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805 Possible Causes for Decreased Bowel Sounds, Gastric Retention, Pelvic Hematoma

  • Retroperitoneal Hematoma

    One complication of femoral artery catheterization is postprocedure pelvic hematoma. These hematomas can be difficult to differentiate from adnexal masses.[] Centro-medial hematoma was found in 31 patients, lateral hematoma in 36 patients, pelvic hematoma in 35 and pelvic-central hematoma in six patients.[] Surgery After blunt trauma, selected retroperitoneal hematomas in the lateral perirenal and pelvic areas do not require operation and should not be opened if discovered at[]

  • Abdominal Injury

    First this patient is at risk for arterial injury with pelvic hematoma, rectal, vaginal injury and bladder injury.[] Chest, cervical spine and pelvic radiographs showed no abnormalities.[] Most common in this situation are mesenteric hematoma, devascularization of the bowel, severe damage leading to rupture of the bowel wall, bruising, and hemorrhage of the[]

  • Renal Colic

    Cochrane Database of Systematic Reviews There is no abstract. The objectives are as follows: The aim of this review is to examine the benefits and disadvantages of both NSAIDs and opioids, and if possible to determine which of these drug types is most appropriate for the management of pain in acute renal colic.[…][]

    Missing: Pelvic Hematoma
  • Appendicitis

    bowel sounds.[] Bowel sounds will be decreased or absent. A blood test will be given, because an increased white cell count may help confirm a diagnosis of appendicitis.[] Appendicitis is characterized by vomiting, a low-grade fever of 99 to 102 F, an elevated white blood cell count, rebound tenderness, a rigid abdomen, and decreased or absent[]

    Missing: Pelvic Hematoma
  • Acute Pancreatitis

    Physical exam shows low grade fever, epigastric tenderness, and decreased bowel sounds.[] Physical examination demonstrated a distended abdomen, decreased bowel sounds, and diffuse tenderness to palpation.[] Bowel sounds are typically decreased. Jaundice may be present. In severe disease, patients may present with altered mental status.[]

    Missing: Pelvic Hematoma
  • Pelvic Fracture

    […] large pelvic hematoma. 92 of 332 patients with severe pelvic fracture underwent angiography.[] The pseudoaneurysm was successfully treated with selective coil embolization and hematoma evacuation.[] It was found that the size of the pelvic hematoma on CT did not correlate with active pelvic bleeding on angiogram.[]

    Missing: Gastric Retention
  • Pneumococcal Pneumonia

    Abstract The aging of the world population is expected to be accompanied by increased pneumococcal pneumonia in older adults. To address this, the Community-Acquired Pneumonia immunization Trial in Adults (CAPiTA), a large, randomized, placebo-controlled trial conducted to assess the 13-valent pneumococcal conjugate[…][]

    Missing: Pelvic Hematoma
  • Acute Peritonitis

    .  Tenderness and generalized guarding  Decreased bowel sounds as Paralytic ileus sets in  Increased temperature and pulse 15.[] Abdominal Rebound tenderness with guarding May have referred pain to shoulder Rigid, distended abdomen Bowel sounds decrease to absent Acute Care Management Nursing Diagnosis[] Pulmonary Breath sounds may be diminished secondary to shallow breathing.[]

    Missing: Pelvic Hematoma
  • Septicemia

    Septicemia due to Pasteurella (Mannheimia) haemolytica is a rare occurrence. We report a fatal case of M. haemolytica septicemia in a seven-month-old infant who presented with prolonged fever, sepsis, and pneumonitis without discernable preceding history of animal bites or contact. Rare cases of systemic Mannheimia[…][]

    Missing: Pelvic Hematoma
  • Hypokalemia

    […] due to weakness of accessory muscle movement to breath) Confusion, weak Flaccid paralysis Decrease deep tendon reflexes Decreased bowel sounds Easy way to Remember 7 L’s Lethargy[] He had hypoactive bowel sounds, but otherwise his abdominal examination was unremarkable.[] Weak pulses (irregular and thread) Orthostatic Hypotension Depression ST, flat or inverted T wave and prominent u-wave Shallow respirations with diminished breath sounds….[]

    Missing: Pelvic Hematoma