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810 Possible Causes for Cystic Fibrosis, Imperforate Anus

  • Meconium Plug Syndrome

    anus Treatment Water soluble contrast enema usually clears the meconium Complications Associated with cystic fibrosis in almost 100% of cases About 20% of patients with cystic[] We describe the cases of three infants in whom there was intestinal obstruction consistent with the MPS and in which cystic fibrosis (CF) was later documented.[] Abstract We present a unique case of meconium plug syndrome associated with both cystic fibrosis and Hirschsprung's disease.[]

  • Intestinal Obstruction

    Abstract The management of abdominal pain in cystic fibrosis can be complicated.[] ., atresia and stenosis, imperforate anus, duplications, Meckel diverticulum) Trauma: foreign body Inflammatory (e.g., Crohn disease, diverticulitis, ulcerative colitis, radiation[] In individuals with cystic fibrosis, mucus builds up along the intestinal tract, slowing down the emptying of food.[]

  • Meconium Ileus

    Convert to ICD-10-CM : 277.01 converts directly to: 2015/16 ICD-10-CM E84.11 Meconium ileus in cystic fibrosis Approximate Synonyms Cystic fibrosis w meconium ileus Cystic[] Abstract Meconium ileus, rare in Malaysia, accounts for 3.7% of all neonatal intestinal obstructions (excluding imperforate anus) seen in the University Hospital, Kuala Lumpur[] anus Treatment Water soluble contrast enema usually clears the meconium Complications Associated with cystic fibrosis in almost 100% of cases About 20% of patients with cystic[]

  • Colonic Atresia

    fibrosis Distal ileal obstruction Duodenal atresia Gallstones Gastroesophageal reflux Gastroschisis Hirschsprung’s disease Imperforate anus Inflammatory bowel disease Infliximab[] The authors describe a neonatal case with HAA complicated by multiple anomalies including colonic atresia (CA), imperforate anus, choledochal cyst, facial cleft, and brain[] A complete staged reconstruction has been performed on a 4-year-old girl with imperforate anus, rectovestibular fistula, and colonic atresia.[]

  • Pallister-Hall Syndrome

    Fibrosis WA Support those individuals and families affected by CF Cystinosis Support Group, Australian Support, information and contact to those affected by Cystinosis DEBRA[] Hirschprung's disease and imperforate anus are described concurrently in a newborn with Pallister-Hall syndrome as well as the difficulties in making this diagnosis.[] Shprintzen syndrome Simpson-Golabi-Behmel syndrome Single monster Sirenoform monster Sirenomelia sequence Smith-Lemli-Opitz syndrome Stickler syndrome Stunted embryo Suspect cystic[]

  • Low Anorectal Malformation

    Fibrosis 388 Cervical Lymphadenitis 394 Obstructive Sleep Apnea Syndrome 398 Cardiovascular System 399 Defects of the Atrial Septum Including the Atrioventricular Canal 401[] Texas Pediatric Associates. " Imperforate anus ." Retrieved 13 July 2005. MedLine Plus. " Imperforate anus ." Retrieved 13 July 2005. Adotey JM, Jebbin NJ (2004).[] fibrosis Anorectal malformation Absent anus, tight anus or fistula Small left colon syndrome Transition zone* at splenic flexure Hypoganglionosis Transition zone* Neuronal[]

  • Congenital Absence of the Testis

    Pathology of cystic fibrosis. In: Mangos JA, Talamo RC, eds. Cystic fibrosis: projections into the future .[] He was diagnosed to have imperforate anus at birth and a temporary diversion colostomy was performed in the neonatal period.[] Ectopic vas deferens, imperforate anus and hypospadias: a new triad. J Urol 1989; 141: 586-8. 10 Takahashi M, Kaneko S, Ogawa I, Yamabe K, Tsukada H, Nishida K.[]

  • Rectal Prolapse

    Newborn screening for cystic fibrosis. Cochrane Database Syst Rev 2009; CD001402. 11. Sharp JK, Rock MJ. Newborn screening for cystic fibrosis.[] One patient had rectal prolapse from Ehlers Danlos syndrome, and the last had rectal prolapse after imperforate anus repair as an infant.[] Commonly Associated Conditions Cystic fibrosis (CF) Myelomeningocele Chronic constipation (25–50%) or diarrhea Imperforate anus Nerve damage (stroke or diabetes) Fecal incontinence[]

  • Baller-Gerold Syndrome

    The following genes are required for Invitae carrier screening and will be added to your order, CFTR (cystic fibrosis), SMN1 (spinal muscular atrophy), FMR1 (fragile X syndrome[] Anteriorly placed anus and imperforate anus with either perineal fistula or rectovaginal fistula are further features.[] We report a patient with craniosynostosis, radial aplasia, imperforate anus, and several associated congenital anomalies.[]

  • Apple Peel Small Intestinal Atresia

    To the best of our knowledge, the association of apple peel syndrome and cystic fibrosis has not yet been reported.[] anus, Hirschprung disease, omphalocoele, absent hand, cleft lip and palate, facial asymmetry and bilateral optic nerve atrophy. [4] Neonatal intestinal obstruction depending[] Esophageal atresia and imperforate anus are discussed in separate chapters and are not considered part of intestinal atresia.[]

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