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293 Possible Causes for Decreased Proprioception

  • Spinal Cord Compression

    […] lower extremity sensation, and decreased proprioception.[] Table 1 – Signs/symptoms of cord compression New or worsening back pain Weakness Loss of sensation in affected limbs Decreased proprioception Numbness / tingling / coldness[] We present a case of an osteochondroma of the spine presenting with spinal cord compression. 27-year-old male presented with lower extremity weakness and paresthesia, decreased[]

  • Friedreich Ataxia

    There is progressive ataxia, dysarthria, decreased proprioception/vibration sense and muscle weakness. The inheritance is autosomal recessive.[] It is frequently associated with cardiomyopathy or diabetes. [ 1 ] There is progressive ataxia, dysarthria, decreased proprioception/vibration sense and muscle weakness.[]

  • Vitamin E Deficiency

    For example, protect the hands and feet from injury due to decreased vibratory sense and proprioception. Assist with energy-conservation techniques.[] Vitamin E deficiency can cause poor balance due to decreased proprioception.[] proprioception, decreased vibratory sense, distal muscle weakness, nyctalopia (night blindness), and normal cognition.[]

  • Subacute Combined Degeneration of Spinal Cord

    The patient neurological examination shows a reduced power and decreased proprioception and vibration sense of hands due to vitamin...[] Posterior column dysfunction decreases vibratory sensation and proprioception (joint sense).[]

  • Diabetic Peripheral Neuropathy

    Individuals who develop DPN often experience severe, uncontrolled pain in the lower extremities, insensate feet, and decreased proprioceptive skills.[] It causes decreased sensation, proprioception, reflexes, and strength in the lower extremities, leading to balance dysfunction.[] Altered proprioception causes imbalance and increased risk for falls.[]

  • Diabetic Pseudotabes

    When these manifestations coexist with decreased proprioception in the feet, "pseudotabetic" gait may occur. diabetic tabes An obsolete term for diabetic neuropathy.[] Autonomic dysfunction: Decreased sweating Erectile dysfunction Gastroparesis (nocturnal diarrhea, pseudoileus) Postural hypotension EMG: Early active denervation Axonal features[] […] loss Dramatic decrease of cutaneous blood flow (laser Doppler) Reflexes slightly depressed Spontaneous lancinating pain, dysesthesia, paresthesia (1–4 u thinly myelinated[]

  • Brown-Sequard Syndrome

    […] in the left upper limb, and decreased light touch, temperature, and pinprick sensation at right, with a C5 sensory level.[] […] significant increase of deep tendon reflexes at lower limbs, absence of the superficial abdominal reflexes bilaterally, left Babinski sign and right indifferent response, reduced proprioception[]

  • Spinocerebellar Ataxia Type 1

    […] muscle tone Low muscle tone [ more ] 0001290 Hyperactive deep tendon reflexes 0006801 Hypermetric saccades 0007338 Hyporeflexia Decreased reflex response Decreased reflexes[] [ more ] 0001265 Impaired proprioception 0010831 Nystagmus Involuntary, rapid, rhythmic eye movements 0000639 Ophthalmoparesis 0000597 Optic atrophy 0000648 Postural tremor[] […] movement 0001310 Fasciculations Muscle twitch 0002380 Gait imbalance Abnormality of balance Abnormality of equilibrium Imbalanced walk [ more ] 0002141 Generalized hypotonia Decreased[]

  • Tabes Dorsalis

    […] frequency, include the following: Hyporeflexia - 50% Sensory impairment (eg, decreased proprioception, loss of vibratory sense, otosclerosis, vertigo, sensory ataxia, chorioretinitis[] - 17% Lightning pains [ 21 ] (larynx, abdomen, various organs) - 10% Headache - 10% Dizziness - 10% Hearing loss - 10% Seizures - 7% Signs of neurosyphilis, in order of decreasing[]

  • Hereditary Areflexic Dystasia

    […] axonal degeneration Axonal degeneration Neutropenia Peripheral axonal neuropathy Heterogeneous Edema Pain Cataract Basal lamina onion bulb formation Cerebellar vermis atrophy Decreased[] […] number of large peripheral myelinated nerve fibers Vocal cord paralysis Foot dorsiflexor weakness Paralysis Pica Impaired distal vibration sensation Kinetic tremor Impaired proprioception[]

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