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15 Possible Causes for Cyanosis, Increased Area of Cardiac Dullness, S3 Gallop

  • Congestive Heart Failure

    (cardiac asthma), pooling of blood (stasis) in the general body (systemic) circulation or in the liver's (portal) circulation, swelling ( edema ), blueness or duskiness (cyanosis[] […] criteria: · Paroxysmal nocturnal dyspnea · Neck vein distention · Rales · Radiographic cardiomegaly (increasing heart size on chest radiography) · Acute pulmonary edema · S3[] In acute failure the patient may look ill and exhausted and there may be cyanosis.[]

  • Cardiomyopathy

    gallop is common in children but signifies decompensated CHF in adults; S4 is frequently heard Jugular venous pulse revealing a prominent a wave Double carotid arterial pulse[] Other possible physical findings include an S3 gallop and a systolic murmur of mitral regurgitation if the valve annulus is dilated.[] […] apical impulse (less common) Normal first heart sound; second heart sound usually is normally split but is paradoxically split in some patients with severe outflow gradients; S3[]

  • Large Ventricular Septal Defect

    History of respiratory infections Excessive sweating Assessment-Physical Findings Pallor Prominent anterior chest wall Clubbing Cyanosis Tachypnea Tachycardia Syncope on[] […] pulmonary pressure, the greater the chance of blood flowing from the right ventricle to the left ventricle, backwards, causing unoxygenated blood to be pumped to the body and cyanosis[] This permits flow of blood directly from one ventricle to the other, resulting in bypassing of the pulmonary circulation and varying degrees of cyanosis.[]

  • Cor Triloculare Biventriculare

    , in spite of such a markedcongenital defect, might appear remarkable, butMaud Abbot states that the absence of the inter-auricular septum does not itself produce cyanosis[] Gallop - in ppl with anemia - anemia decreases RBC count - decreases viscocity of blood - heart makes the same energy - heart is hyper dynamic - creates 3rd heart sound -[] The most common symptom of pulmonary valve stenosis is shortness of breath with exertion; cyanosis is also common. 3.[]

  • Dilated Cardiomyopathy

    Other findings which are of importance include: cyanosis, clubbing, jugular venous distension, pulmonary edema, S 3 gallop, enlarged liver and peripheral edema.[] He was tachycardic, with an S3/S4 gallop rhythm. There were moist rales in the lung fields and chest wall retraction. The abdominal exam revealed hepatomegaly.[] The extremities displayed cyanosis and poor perfusion, with no edema.[]

  • Primary Cardiomyopathy

    […] coronary artery disease (CAD)冠[状]動脈疾患 coronary circulation 冠循環 coronary risk factor冠危険因子 corrected transposition of great arteries修正大血管転位[症] countershock電気ショック cusp[弁]尖 cyanosis[]

  • Toxic Myocarditis

    […] symptoms like fever, irritability, pallor and poor feeding, indicating an infection. 7 However, neonates may also present with ominous signs such as apnoea and episodic cyanosis[] Kussmaul's sign A paradoxical increase in venous distention and pressure during inspiration. Finding associated with cardiac tamponade.[] Cardiogenic shock in fulminant cases Auscultation findings Brief systolic murmurs Heart failure S3 (and S4) gallops Pericarditis pericardial friction rub The clinical manifestation[]

  • Heart Murmur

    The commonest presentation was cyanosis (86%) but included cardiac failure(2), heart murmur (l) and arrhythmia/heart block(l).[] area of cardiac dullness Irregular tachycardia Loud first heart sound Mid-systolic click On examination - 2nd heart sound split On examination - apex beat displaced -LVH[] Galloping rhythms Other heart sounds include a “galloping” rhythm, which involves additional heart sounds, S3 and S4.[]

  • Suppurative Pericarditis

    The child was put on ventilatory support in view of severe cyanosis and florid bilateral crepitations.[] Patients with large pericardial effusions have an area of increased dullness at the base of the heart in addition to generalized enlargement of the area of cardiac dullness[] A S3 gallop indicates left-sided congestive heart failure.[]

  • Cardiomegaly

    Cardiac insufficiency can be defined in terms of its symptoms which are: dysponea, weakness, cyanosis, swelling, palpitation etc.[] gallop, soms S4 - rechter hartfalen: - dyspnee d'effort - beeld van overload (opzetting halsvenen, ascites, oedeem) - hepatomegalie - bewustzijn: vermoeidheid, zwakte - labo[] […] ademhaling: dyspnee, orthopnee, paroxysmale nocturale dyspnee, verminderde inspanningstolerantie - auscultatie: reutels, wheezing, longbasis verminderde ventilatie hoorbaar, S3[]

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