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102 Possible Causes for Decrease in Height, Premature Loss of Teeth

  • Osteoporosis

    Alveolar bone loss resulting in premature loss of deciduous teeth. This most typically involves the anterior mandible, with the central incisors lost first.[] Sometimes a collapsed vertebra may cause severe pain, decrease in height, or spinal deformity.[] People might also notice a decrease in height or their clothes may not fit as well as they did previously.[]

  • Papillon Lefevre Disease

    A 25-year-old female presented with the complaints of thickening of skin over palms and soles and recurrent episodes of swollen gums with premature loss of teeth since her[] Premature loss of teeth and loss of alveolar bone had resulted in decreased facial height and a senile appearance in case 1 [Figure 2] b.[] In addition, decreased lower facial height, retroclined mandibular incisors, upper lip retrusion, or maxillary retrognathia might be a reason for difficult airway management[]

  • Hypophosphatasia

    A tell-tale sign of HPP for dental providers is the premature loss of teeth with roots intact in the absence of trauma.[] These changes may include hypoplasia of the cementum, irregular calcification of the dentin, enlarged pulpal chambers and decreased alveolar bone height. 3 A more recent theory[] This usually involves premature loss of teeth.[]

  • Ehlers-Danlos Syndrome Type 4

    […] delivery because of cervical insufficiency or membrane fragility 0005267 Premature loss of teeth Early tooth loss Loss of teeth Premature teeth loss Premature tooth loss[] Early-onset generalized periodontitis is one of the most significant oral manifestations of the syndrome. 1,17 This can lead to the premature loss of deciduous and permanent[] […] body height Small stature [ more ] 0004322 Sprengel anomaly High shoulder blade 0000912 Telecanthus Corners of eye widely separated 0000506 Thin skin 0000963 30%-79% of people[]

  • Bruxism

    […] may be sensitive to hot, cold or sweet foods pain and stiffness of the jaw joint inflammation and recession of the gums premature loss of teeth (4, 5, 6) Diagnosis of bruxism[] Altered occlusion due to decreasing vertical height, or occlusal vertical dimension.[] […] in premature loss of dentition [ 8 ].[]

  • Wiedemann-Rautenstrauch Syndrome

    Case Report - Neonatal progeroid syndrome (Wiedemann-Rautenstrauch syndrome) in an Egyptian child with premature loss of teeth, and café au lait skin patches Abstract A female[] […] body height Small stature [ more ] 0004322 Slender build Thin build 0001533 Sparse scalp hair Scalp hair, thinning Sparse, thin scalp hair sparse-absent scalp hair [ more[] .: Neonatal Progeroid Syndrome (Wiedemann Rautentrauch Syndrome in an Egyptian Child with premature loss of teeth and café au lait skin patches.[]

  • Lenz-Majewski Syndrome

    loss of teeth Abnormality of the clavicle Alopecia areata Hyperuricemia Long eyebrows Mutism Lower limb pain Elevated alkaline phosphatase Central heterochromia Milia Abnormality[] […] body height Small stature [ more ] 0004322 Sparse hair 0008070 Sporadic No previous family history 0003745 Syndactyly Webbed fingers or toes 0001159 Thin skin 0000963[] […] puberty Oxycephaly Progressive cerebellar ataxia Impaired pain sensation Melanocytic nevus Hyperphosphatemia Severe sensorineural hearing impairment Barrel-shaped chest Premature[]

  • Lytic Bone Lesion

    loss of teeth Early tooth loss Loss of teeth Premature teeth loss Premature tooth loss [ more ] 0006480 Renal cyst Kidney cyst 0000107 Short nail Short nails 0001799 Tall[] loss of teeth, or short stature, is sufficient to make a diagnosis.[] loss of permanent teeth).[]

  • Platyspondyly

    loss of teeth Short middle phalanx of finger Convex nasal ridge Hypoplasia of the maxilla Thin vermilion border Short philtrum Cervical spine instability Thoracic kyphoscoliosis[] Platyspondyly is decreased vertebral body height. There is a low vertebral height / vertebral interspace ratio.[] loss of teeth Distichiasis Recurrent fractures Dermal atrophy Short ribs Oligodontia Increased susceptibility to fractures Ovoid vertebral bodies Cerebral calcification Abnormality[]

  • Rieger Syndrome

    Systemic Features: Oligodontia, microdontia, and premature loss of teeth are common in type 2. Maxillary hypoplasia is less common as is hearing loss.[] His height had decreased on the chart since his 12 month visit.[] Her visual acuity of right eye progressively decreased in the past month.[]

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