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11 Possible Causes for Dehydration, Deja Vu, Papilledema

  • Frontal Lobe Neoplasm

    I started having reoccuring instances when I would feel an intense deja vu and experience hallucinations, hear voices, but wouldn't remember anything afterwards.[] Headache Visual changes Nausea Vomiting Mental changes Lethargy Behavior changes Seizures Hemiparesis, hemiplegia Incoordination Ataxia Anosmia (inability to smell) Papilledema[]

  • Migraine

    Resources: " Dehydration Overview ." " Dehydration and Heat Stroke ."The Ohio State University Medical Center. " Dehydration ."[] Follow-up evaluations are necessary for patients with any of the following: Abnormal vital signs Nuchal rigidity Cranial nerve abnormalities Macrocephaly Bruits Papilledema[] […] serious headaches, a migraine diagnosis should be made after a careful clinical history and an examination that documents the absence of any neurologic findings such as papilledema[]

  • Pseudomonas Aeruginosa

    Deja vu. .. all over again? The importance of instrument drying. Infect Control Hosp Epidemiol 2000 ;21: 628 - 629 28. Srinivasan A, Wolfenden LL, Song X, et al.[] It causes serious chronic infections following its colonisation of the dehydrated mucus of the CF lung, leading to it being the most important cause of morbidity and mortality[] Over the following weeks he developed progressive palsy of IX, X, VI, and XII cranial nerves and papilledema.[]

  • Postictal State

    They began with deja vu and decreased awareness, followed by staring, and oral and bimanual automatisms.[] Frustration/embarrassment Physical symptoms: Injuries derived from the seizure like bruising, cuts, head trauma, or broken bones Headaches or migraines Nausea/upset stomachs Dehydration[] Evaluate patients with seizures for signs of possible causes (eg, fever, stiff neck, focal neurologic deficits, neuromuscular irritability and hyperreflexia, papilledema),[]

  • Uncinate Seizure

    Foster Kennedy's syndrome consists in anosmia together with unilateral ipsilateral optic atrophy and contralateral papilledema derived from a big tumor involving the orbitofrontal[] […] sensation which may proceed observable seizure; can be olfactory, somatosensory, visual or experiential changes including cardiovasuclar, sudomotor, vasomotor dysmnesia (deja[] .  Metabolic disorders e.g dehydration. 33.[]

  • Kluver-Bucy Syndrome

    Neurological examination revealed bilateral papilledema and no other deficits.[] , deja pense, jamais vu 42 Papez circuit James Papez in 1937 One of the major pathways of the limbic system Chiefly involved in the cortical control of emotion.[] Extracellular dehydration, hyponatremia (107 mmol/L), low levels of natriuresis, and mild hypokalemia were noted.[]

  • Cortical Blindness

    vu feeling as if one has lived through or experienced this moment before; may occur in people without any medical problems or as a seizure aura_ delayed sleep phase syndrome[] […] anoxia involving the occipital lobes caused by either vascular insufficiency or by increased metabolic rate during periods of seizures. 6 Hyperviscosity in NKH may cause dehydration[] Ophthalmologic examination revealed left sided papilledema and loss of vision.[]

  • Disorders of Visual Cortex

    , deja pense, jamais vu 42 Papez circuit James Papez in 1937 One of the major pathways of the limbic system Chiefly involved in the cortical control of emotion.[] H47.10 Unspecified papilledema H47.11 Papilledema associated with increased intracranial pressure H47.12 Papilledema associated with decreased ocular pressure H47.13 Papilledema[] […] cortex in (due to) vascular disorders ICD-10-CM Siblings (same level / similar specificity) of H47.6: H47.0 - Disorders of optic nerve, not elsewhere classified H47.1 - Papilledema[]

  • Millard-Gubler Syndrome

    , deja pense, jamais vu 42 Papez circuit James Papez in 1937 One of the major pathways of the limbic system Chiefly involved in the cortical control of emotion.[] Pseudotumor cerebri may cause papilledema, and in 30% of cases it also causes abducens nerve palsy. Petrous bone fracture may follow head trauma.[] Local General Non infectious Local: trauma, surgical interventions, tumors, arterialtrombosys, malformations General: surgicale, pregnancy, post partum/post abortum, drugs, dehydration[]

  • Optic Nerve Edema-Splenomegaly Syndrome

    Edema, glottis extremities, lower - see Edema, legs genital organs infectious 782.3 legs 782.3 localized 782.3 lower extremities - see Edema, legs optic disc or nerve - see Papilledema[] Vu, Delayed Puberty, Delirium, Delusion, Delusion of Grandeur, Delusional Disorder (Persecutory Type), Dementia, Dementia Alzheimer's Type, Dental Caries, Dependence, Depressed[] True papilledema may present with exudates or cotton-wool spots, unlike ODD.[]

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