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539 Possible Causes for Cytomegalovirus Pneumonia, Influenza

  • Bacterial Pneumonia

    The associations between reduced CD4 lymphocyte counts and P. carinii pneumonia, 17 cytomegalovirus retinitis, 18 and disseminated Mycobacterium avium complex 19 have been[] SUMMARY: Bacterial pneumonia is certainly an influenza complication.[] Abstract Post-influenza bacterial pneumonia is a major cause of morbidity and mortality associated with both seasonal and pandemic influenza virus illness[]

  • Common Cold

    It is now accepted that an overwhelming inflammatory response is the cause of human deaths from avian H5N1 influenza infection.[] Diagnosis of pneumonia due to cytomegalovirus, herpes simplex virus, Aspergillus spp. or Candida spp require specimens obtained by transbronchial or open-lung biopsy.[] The common cold and influenza (flu) are the most common syndromes of infection in human beings.[]

  • Viral Lower Respiratory Infection

    cytomegalovirus: cytomegalovirus pneumonia varicella-zoster virus (VZV): varicella pneumonia Epstein-Barr virus (EBV): EBV pneumonia human papillomavirus (HPV): HPV pneumonia[] Influenza was most common in adults and influenza vaccination should be more widespread in China.[] The respiratory tract is also commonly a target in generalised viral infections: for example, pneumonia may complicate infection caused by measles, varicella and cytomegalovirus[]

  • Upper Respiratory Infection

    Diagnosis of pneumonia due to cytomegalovirus, herpes simplex virus, Aspergillus spp. or Candida spp require specimens obtained by transbronchial or open-lung biopsy.[] […] those not vaccinated during a year-long study period since the influenza season began.[] World Health Organization (2010) WHO Guidelines for Pharmacological Management of Pandemic Influenza A (H1N1) 2009 and other Influenza Viruses. Revised February 2010.[]

  • Atypical Pneumonia

    BACKGROUND: The aim of this study was to investigate the presence of various atypical pneumonia agents (Chlamydia pneumoniae, cytomegalovirus, Mycoplasma pneumoniae), which[] None had received the seasonal influenza vaccine; they had cough (92%), fever (86.8%), and malaise (73.7%).[] BACKGROUND: We studied the existence of agents in aorta biopsies, such as Chlamydia pneumoniae, cytomegalovirus, and Mycoplasma pneumoniae, that are thought to have a role[]

  • Influenza

    Serum antibody titers against C. jejuni, M. pneumoniae, cytomegalovirus, and Epstein-Barr virus were determined, as described elsewhere [ 5 ].[] […] report, 7-13 April 2019, Week 15 News WHO recommendations for influenza virus vaccine composition for the 2019–2020 northern hemisphere season News Influenza vaccination[] , mycoplasms, Chlamydia, respiratory syncytial virus, influenza B virus, human metapneumovirus, cytomegalovirus, herpes simplex virus 2, HIV, Puumala hantavirus, and severe[]

  • Cytomegalovirus

    RESULTS: Cytomegalovirus pneumonia was diagnosed after histologic examination in 25 patients.[] By contrast, the influenza-specific CD8 T cell immune response decreases with age, independent of CMV status.[] While MXA acts antiviral against influenza viruses, the anti HIV-1 activity of MXB was discovered recently.[]

  • Acute Respiratory Infection

    ; Mycoplasma pneumoniae ; Chlamydia pneumoniae ; Staphylococcus aureus ; Streptococcus pneumoniae ; Haemophilus influenzae ; Haemophilus influenzae type b; Pneumocystis jirovecii[] Influenza and Other Respiratory Viruses Published by John Wiley & Sons Ltd.[] Laboratory-confirmed influenza was found in 13% of cases of influenza-like illness (ILI) and 18% of cases of severe acute respiratory infection (SARI); positivity for influenza[]

  • Moraxella Catarrhalis

    This study was done to determine the influence of passive smoking on S. pneumoniae, H. influenzae, and M. catarrhalis colonization rates among children.[] Treatment of cytomegalovirus pneumonia with ganciclovir and intravenous cytomegalovirus immunoglobulin in patients with bone marrow transplants.[] M catarrhalis is isolated from sputum and transtracheal aspirate specimens at rates of 0.2-8.1%, accompanied by H influenzae and/or S pneumoniae in more than 30% of cases.[]

  • Tonsillitis

    Major aerobic organisms are GABHS, S aureus, and H influenzae.[] Further investigation was negative, including Herpes Simplex virus DNA from ulcer swab and serology for Epstein-Barr virus, cytomegalovirus and Mycoplasma pneumoniae Antistreptolysin[] Less commonly, viral tonsillitis can be caused by: Epstein-Barr virus herpes simplex virus cytomegalovirus Bacterial causes The most common type of bacteria to infect the[]

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