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476 Possible Causes for Dark Skin Pigmentation, Deep Palmar Creases

  • Costello Syndrome

    A 2-year-old Japanese boy presented with a 'coarse' face, curly hair and loose skin of the dorsal aspect of the hands and feet with dark pigmentation.[] Both patients had manifestations of Costello syndrome with thick, lax skin on the dorsal aspects of hands and feet, deep palmar and plantar creases, curly hair, hyperkeratoses[] We describe a 34-year-old woman with mental retardation, short stature, macrocephaly, a "coarse" face, hoarse voice, and redundant skin with deep palmar and plantar creases[]

  • Vitamin D Deficiency

    You have dark skin. The pigment melanin reduces the skin's ability to make vitamin D in response to sunlight exposure.[] Vitamin D levels may decrease with age because skin synthesis declines. Sunscreen use and dark skin pigmentation also reduce skin synthesis of vitamin D.[]

    Missing: Deep Palmar Creases
  • Legius Syndrome

    The pigmented lesions can be smooth or raised and range in color from beige to dark brown. In light-skinned individuals, they are the color of coffee with lots of cream.[] palmar and plantar creases; papillomata of the face and perianal region; diffuse hypotonia and joint laxity with ulnar deviation of the wrists and fingers; tight Achilles[] Throughout childhood, the spots can increase in size, number and darkness. By the age of 2-3, the spots are usually clearly visible.[]

  • Palmoplantar Keratosis

    In LI, the scales are large, adherent, dark, and pigmented with no skin erythema. Overlapping phenotypes may depend on the age of the patient and the region of the body.[] Skin creases displayed deep fissures, nails were often stubby with numerous hangnails, and the skin over the joint surfaces of the hands and feet was thickened, red, and edematous[] Affected individuals had thick, white, smooth skin that desquamated in large flakes on the palmar surfaces of the hands and the soles of the feet.[]

  • HAIR-AN Syndrome

    The protein that pigments our hair and skin is melanin.[] palmar and plantar creases; papillomata of the face and perianal region; diffuse hypotonia and joint laxity with ulnar deviation of the wrists and fingers; tight Achilles[] Laser therapy destroys hair by targeting the pigment (melanin) in the hair follicle and is ideally suited for dark-haired, light-skinned individuals.[]

  • Vulvitis

    Symptoms of a mild case include skin fissures, loss of skin pigment (hypopigmentation), skin atrophy, a parchment-like texture to the skin, dysuria, itching, discomfort, and[] In more severe cases, the vulva may become discolored, developing dark purple bruising (ecchymosis), bleeding, scarring, attenuation of the labia minora, and fissures and[]

    Missing: Deep Palmar Creases
  • Ring Chromosome 7

    In our case study, various dark pigmented spots over the body were observed.[] palmar creases * Deep plantar creases * Café au lait spots * Pigmented nevi * Nevus flammeus * Fusion of cerebral hemispheres * Agenesis of olfactory bulb * Teterotopic Purkinje[] […] lesions, including nevus flammeus, dark pigmented nevi and café-au-lait spots [ 7 , 10 ].[]

  • Sexually Transmitted Disease

    In dark-skinned people: the spots are more pigmented.[] They appear in light-skinned people as: round brown, reddish or purple spots which develop in the skin or in the mouth.[]

    Missing: Deep Palmar Creases
  • Acne Vulgaris

    ) Pigmented macules (dark marks from old spots, mostly affecting those with dark skin) Scars or various types Individual acne lesions usually last less than 2 weeks but the[] The dark color of blackheads has nothing to do with dirt: They look dark because this kind of blackhead is “open” and the skin pigment melanin reacts with oxygen in the air[] […] cyst -like fluctuant swellings) Secondary lesions Excoriations (picked or scratched spots) Erythematous macules (red marks from recently healed spots, best seen in in fair skin[]

    Missing: Deep Palmar Creases
  • Actinic Keratosis

    Symptoms The base may be the same color as the surrounding skin, however, pigmentation of the actinic keratosis can vary and may be light or dark, tan, pink, red, or a combination[] Women frequently get squamous cell carcinoma on their lower legs. 26 In patients with dark skin types, squamous cell carcinoma may manifest as a pigmented Bowen’s disease[] As with most types of cancer in pigmented skin including Hispanics, there is a lower incidence of actinic keratosis than in Caucasian skin.[]

    Missing: Deep Palmar Creases

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