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121 Possible Causes for D-Dimer Abnormal, High Fever

  • Kyasanur Forest Disease

    The disease is characterised by high fever, pain in the joints, bleeding in nose and gums. In the last 58 years, 531 persons have died of KFD in the State. S.K.[] Symptoms and Signs Kyasanur forest disease-inflicted individuals usually present the following manifestations: * Headache * High fever * Bleeding originating from the nasal[] Prakash said that high fever, bleeding in teeth and gums, and joint pain are some of the symptoms of KFD.[]

  • Argentinian Hemorrhagic Fever

    As the disease progresses, the victim may develop a high fever, dehydration, hypotension, flushed skin, abnormally slow heartbeat, bleeding from the gums and internal tissues[] As the disease progresses, the person may develop a high fever, dehydration, hypotension, flushed skin, abnormally slow heartbeat, or bleeding from the gums and internal tissues[] Their symptoms vary, but most often include high fever, dizziness and fatigue.[]

  • Rocky Mountain Spotted Fever

    There is a high fever — often 103 -105 F (39 -40 C) — with chills, muscle aches, and a severe headache.[] Untreated, Rocky Mountain spotted fever has, historically, had a death rate as high as 80 percent.[] See your doctor immediately if you have been bitten by a tick and experience sudden onset of high fever, deep muscle pain, severe headache and chills.”[]

  • Crimean Hemorrhagic Fever

    Symptoms come on suddenly and include headache, high fever, vomiting, and back, joint and stomach pain.[] The onset of CCHF is sudden, with initial signs and symptoms including headache, high fever, back pain, joint pain, stomach pain, red eyes, and vomiting.[] Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, the onset of CCHF is sudden, with initial signs and symptoms including headache, high fever, back pain, joint pain, stomach pain[]

  • Weil's Disease

    Symptoms Symptoms begin between 3 and 21 days after exposure, with an influenza-like illness with severe headache, high fever, tiredness, chills, muscle aches and vomiting[] Disease came sudden with fever, high temperature, tumor of spleen and icterus. The aetiologic agent was first isolated in 1915 by Inada and Ido.[] We describe a case of a 53 year old man presenting with myalgia and fever in whom the diagnosis of leptospirosis was not initially considered.[]

  • Brazilian Hemorrhagic Fever

    Symptoms of dengue fever include high fever, severe headache, backache, joint pains and eye pain, nausea, vomiting and a rash, according to the CDC .[] Signs and symptoms of CCHF Initial signs include headache, high fever, back pain, joint pain, stomach pain, and vomiting.[] While most victims recover at this point, approximately 15% to 20% advance to a second stage where symptoms intensify into high fever, hemorrhagic tissue damage, and liver[]

  • Rift Valley Fever

    RVFV has caused several outbreaks in Egypt, sub-Saharan Africa and the Arabian Peninsula and is responsible for high mortality in ruminants and haemorrhagic fever in severe[] SYMPTOMS and SIGNS Rift Valley fever (RVF) causes high mortality rates in young ruminant animals, particularly lambs; and causes abortions in older animals.[] Here, we examine these problems in detail using a case study of Rift Valley fever (RVF), a high-burden disease endemic to Africa.[]

  • Bolivian Hemorrhagic Fever

    Bolivians referred to the mysterious disease as “Black Typhus” alluding to the hemorrhaging, high fever, pain, and rapid death caused by the illness.[] The illness was characterized by high fever, headache, and bleeding from the nose, ears, and mouth, accompanied by jaundice, severe abdominal and thoracic pain as well as[] DOI PubMed Fisher-Hoch SP , Tomori O , Nasidi A , Perez-Oronoz GI , Fakile Y , Hutwagner L , Review of cases of nosocomial Lassa fever in Nigeria: the high price of poor medical[]

  • Pulmonary Embolism

    An initial laboratory workup was unrevealing except for an elevated D-dimer. A chest radiograph demonstrated no cardiopulmonary abnormalities.[] High grade fever is a rare presentation of thromboembolic phenomenon. A middle aged woman presented with high grade fevers.[] An abnormal D-dimer level at the end of treatment might signal the need for continued treatment among patients with a first unprovoked pulmonary embolus. [72] For those with[]

  • Disseminated Intravascular Coagulation

    The patient was diagnosed with DIC based on the concomitant presence of thrombosis and bleeding in combination with abnormal serum D -dimer and fibrinogen levels and prolonged[] Five days after a contrasted abdominal computerized tomography (CT) scan, he exhibited high fever and disturbance of consciousness.[] […] fibrin-related maker (D-dimer/fibrin degradation products), and decreased fibrinogen level.[]

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