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81 Possible Causes for Cyanosis, Parkinson's Disease, Prolonged Expiration

  • Aspiration Pneumonia

    In the absence of an obvious predisposition, the abrupt onset of a self-limited illness characterized by dyspnea, cyanosis, and low-grade fever associated with diffuse rales[] BACKGROUND: Aspiration pneumonia is an important cause of morbidity and mortality in Parkinson's disease (PD).[] Chemical pneumonia The physical symptoms of this type of pneumonia range from tachypnea, tachycardia, wheezing or cyanosis.[]

  • Asthma

    expiration, elevated jugular venous pulse, and cyanosis.[] […] you: otc inhalers Seek medical help immediately for: Fast breathing with chest retractions (skin sucks in between or around the chest plate and/or rib bones when inhaling) Cyanosis[] disease and other movement disorders -- Seizure disorders -- Cerebrovascular disorders -- Sect. 15 : Infectious disorders -- Principles of infectious diseases -- Antimicrobial[]

  • Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease

    expiration, elevated jugular venous pulse, and cyanosis.[] The is caused by the lack of oxygen in the bloodstream, a condition known as cyanosis.[] . — Chuck Johnston, CNN, "Judge not allowed back to court after berating woman who died," 23 Apr. 2018 That list includes drugs that treat Parkinson’s disease, chemotherapy[]

  • Tracheomalacia

    The weakened area of trachea collapses more easily during expiration and prolongs expiration, or prevents expectoration and causes trapping of secretions.[] Newborns with cyanosis are sometimes called “blue babies.” Cyanosis means that there is less oxygen being carried by the body’s blood cells.[] Some people with Parkinson disease or multiple sclerosis lose the ability to speak. Dysarthria caused by medicines or poorly fitting dentures can be reversed.[]

  • Pneumonia

    Some European techniques are also described as modern: slow and prolonged expiration and increased expiratory flow are used in paediatric patients ( Mucciollo 2008 ); total[] A 5-month-old infant presented with cyanosis and tachypnea. He had no previous medical or birth history suggesting primary immune deficiency.[] Osteonecrosis Causes, Diagnosis and Management Abdominal Aortic Aneurysm (AAA): Causes, Symptoms, & Management Neurophysiotherapy for Parkinson's Disease Latest News Penis[]

  • Chronic Bronchitis

    Doctors may note that it takes a long time for the person to exhale air that has been inhaled (prolonged expiration).[] Symptoms of chronic bronchitis include the following: Cough Sputum production Fever Nausea, anorexia General malaise and fatigue Chest pain Dyspnea and cyanosis (only seen[] Bush has Parkinson's disease, which weakens chest muscles important in clearing infections.[]

  • Obstruction of the Lung

    […] is prolonged and is not completed down to the original RV by the time the subject gives up the effort and takes another breath.[] […] the hands Cough and/or coughing up blood (hemoptysis) Headache Chest pain Hoarseness Difficulty swallowing (dysphasia) Bluish tinge to the skin of the face or upper body ( cyanosis[] ., vocal cord paralysis, vocal cord dysfunction, laryngocoele) neuromuscular disease (e.g., Parkinson’s disease, bulbar palsy) tracheobronchopathia osteochondroplastica idiopathic[]

  • Laryngeal Lesion

    Respiratory distress, failure to thrive and cyanosis are rare. Oxygen saturation should be monitored.[] We also treat voice disorders caused by neurological conditions such as Parkinson’s disease, including vocal cord paralysis , spasmodic dysphonia , vocal tremors, and involuntary[] Respiratory distress and cyanosis are rare.[]

  • Pulmonary Disorder

    expiration, elevated jugular venous pulse, and cyanosis.[] Inspection should focus on Signs of respiratory difficulty and hypoxemia (eg, restlessness, tachypnea, cyanosis, accessory muscle use) Signs of possible chronic pulmonary[] CBD Oil and Parkinson’s Disease Exercises that Ease Arthritis Proving Painsomnia is Real: A Case Study Acute Flaccid Myelitis Causes and Diagnosis Antibodies and Huntington's[]

  • Foreign Body in the Larynx

    Surface sensory receptors of the respiratory tract adapt to the prolonged pressure caused by the foreign body.[] There was no cyanosis or intercostal retractions. Indirect endoscopic examination revealed an irregular object on the right vocal cord with thick secretions (Fig. 1).[] Leopold NA, Kagel MC (1997) Pharyngo-esophageal dysphagia in Parkinson’s disease. Dysphagia 12:11 PubMed CrossRef Google Scholar 13.[]

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