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2,788 Possible Causes for Cytolytic Vaginosis, Gram-Positive Rods, Hemiplegia

  • Cytolytic Vaginosis

    […] called as cytolytic vaginosis.[ 3 ] LACTOBACILLI IN THE VAGINA Doderlein, first described the normal vaginal flora as, consisting of predominantly of the acid producing gram-positive[] Cytolytic vaginosis occurs due to overgrowth of Lactobacillus species and subsequent lysis of epithelial cells in a highly acidic environment.[] ) 【半陰陽】*hermaphroditism 【半顎症】*hemignathia 【半月歯】*selenodont 【半月軟骨炎】*meniscitis 【半肢症】*hemimelia 【半心臓】*hemicardia 【半側萎縮】*hemiatrophy 【半側脊椎披裂】【半側脊椎裂】*hemirachischisis 【半側麻痺】*hemiplegia[]

  • Listerial Meningitis

    Gram positive rod Beta hemolytic Catalase positive Motile at 25 degree centigrade (tumbling motility/umbrella motility) Non-spore forming rod Susceptible hosts Newborns Elderly[] Patients may present with seizures, cranial neuropathies, hemiplegia, and other evidence of focal disease, as well as with global cerebral dysfunction manifested as coma.[] (b) Gram stain revealing characteristic small, Gram-positive rods or coccobacilli ( 100 magnification).[]

    Missing: Cytolytic Vaginosis
  • Lactobacillus Infection

    Lactobacillus (L) [lak′tōbəsil′əs] Etymology: L, lac bacillum, small rod any one of a group of nonpathogenic gram-positive rod-shaped bacteria that produce lactic acid from[] How do I know if I have cytolytic vaginosis?[] Lactobacillus bacteria are Gram positive and rod shaped. See gram stain.[]

    Missing: Hemiplegia
  • Whipple Disease

    Etiology: Whipple’s disease is caused by infection with the gram-positive actinomycete Trophermyma whippelii.[] Intestinal or lymph node biopsy specimens may disclose periodic acid–Schiff staining deposits in macrophages, and electron microscopy may show rod-shaped bacilli.[]

    Missing: Cytolytic Vaginosis
  • Meningeal Tuberculosis

    M tuberculosis is an aerobic gram-positive rod that stains poorly with hematoxylin and eosin (H&E) because of its thick cell wall that contains lipids, peptidoglycans, and[] Older age, fewer CSF leukocytes, and the presence of hemiplegia (but not strain lineage) were independently associated with death or severe disability, although the East Asian[] The development of arteritis and infarctions of the brain can cause hemiplegia or quadriplegia.[]

    Missing: Cytolytic Vaginosis
  • Bacterial Meningitis

    Finally, a CSF culture revealed infection with gram-positive rods, suspected Listeria monocytogenes, confirming bacterial meningitis.[] positive rods Listeria MANAGEMENT Empiric Treatment antibiotics within 30 min of initial assessment dexamethasone 0.15mg/kg Q6 hourly with or before the first dose of antibiotics[] CONCLUSIONS: We found MALDI-TOF-MS to be useful in the rapid identification of Gram-negative rods directly from smear-positive CSF samples, but not of Gram-positive bacteria[]

    Missing: Cytolytic Vaginosis
  • Respiratory Muscle Paralysis

    Clostridium botulinum A pathogen that causes botulism, gram stain positive, morphology is rod shaped, grows in anaerobic conditions, and produces spores.[] The physical consequences of stroke can vary greatly, but 80% of patients are affected by hemiparesis or hemiplegia (one-sided weakness or paralysis).[] We use term paraplegia / paraparesis in paralysis of lower limbs, hemiplegia / hemiparesis in paralysis of the left or right half of the body and quadriplegia / quadruparesis[]

    Missing: Cytolytic Vaginosis
  • Botulism

    C botulinum is an anaerobic gram-positive rod that survives in soil and marine sediment by forming spores.[] Clostridiales Family-Clostridiaceae Genus- Clostridium Species C. botulinum Description Clostridium botulinum is the bacterium that is responsible for Botulsim [4] ..It is a Gram-positive[] Microbiologically, the organism stains gram-positive in cultures less than 18 hours old.[]

    Missing: Cytolytic Vaginosis
  • Meningococcal Meningitis

    Besides, 1(4.7%) sample revealed Gram-positive rods of L. monocytogenes while Gram-negative kidney-shaped N. meningitidis was found in 20(95.24%) samples.[]

    Missing: Cytolytic Vaginosis
  • Cat Scratch Meningoencephalitis

    Microscopic examination of cerebrospinal fluid reveals gram-positive rods. What is the organism?[] […] nuchal rigidity, nausea, vomiting, altered mental state and focal neurological signs Ataxia, decreased deep tendon reflexes, urinary retention, bilateral optic neuritis Hemiplegia[] Coagulase Which gram-positive rod is known to cause stillbirth and neurological disease in animals? a. Listeria monocytogenes b. Streptococcus pneumoniae c.[]

    Missing: Cytolytic Vaginosis

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