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856 Possible Causes for Cytoplasmic Vacuolization

  • Hereditary Mucoepithelial Dysplasia

    Papanicolaou smears show lack of epithelial cell maturation, poikilocytosis, anisocytosis, large paranuclear cytoplasmic vacuoles, and cytoplasmic strand-shaped inclusions[] Vaginal, oral, and urinary cytological smears show a lack of epithelial cell maturation, large paranuclear cytoplasmic vacuoles, and cytoplasmic strand-shaped inclusions.[] Ultrastructural features include a paucity of desmosomes, intercellular accumulations of amorphous material, cytoplasmic vacuoles, and paranuclear lesions with strands of[]

  • Hibernoma

    Pathologic findings include sheets of multivacuolated cells with centrally placed nuclei and numerous tiny surrounding cytoplasmic vacuoles overlying bony trabeculae.[] The fine needle aspiration smears show small, round, brown fat-like cells, with uniform, small cytoplasmic vacuoles and regular, small, round nuclei.[] vacuoles and regular, small, round nuclei Delicate branching capillaries Variable mature fat cells ( Cancer 2001;93:206 ) Negative stains CD34 (usually), p53 (usually, but[]

  • Adenovirus Infection

    cytoplasm Adenovirus immunostain Electron microscopy images Images hosted on other servers: Figure 1 Figure 2 Fig 1: intranuclear inclusions with (inset) regular pattern[] 2015;66:467 ) Microscopic (histologic) images Images hosted on other servers: Figures C-E Infected cells with irregular amphophilic nuclei Cells have eccentric nuclei and vacuolated[]

  • Hemangioblastoma

    Tumor was composed of numerous capillaries and stromal cells with cytoplasmic vacuolization.[] Microscopically, the neoplasm was seen to be composed of vascular channels associated with foamy stromal cells, containing clear cytoplasmic vacuoles.[] vacuolated cytoplasm.[]

  • Beta-Mannosidosis

    There were no detectable oligosaccharides or cytoplasmic vacuolation in the liver or spleen.[] Many remaining cells in myelin-deficient regions were characterized by dark, vacuolated cytoplasm.[] Electron microscopy showed cytoplasmic vacuolation.[]

  • Alcohol Abuse

    vacuoles also due to copper deficiency, hematogones, lipid storage diseases, lipid granulomas, monocytes, Mott cells Back to top[] Images hosted on other servers : Marrow plasma cell has dense aggregate of iron Iron laden organelle in upper cell may correspond to microscopic plaque Differential diagnosis Cytoplasmic[]

  • Familial Visceral Myopathy

    Histologic abnormalities primarily involved smooth muscle and included marked nuclear enlargement and irregularity, interstitial fibrosis, and cytoplasmic vacuolation.[] vacuoles, marked nuclear enlargement and irregularity and interstitial fibrosis ( Am J Surg Pathol 1987;11:846 ) May have segmental hypoganglionosis at transitional zone[] Microscopic (histologic) description Visceral myopathy: vacuolar degeneration with swelling and loss of muscle cells, fibrosis of outer longitudinal muscle layer; other cases show cytoplasmic[]

  • Atrophic Vaginitis

    Parabasal cells also may contain cytoplasmic vacuoles and are known as foam cells. In premenopausal & younger woman, vaginal cells are mature. i.e superficial.[] These cells are characterized by the high nuclear cytoplasmic ratio, round nucleus, and basophilic cytoplasm. They are uniform in size and shape.[]

  • Oral Candidiasis

    Morphologically, candida-infected epithelial cells exhibited nuclear enlargement, perinuclear rings, discrete orangeophilia, and cytoplasmic vacuoles.[] The cytomorphometric analysis demonstrated that the cytoplasmic area (CA) of the epithelial cells was diminished in patients undergoing candidiasis as compared to the non-infected[]

  • Sertoli Cell Tumor of the Testis

    Nine tumors had cytoplasmic vacuoles, and three of four that were investigated stained for intracytoplasmic glycogen.[] Fine needle aspiration (FNA) cytologic smears showed large polygonal tumor cells with abundant finely granular or vacuolated eosinophilic cytoplasm and eccentric nuclei with[] Large cytoplasmic vacuoles were prominent in 26 tumors. Nuclear atypicality was absent or mild in 54 cases, moderate in 4 cases, and marked in 2 cases.[]

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