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26 Possible Causes for Deglutition Disorder, Plummer-Vinson Syndrome, Sore Mouth

  • Plummer-Vinson Syndrome

    mouth") or xerostomia.[] The authors report the case of a 6 year old with Plummer-Vinson syndrome.[] Key words: Plummer-Vinson syndrome; Iron deficiency; Anemia; Deglutition disorders; Men's health RESUMO Contexto A síndrome de Plummer-Vinson é caracterizada por uma tríade[]

  • Carcinoma of the Oral Cavity

    A 54-year-old woman presented to a dental clinic with a 1-year history of oral swelling and a sore mouth.[] Vinson syndrome 9.  NEOPLASIA:The process of transformation from a normal cell to a cancerous one.  An abnormality of cell growth and multiplication characterised by:[] Symptoms may include: A lip or mouth sore that does not heal A white or red patch on the gums, tongue, or lining of mouth A lump on the lip or in the mouth or throat Unusual[]

  • Lower Esophageal Ring

    […] and causes an unpleasant, sour taste) oesophagitis (a sore, inflamed oesophagus) bad breath bloating and belching feeling or being sick pain when swallowing and/or difficulty[] […] after a few years, if further narrowing of the esophagus occurs (presenting swallowing difficulties) Additional and Relevant Useful Information for Lower Esophageal Ring: Plummer-Vinson[] Other symptoms include belching, chronic sore throat, difficulty or pain when swallowing, sudden excess of saliva, hoarseness, sour taste in the mouth, inflammation of the[]

  • Xerostomia

    Highly recommended, will not cause cavities or sore mouth. Easy to carry, no drug interactions.[] Systemic diseases Sjogren’s syndrome, diabetes mellitus, Parkinson’s disease, encephalitis, brain tumors, Plummer Vinson disease, hypertension, HIV infection, systemic rheumatic[] […] of soreness in the mouth Stickiness to the touch Cracking at the corners of the mouth The mouth looking red and parched Difficulty eating dry or spicy foods Food just not[]

  • Disorder of the Hypopharynx

    See the separate articles on Problems in the Mouth, Oral Ulceration and Salivary Gland Disorders.[] The most used name is Plummer-Vinson syndrome, named after Henry Stanley Plummer (1874–1936) and Porter Paisley Vinson (1890–1959) who were physicians on the staff of the[] Neural pathway disorders Top of page Introduction Normal deglutition requires a complex and coordinated interaction of many head and neck structures.[]

  • Tumor of the Floor of the Mouth

    Symptoms may include: A lip or mouth sore that does not heal A white or red patch on the gums, tongue, or lining of mouth A lump on the lip or in the mouth or throat Unusual[] The nature of the increased vulnerability may be genetic, familial, or acquired (eg, immunosuppression, syphilis, Plummer-Vinson syndrome, chronic candidiasis).[] Paterson Brown-Kelly syndrome (Plummer-Vinson syndrome), which includes iron deficiency, has been associated with an increased risk of cancer of the oral cavity.[]

  • Esophageal Web

    Ulcers Acute 358 Orbital Lesions Cystic 359 Orofacial Pain 360 OsgoodSchlatter Disease 361 Osteoporosis 362 Otitis Externa 363 Ovarian Mass 364 Pagets Disease of Bone 365[] Abstract In PlummerVinson syndrome, esophagography often reveals a web at the anterior wall of the cervical esophagus.[] Key words Plummer-Vinson syndrome Cineradiography Web, cervical esophageal Dilatation, endoscopic Myectomy Deglutition Deglutition disorders This is a preview of subscription[]

  • Throat Cancer

    If you have cancer of the throat, you may experience lip or mouth sores, a lump on the mouth or throat, unusual bleeding, swelling, changes in your voice, ear pain, a chronic[] In patients with Plummer-Vinson syndrome, the ratio is reversed, with 80% of head and neck cancers occurring in women.[] Symptoms of throat cancer include trouble swallowing food, mouth soreness and persistent hoarseness.[]

  • Esophageal Crohn Disease

    Signs and symptoms of Crohn’s of the mouth normally consist of large, painful sores in the mouth. If you have this symptom, contact your doctor.[] […] congenital or acquired Most in hypopharynx and proximal esophagus Majority protrude from anterior esophageal wall Symptoms if lumen 50% compromised Sideropenic dysphagia (Plummer-Vinson[] She had an oral ulcer almost 1 month before this admission. She had no dysphagia or melena.[]

  • Esophageal Achalasia

    Some people with GERD have only a sore throat, chronic cough, or hoarseness. Others have no symptoms at all.[] Deglutition Disorders Esophageal Diseases Gastrointestinal Diseases Digestive System Diseases[] Plummer-Vinson syndrome ( Paterson-Brown-Kelly syndrome ). A rare form may present in children [ 10 ].[]

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