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792 Possible Causes for Cystic Fibrosis, Easy Bruising

  • Urinary Tract Infection

    These topical treatments could eradicate the Pseudomonas sp. from the lung of patients with cystic fibrosis or bronchiectasis and the Acinetobacter baumannii from lung and[] Serious side effects include fever, yellowing skin or eyes, easy bruising or bleeding, dark or bloody urine , change in the amount of urine, abdominal pain , vomiting, chills[] bruising or bleeding.[]

  • Tuberculosis

    Cystic fibrosis, other bacterial lung diseases and lung cancer were the main underlying pulmonary diseases.[] […] dizziness tingling or numbness around the mouth easy bruising blurred or changed vision ringing in the ears hearing loss Managing the Disease Tips for Taking TB Medicine[] fibrosis: a retrospective cohort study.[]

  • Endocrine Dysfunction

    Diabetes in cystic fibrosis (CF) is a result of exocrine pancreas alteration followed by endocrine dysfunction at a later stage.[] Other changes include thinning of the skin with easy bruising, delayed healing, and osteoporosis. Hypertension due to mineralocorticoid effects is another consequence.[] Jaganath , VA , Fedorowicz , Z , Thoher , V et al. ( 2011 ) Vitamin K supplementation for cystic fibrosis . Cochrane database Syst Rev CD008482 . 37.[]

  • Liver Cirrhosis

    fibrosis Autoimmune Autoimmune hepatitis Biliary cirrhosis Many causes of chronic injury to the liver can lead to cirrhosis.[] Kidney disease or failure Easy bruising and severe bleeding. This happens when the liver stops making proteins that are needed for your blood to clot. Type 2 diabetes.[] In addition, anything that damages the liver can cause cirrhosis, including the following inherited diseases: Cystic fibrosis Glycogen storage diseases , in which the body[]

  • Malabsorption Syndrome

    Sweat test: Studying a sample of sweat can help diagnose cystic fibrosis. One of the effects of that disease is a lack of enzymes to properly digest food.[] bruising; tingling in fingers or toes; and numbness or burning sensation in legs or feet.[] […] and unusually malodorous Excessive gas Abdominal discomfort or cramps, especially after eating Fatigue Weight loss or emaciation Night blindness (vitamin A malabsorption) Easy[]

  • Primary Biliary Cirrhosis

    Columbo C, Crosignani A, Battezzati PM: Liver involvement in cystic fibrosis. J Hepatol 1999;31:946–954.[] Patients may have a low platelet count because of an enlarged spleen causing easy bruising.[] Cirrhosis can lead to easy bruising, nosebleeds, gallstones, intense itching, kidney failure and liver cancer. It is most commonly caused by alcoholism and hepatitis.[]

  • Vitamin Deficiency

    Little is known about anemia in cystic fibrosis (CF).[] […] bleeding from the umbilical cord stump at birth bleeding into joints (hemarthrosis) bleeding in soft tissue and muscle bleeding in the gut (gastrointestinal hemorrhage) easy[] Vitamin E – Malabsorption, cystic fibrosis, abetalipoproteinemia, cholestatic hepatobiliary disease, and short bowel syndrome may all lead to vitamin E deficiency.[]

  • Hemophilia A

    We searched for relevant studies from the Cystic Fibrosis and Genetic Disorders Group's Coagulopathies Trials Register, comprising of references identified from comprehensive[] Affected individuals suffer hemorrhage into joints and muscles, easy bruising, and prolonged bleeding from wounds.[] Patients with hemophilia A suffer from joint and muscle hemorrhage, easy bruising and prolonged bleeding time from wounds.[]

  • Hypoprothrombinemia

    Pseudomonas Pericarditis Complications Cystic Fibrosis HYPOPROTHROMBINEMIA 11. Untitled 12. Untitled 13. Untitled 14. Untitled 15. Untitled 16.[] bruising, postoperative bleeding, epistaxis, menorrhagia, miscarriage, postpartum hemorrhage, hemarthroses and intracranial bleeding (if severe deficiency) Laboratory Prolonged[] fibrosis, intestinal resection, and in patients receiving drugs that may affect liver function or intestinal flora.[]

  • Scurvy

    Vitamin C deficiency in developed countries is typically observed in patients with unique clinical conditions such as cystic fibrosis or anorexia nervosa, or in patients on[] The clinical manifestations of follicular hyperkeratosis, perifollicular petechiae, corkscrew hairs, and easy bruising are due to defective collagen synthesis and can be mistaken[] bruising with tiny or large skin hemorrhages, friable bleeding gums, and swollen legs.[]

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