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14 Possible Causes for Cutaneous Candidiasis, Retroviridae

  • Leukemia

    Retroviridae have been isolated from leukemic cells and malignant lymphomas, in numerous animal species and humans.[]

  • Acquired Immunodeficiency Syndrome

    , relapsing cutaneous herpes, generalised pruritic dermatosis, generalised lymphadenopathy, Kaposi's sarcoma.[] Retroviridae ICTVdB - The Universal Virus Database, developed for the International Committee on Taxonomy of Viruses (ICTV) by Dr Cornelia Büchen-Osmond, is written in DELTA[] Infectious agent of HIV infection and AIDS Human immunodeficiency virus (HIV) types 1 and 2 are members of the family Retroviridae .[]

  • Intertrigo

    Clotrimazole, Oxiconazole, Econazole ) cover all fungus (including candida and dermatophytes) Nystatin covers only Cutaneous Candidiasis (but this is most common) Second-line[] Proteus mirabilis Proteus vulgaris Viruses The most common viruses associated with intertrigo are: Poxviridae Papillomaviridea (human papilloma virus or HPV) Picornaviridae Retroviridae[] Clotrimazole , Oxiconazole , Econazole ) cover all fungus (including candida and dermatophytes) Nystatin covers only Cutaneous Candidiasis (but this is most common) Second-line[]

  • Tinea Cruris

    candidiasis Lichen simplex chronicus Pemphigus vegetans Extramammary Paget syndrome Glucagonoma syndrome Condyloma Lymphogranuloma venereum Granuloma inguinale Bowen disease[] ., etc. 2, 11, 24 – 26 Viruses Poxviridae, Papillomaviridea (HPVs), Picornaviridae, Retroviridae (HIV), Herpesvirdae, Togaviridae, Parvoviridae, 27 – 30 Intertrigo may transform[] Stengel M, Robles-Soto R, Galimberti P, Suchil P: Fluconazole versus ketoconazole in the treatment of dermatophytoses and cutaneous candidiasis.[]

  • Oral Candidiasis

    Bhai N, Tendolkar U, Baradkar V, Mathur M, Kulkarni M.Paediatric oropharyngeal and cutaneous candidiasis with special reference to Candida dubliniensis.[] Stomatognathic Diseases, Virus Diseases, RNA Virus Infections, Retroviridae Infections, Sexually Transmitted Diseases, Viral Picture & text from CDC/PHIL.[] No comparable increase in cutaneous or vaginal candidiasis is known. Report of a Case.[]

  • Infective Dermatitis Associated with HTLV-1

    ., on evaluating 32 cases with HAM/TSP, found cutaneous candidiasis, xerosis, and face and palmar erythema [ 13 ] .[] CHARACTERISTICS : Human T-lymphotropic virus is a C-type retrovirus, family Retroviridae, genus Deltaretrovirus, with a central, electron dense nuclear core Footnote 1 Footnote[] It is a member of the Retroviridae and was the first human retrovirus identified in laboratory and the second to be discovered implicated in neurological disease.[]

  • Esophageal Candidiasis

    Cutaneous candidiasisCutaneous candidiasis causes patches of red, moist, weepy skin, sometimes with small pustules nearby.[] Immunodeficiency Syndrome Amphotericin B Candidiasis, Oral Additional relevant MeSH terms: Layout table for MeSH terms HIV Infections Esophagitis Candidiasis Lentivirus Infections Retroviridae[] Definition / general Candida albicans is a part of the normal human skin flora Cutaneous candidiasis is a superficial infection of skin and mucous membranes and the most common[]

  • Leukoplakia

    Epidermal proliferation in the defence against experimental cutaneous candidiasis. J Invest Dermatol 70: 130 –133. Google Scholar Crossref Medline Soll DR ( 2002 ).[] ., University of California, San Francisco Retroviridae Infections, Sexually Transmitted Diseases, Viral Picture & text from CDC/PHIL.[]

  • Familial Congenital Nasolacrimal Duct Obstruction

    Candidiasis, Chronic Mucocutaneous Candidiasis, Cutaneous Candidiasis, Oral Candidiasis, Vulvovaginal Capgras Syndrome Capillary Leak Syndrome Caplan's Syndrome Carbamoyl-Phosphate[] […] and uterine leiomyomas Multiple endocrine deficiency-Addison disease-candidiasis syndrome Multiple endocrine neoplasia Multiple endocrine neoplasia type 1 Multiple endocrine[] Hemorrhage Retrocochlear Diseases Retrognathism Retrograde Degeneration Retroperitoneal Fibrosis Retroperitoneal Neoplasms Retropharyngeal Abscess Retropneumoperitoneum Retroviridae[]

  • Kaposi Sarcoma

    An autopsy series by Lemlich et al (, 33 ) showed that, at the time of death, only 25% of patients had evidence of cutaneous disease alone and up to 29% had visceral compromise[] California, San Francisco: Kaposi's sarcoma KSHV AIDS HHV-8 treatment naive Additional relevant MeSH terms: HIV Infections Sarcoma Sarcoma, Kaposi Lentivirus Infections Retroviridae[] These infections include cytomegalovirus, candidiasis, Mycobacterium avium intracellulare infection, P jiroveci pneumonia, bacterial pneumonia, and herpes simplex viral infection[]

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