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150 Possible Causes for Deep Palmar Creases

  • Oculomaxillofacial Dysostosis

    palmar crease Deep palm line 0006191 Micrognathia Little lower jaw Small jaw Small lower jaw [ more ] 0000347 Percent of people who have these symptoms is not available through[] Abnormality of cognition Cognitive abnormality Cognitive defects Cognitive deficits Intellectual impairment Mental impairment [ more ] 0100543 Coloboma Notched pupil 0000589 Deep[]

  • Papillomas in Perioral, Nasal and Anal Regions

    […] plantar creases Clubfeet Hands Hyperextensible finger Deep palmar creases Wide distal phalanges Palmar nevi Skin Nails Hair Skin Cutis laxa (especially hands and feet) Dark[] 1 Costello Syndrome: The Challenge of Hypoglycemia and Failure to Thrive. ( 29248509 ) Leoni C....Flex E. 2018 2 Deep Palmar and Plantar Creases in Costello Syndrome. ( 29954608[] […] skin pigmentation Papillomas (perioral, nasal, and anal regions) Palmar nevi Acanthosis nigricans Loose, redundant skin Deep palmar creases Hair Curly hair Sparse hair Thin[]

  • Chondrodysplasia punctata Type Toriello

    Deep palmar crease Deep palm line Excessively deep creases of the palm.[] Note deep palmar creases. entities included in their table are similar to those listed by Wulfsberg et al. [19921, Bennett et al. list Conradi Hunermann syndrome as an autosomal[]

  • Autosomal Dominant Chondrodysplasia Punctata

    Note deep palmar creases. entities included in their table are similar to those listed by Wulfsberg et al. [19921, Bennett et al. list Conradi Hunermann syndrome as an autosomal[]

  • Chromosome 17p13.1 Deletion Syndrome

    palmar crease Abnormality of the elbow Deep philtrum SOURCES: OMIM ORPHANET More info about NOONAN SYNDROME-LIKE DISORDER WITH LOOSE ANAGEN HAIR 1; NSLH1 Browse more diseases[] palmar crease 20% Intrauterine growth retardation 20% Short nose 20% Narrow mouth 20% Muscular hypotonia 20% Macroglossia 20% Feeding difficulties 20% Aplasia/Hypoplasia[] […] tendon reflexes 10% Contiguous gene syndrome 10% Long hallux 10% Craniosynostosis 10% Bilateral single transverse palmar creases 10% Choanal atresia 10% Holoprosencephaly[]

  • Patau Syndrome

    Some skin defects have been reported in patients with Patau syndrome, such as scalp defects, glabellar stains, deep palmar creases, rocker-bottom feet, convex soles, hyperconvextity[] The hands had deep palmar creases.[] palmar creases in the hands, rocker-bottom feet, and convex soles.[]

  • Choanal Atresia

    We describe a girl with motor and mental retardation, macrocephaly, a "coarse" face, choanal atresia, postnatal feeding difficulty, redundant skin with deep palmar and plantar[] creases, and histopathological evidence of altered elastic fibers, who died at the age of 11 months.[]

  • Hyperphosphatasia with Mental Retardation Syndrome 2

    palmar crease Brachydactyly Decreased body weight Abnormal cardiac septum morphology Pes planus Triangular face High, narrow palate Posteriorly rotated ears Small hand Pointed[] […] developmental delay Vaginal atresia Eyelid coloboma Obesity Broad columella Abnormal hair pattern Short neck Bifid nasal tip Nasolacrimal duct obstruction Malar flattening Deep[]

  • SPONASTRIME Dysplasia

    She was noted to have short, broad hands and feet with deep palmar creases, short toes, and dimples in the elbows and knees.[] […] plantar creases Eclampsia Deep palmar crease Breech presentation Preeclampsia Arachnoid cyst Megalencephaly Curly hair IgA deficiency Short chin Rhizomelia Recurrent infection[] […] immunodeficiency Biparietal narrowing Macule Lymphopenia Autistic behavior Autism Obesity Conical tooth Hidrotic ectodermal dysplasia Perisylvian polymicrogyria Cafe-au-lait spot Deep[]

  • Ring Chromosome 7

    palmar creases * Deep plantar creases * Café au lait spots * Pigmented nevi * Nevus flammeus * Fusion of cerebral hemispheres * Agenesis of olfactory bulb * Teterotopic Purkinje[] Prominent forehead * Midfacial dysplasia * Small ears * Low-set ears * Widely spaced eyes * Upward slanting space between eyelids * Broad nasal root * Cleft lip * Cleft palate * Deep[]

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