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56 Possible Causes for Deglutition Disorder, Dyspepsia

  • Gastroesophageal Reflux Disease

    The aim of this study is to determine the pattern of presentation of GORD among patients with dyspepsia.[] Deglutition Disorders Esophageal Diseases Gastrointestinal Diseases Digestive System Diseases Signs and Symptoms, Digestive Signs and Symptoms[] BACKGROUND: Gastroesophageal reflux disease (GERD), functional dyspepsia (FD) and irritable bowel syndrome (IBS) are common functional gastrointestinal conditions with a significant[]

  • Esophagitis

    ‘Patients with predominant epigastric pain without peptic ulcer disease or oesophagitis have functional dyspepsia.’[] Among all subjects, 29 % had previously received a diagnosis of non-ulcer dyspepsia, 3 % had ulcers, 10.5 % had gastritis and/or oesophagitis, and 0.6 % (1 subject) had gastric[] Medical conditions that are often described as 'indigestion' and which have 'indigestion' as a symptom are: Heartburn (gastro-oesophageal reflux) Ulcers Non-ulcer dyspepsia[]

  • Diabetic Autonomic Neuropathy

    ., erectile dysfunction, dyspepsia, and dizziness) to autonomic dysfunction.[]

  • Diaphragmatic Hernia

    ( Atrophic, Ménétrier's disease, التهاب المعدةوالامعاء Gastroenteritis ) - قرحة هضمية Peptic ulcer Peptic (gastric) ulcer ( Cushing ulcer, Dieulafoy's lesion ) - عسرهضم Dyspepsia[]

  • Esophageal Achalasia

    […] malignancies at the gastroesophageal junction (n 10) and cardiac of the stomach (n 5) (mean age 55.3 years, 11 male and 4 female, group B); and 30 subjects with functional dyspepsia[] Deglutition Disorders Esophageal Diseases Gastrointestinal Diseases Digestive System Diseases[] History In the early stages of the disease, dysphagia may be very subtle and can be misinterpreted as dyspepsia, poor gastric emptying, or stress.[]

  • Celiac Disease

    CD prevalence in adults with functional dyspepsia or irritable bowel syndrome can rise to over 10% of cases, as reported in some studies.[] Adult patients showed, mainly, abdominal pain, dyspepsia, and GERD-related symptoms.[] Besides, currently, when adult subjects present symptoms such as dyspepsia, an upper endoscopy with duodenal biopsy is routinely performed independently of CD serology[ 18[]

  • Gastric Adenocarcinoma

    Abstract An elderly Thai woman had presented with dyspepsia and reflux symptoms since 6 years.[] Early stage gastric adenocarcinoma patients have nonspecific symptoms, that usually do not trigger a consultation until the disease has advanced, such as dyspepsia, anorexia[] […] produces no specific symptoms when it is superficial and potentially surgically curable, although up to 50% of patients may have nonspecific gastrointestinal complaints such as dyspepsia[]

  • Esophageal Ulcer

    Right: 83 year-old man with dysphagia but no odynophagia, pyrosis or dyspepsia.[] Clinically, the disease is manifested and psevdostenokarditicheskimi retrosternal pain, dysphagia and dyspepsia .[] Contrary to the first and second generation biphosphonates (etidronate, chlodronate), that were associated with pronounced and frequent adverse effects (vomiting, diarrhea, dyspepsia[]

  • Esophageal Perforation

    BACKGROUND AND AIMS: Esophageal perforation is a life-threatening disease. Factors impacting morbidity and mortality include the cause and site of the perforation, the time to diagnosis, and the therapeutic procedure. This study aimed to identify risk factors for morbidity and mortality after esophageal perforation.[…][]

  • Hypoparathyroidism

    Hypoparathyroidism is characterised by hypocalcaemia, hyperphosphataemia and low or inappropriately normal levels of parathyroid hormone (PTH). Pseudohypoparathyroidism is characterised by similar findings but PTH is elevated due to PTH resistance. [ 1 ] PTH is a key calcium-regulating hormone essential for calcium[…][]

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