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82 Possible Causes for Deja Vu, Dizziness, Sweating

  • Temporal Lobe Epilepsy

    The most commonly reported ADRs were lethargy and drowsiness, dizziness, vertigo and ataxia, and blurred vision and diplopia.[] […] sensations that start in one area and spread: Numbness Tingling A feeling that the flesh is crawling Autonomic symptoms may include the following: Abdominal pain or nausea Sweating[] Seizures starting in this area can cause sensory disturbances, such as heat, numbness or electrical sensations, weakness, dizziness, hallucinations, distortions of space and[]

  • Anxiety Disorder

    Dizziness embracing vertigo, unsteadiness and imbalance are common in the elderly, so is generalized anxiety disorder, which is a common psychiatric problem in later life.[] Symptoms of a panic attack can include shortness of breath, sweating, and feeling disoriented.[] In terms of tolerability, the most frequently reported treatment-emergent adverse events were nausea, dry mouth, dizziness, insomnia, somnolence, and headache.[]

  • Migraine

    […] spells or dizziness.[] Along with the head pain, symptoms such as severe nausea, vomiting, photosensitivity, blurriness of vision and sweating are also accompanied.[] Sensitivity to light, noise and odors Nausea and vomiting, stomach upset, abdominal pain Loss of appetite Feeling very warm (sweating) or cold (chills) Pale color (pallor)[]

  • Focal Onset Impaired Awareness Seizure

    The patient's memory function markedly improved during 10 months' follow-up with antiepileptic treatment, although he described brief attacks of dizziness.[] […] brain activity and can present as motor symptoms (eg, shaking of one limb), sensory symptoms (eg, paresthesias, olfactory symptoms, flashing lights), autonomic symptoms (eg, sweating[] A common symptom is the experience we all know as deja vu, when we are convinced we have been somewhere or witnessed something before.[]

  • Abdominal Epilepsy

    The most important imitators of epileptic seizures are dizziness, vertigo, syncope, complicated migraine; and somewhat less frequently sleep disorders, transient cerebral[] Some symptoms of a temporal lobe seizure may be related to these functions, including having odd feelings — such as euphoria, deja vu or fear.[] The important historical clues were pallor and cold sweating during the paroxysm, followed by lethargy and prolonged sleep.[]

  • Todd Paralysis

    The most important imitators of epileptic seizures are dizziness, vertigo, syncope, complicated migraine; and somewhat less frequently sleep disorders, transient cerebral[] vu) Difficulty processing language How long do focal seizures last?[] ., unusual or intense smells) Autonomic symptoms (e.g. flushing , sweating) Residual neurologic deficits depending on the affected cerebral region Todd's paralysis : Postictal[]

  • Mirtazapine

    This drug may make you dizzy or drowsy. Alcohol or marijuana can make you more dizzy or drowsy.[] It'd be like random deja vu and I'd remember the whole dream. Ruined my memory.[] Excessive sweating, elevated creatine kinase levels and bilateral mydriasis were noticed.[]

  • Nitrous Oxide

    During the BMAB four patients (3 in N2O group, 1 in 50% O2 group) reported dizziness and one patient in the N2O group reported nausea.[] […] minutes: 2,4,5 Euphoria Numbness of the body Sedation Giddiness Uncontrolled laughter Uncoordinated movements Blurred vision Confusion Dizziness and/or light-headedness Sweating[] It is as an experience of deja vu continually occurring. The feeling is profound and not altogether pleasant.[]

  • Seizure

    FYCOMPA may cause other serious side effects, including: Dizziness, vertigo (sense of spinning), and problems walking normally.[] Sweating. Goose bumps. Dyscognitive seizures change how kids think, feel or experience things. Sometimes a child’s awareness might be altered.[] Simple partial seizures with psychological symptoms are characterized by various experiences involving memory (the sensation of deja-vu), emotions (such as fear or pleasure[]

  • Miotic

    […] blood pressure heart disease overactive thyroid gland seizures Parkinson's disease obstruction in the urinary tract Call your doctor if you you develop: urinary incontinence dizziness[] vu complex realization vivid stick sublimeoblivious deliverance belonging creed symbionts pendent sane smiling rumination plane glint resembles conversation web corporeal[] Horner's syndrome consists of miosis , eyelid ptosis and absent forehead sweating.[]

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