J. Syphilis.- I. Early Syphilis.- 1. Primary Syphilis.- 2. Secondary Syphilis.- 3.[] Limited knowledge of the disease, its focal distribution and the fact that it affects mainly poor rural communities contribute to low reporting of cases.[] It usually remains for five to seven days and heals within two weeks with no scarring. chronic leg ulcer ulceration of the lower leg caused by peripheral vascular disease[]

  • Tinea Pedis

    DB01127 Econazole A topical antifungal used to treat tinea pedis, tinea cruris, tinea corporis, cutaneous candidiasis and tinea versicolor.[] […] showers and changing rooms People who are more at risk of tinea pedis include those who are immunocompromised, who sweat excessively (hyperhidrosis), and those who have poor[] vascular disease, or immunocompromising conditions.[]

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