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45 Possible Causes for Dehydration, Lethargy, Starvation Ketosis

  • Anorexia Nervosa

    Initial exam was significant for emaciation, lethargy, and lower extremity edema.[] […] diagnosis and treatment stages due to the fact that early onset of the disease is rare. a boy aged eight years and four months presented with bradicardia, malnutrition and dehydration[] ) further magnifies the impact of the malnutrition on the brain, owing to it being in a starvation-illness mode.[]

  • Vomiting of Pregnancy

    Physical Exam Physical exam findings that may be found, according to various causes of vomiting in pregnancy, include: general assessment dehydation weight loss lethargy,[] Be sure to watch for signs of dehydration if vomiting develops.[] ketosis with ketonuria, elevated specific gravity and BUN, and a hypochloremic hypokalemic metabolic alkalosis. 1,3,15 It is recommended to replete with thiamine if significant[]

  • Diabetic Ketotic Coma

    Nonketotic hyperosmolar coma [ edit ] Nonketotic hyperosmolar coma usually develops more insidiously than diabetic ketoacidosis because the principal symptom is lethargy progressing[] - /- hyperventilation due to cerebral dehydration - /- focal neurological signs due to dehydration or thrombosis Investigation - marked hyperglycaemia.[] Therefore, a patient with starvation ketosis rarely presents with a serum bicarbonate concentration less than 18 mEq/L.[]

  • Acidosis

    Respiratory acidosis:Presenting signs can include lethargy or fatigue, shortness of breath, confusion and sleepiness.[] Treatment You can relieve dehydration-related acidosis by treating the underlying cause of dehydration, Medline Plus reports.[] , alcohol and DKA) Download PDF of GOLDMARK mnemonic Osmolar Gap common differential diagnosis Ketoacids (DKA, AKA, starvation ketosis) Alcohols Sepsis Ischemia Sodium bicarbonate[]

  • Diabetic Ketoacidosis

    We describe an unusual case of a previously healthy infant with a 3 days' history of constipation, presenting acutely with abdominal pain, lethargy, and dehydration.[] She had moderated to severe dehydration but no hypotension.[] It is possible that starvation ketosis contributed to the development of the high anion gap metabolic acidosis in our patient.[]

  • Diabetes Insipidus

    She had a 3-month history of lethargy, reduced appetite, weight loss, cough and intermittent fevers.[] The patients of diabetes insipidus present to the hospital with the complaint of polyuria and/or dehydration.[] ketosis.”[]

  • Salicylate Poisoning

    , seizures, unexplained lethargy, or confusion warrants referral to an emergency department for evaluation (Grade C). 3) Patients who exhibit typical symptoms of salicylate[] Hyperventilation (P less than .01), dehydration (P less than .001), and severe central nervous system manifestations (P less than .001) occurred more frequently in the chronic[] Ketoacidosis may also occur in children who are ill and fasted (ie starvation ketosis).[]

  • Metabolic Acidosis

    Clinical presentation is heterogeneous, usually characterised by repetitive vomiting and diarrhoea, lethargy, failure to thrive until to dehydration with hypotension and shock[] We report a case of a 4-day-old neonate presenting with 18% weight loss, hypernatremic dehydration and metabolic acidosis.[] , alcohol and DKA) Download PDF of GOLDMARK mnemonic Osmolar Gap common differential diagnosis Ketoacids (DKA, AKA, starvation ketosis) Alcohols Sepsis Ischemia Sodium bicarbonate[]

  • Alcoholic Ketoacidosis

    Fatigue Slow or sluggish movement Dehydration and thirst Lightheadedness and dizziness Agitation Confusion Abnormal breathing with an irregular pattern that is deep and rapid Lethargy[] Dehydration All patients with severe AKA are dehydrated.[] Patients may complain of persistent fatigue and lethargy, depression and increased irritability.[]

  • Diabetic Coma

    Symptoms It may present with the following symptoms: Coma Convulsions Confusion Lethargy Thirst Diagnosis Diagnosis is clinical.[] The individual is not usually dehydrated and breathing is normal or shallow.[] Ketosis and ketoacidosis may also be seen with starvation, alcoholism, and with high-fat, low-carbohydrate diets.[]

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