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46 Possible Causes for Deglutition Disorder, Mediastinal Mass, Recurrent Pneumonia

  • Bronchogenic Carcinoma

    As such, common symptoms of lung cancer may include: Coughing up blood Recurrent pneumonia due to obstruction of the airways by a tumor Persistent cough At the current time[] METHODS: Between July 2009 and February 2010, 95 patients with mediastinal/hilar lymphadenopathy and/or intrathoracic peritracheal or peribronchial masses detected with computed[] It manifests with symptoms of airway obstruction and/or recurrent pneumonias. Early diagnosis and appropriate treatment are of great importance in the prognosis.[]

  • Diaphragmatic Hernia

    Mediastinal masses in children.[] If the x-ray is taken immediately after delivery before the neonate has swallowed air, the abdominal contents appear as an opaque airless mass in the hemithorax.[] In a large defect, there are numerous air-filled loops of intestine filling the hemithorax and contralateral displacement of the heart and mediastinal structures.[]

  • Hodgkin Lymphoma

    Pneumonia, cytomegalovirus, aspergillus (a type of fungus), and Pneumocystis jiroveci (a fungus) are among the most serious life-threatening infections.[] A CT scan showed an ill-defined soft tissue mass anterior to and not well demarcated from the thyroid, and contiguous with a superior and anterior mediastinal mass.[] FENO resulted significantly related to the mediastinal mass maximum diameter (p 0.009) and was significantly higher in patients with as compared to those without bulky mediastinal[]

  • Esophagitis

    Lesions/Masses Peptic Ulcers Stomach Cancer The esophagus functions as a conduit for food after it has been chewed and swallowed.[] Disorders/Upper GI Achalasia Barrett's Esophagus Celiac Disease Eosinophilic Esophagitis Esophageal Cancer Esophageal Submucosal Lesions Gastroesophageal Reflux Disease (GERD) Mediastinal[]

  • Esophageal Achalasia

    She suffered from recurrent pneumonia, obstructive bronchitis, and problems with swallowing solid food. Her family noted a wet pillow in the morning.[] An important role of echocardiography in the diagnosis of mediastinal masses is emphasized.[] Deglutition Disorders Esophageal Diseases Gastrointestinal Diseases Digestive System Diseases[]

  • Esophageal Carcinoma

    This examination proved to be useful in the identification of a paracardiac mediastinal mass.[] Hoarseness in case of infiltration of the recurrent laryngeal nerve. Hematemesis (vomiting blood).[] Lesions/Masses Peptic Ulcers Stomach Cancer The esophagus is a tube that functions as a conduit for food once it is chewed and swallowed.[]

  • Amyloidosis

    pneumonias and neoplasia.[] Axial CT image shows a posterior mediastinal mass, which is mostly on the left side of the spine. Biopsy showed that the mass was an amyloidoma. Figure 18.[] Narrowing of airways can cause wheezing, distal atelectasis, recurrent pneumonia or lobar collapse, and solitary nodules may be mistaken for endobronchial neoplasia [ 78,[]

  • Mediastinal Abscess

    Postoperative course was also complicated by recurrent pneumonia and sepsis. He is receiving rehabilitation in a long-term care facility.[] Title: Primary Isolated Mediastinal Abscess Masquerading as Mediastinal Mass- A Needle did the Trick VOLUME: 13 ISSUE: 2 Author(s): Lokesh Kumar Saini, Nishant Kumar Chauhan[] Howell et al. 2 have described numerous complications of mediastinal infection such as empyema, erosion of the aorta, costal osteomyelitis, aspiration pneumonia, and recurrent[]

  • Esophageal Duplication

    The patient presented with recurrent pneumonia. Magnetic resonance imaging revealed two cystic lesions in the upper and lower lobes of the right lung.[] White arrows point to a middle mediastinal soft tissue mass with sharp margins on the conventional frontal radiograph.[] Most EDs are found in the distal third of the esophagus and are frequently asymptomatic; however, dysphagia, respiratory distress, recurrent pneumonia, vomiting, failure to[]

  • Mediastinopericarditis

    In children, mediastinal masses are more likely to cause tracheobronchial compression and stridor or symptoms of recurrent bronchitis or pneumonia.[] mass : anterior to the pericardium middle mediastinal mass : within the pericardium posterior mediastinal mass : posterior to the pericardium Promoted articles (advertising[] Figure A identifies a mediastinal mass with significant aortic encasement and trachea-bronchial compression.[]

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