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90 Possible Causes for Delayed Bone Age, Sloping Shoulders

  • Cleidocranial Dysplasia

    shoulders that can be apposed at the midline, short stature, mid-face hypoplasia, multiple supernumerary teeth, and skeletal anomalies.[] The clavicles were barely seen and the calvarial bones were significantly less ossified than expected for gestational age.[] Neurological examinations revealed sloping shoulders, weakness, and atrophy in the proximal areas of the arms, shoulder girdle muscles, and legs.[]

  • Ruijs Aalfs Syndrome

    Down-sloping shoulders MedGen UID: 346461 • Concept ID: C1856872 • Finding Low set, steeply sloping shoulders.[] The boy was noted to have growth retardation at age 3 years; at age 7 he was found to have thoracic kyphosis, frontal bossing, and a delayed bone age of approximately 3 years[] […] to Ruijs-Aalfs syndrome include: Triangular face Bulbous nose Prominent nasal bridge Frontal bossing Delayed skeletal maturation Skeletal muscle atrophy Weight Loss Down-sloping[]

  • Skeletal Dysplasia

    As a result, their shoulders are narrow and sloping, can be brought unusually close together in front of the body, and in some cases can be made to meet in the middle of the[] A 14% of patients showed a low mean GH concentration during sleep, presenting also a markedly low IGF-1 level and marked delay of bone age [ 81 ].[] , hypotonia and bony abnormalities including marked cranial sclerosis and sclerosis of the ribs and long bones, which evolved in severity in the son between the ages of 2[]

  • IMAGE Syndrome

    Feature Includes Frequency Chronic Ear Problems Lots of infections, fluid in the ears, PE tubes until teens 85% Sloping Shoulders Underdeveloped shoulder muscles, small or[] bone age.[] Clinodactyly, hypoplastic 5th finger middle and distal phalanx and delayed bone age. [ 10 ] In our case has got three frequent finding.[]

  • Acrootoocular Syndrome

    shoulders, and nipple anomalies Typical CHARGE syndrome 4 Major criteria or 3 Major 3 Minor Probable/possible CHARGE syndrome One or two major several minor features The[] bone age Skeletal Feet: small feet widely spaced 1st-2nd toes zygodactyly short 3rd-4th toes protruding calcaneus Growth Weight: birthweight Abdomen Gastrointestinal: multiple[] bone age; and intellectual disability.[]

  • Hypertrichotic Osteochondrodysplasia

    Skeletal defects include long neck, narrow thorax, down-sloping shoulders, and prominent elbow joints (Wiedemann et al. 1993).[] bone age; [Skull]; Widened posterior fossa; Enlarged sella; [Spine]; Platyspondyly; Ovoid-shaped vertebral bodies (childhood); Cuboid-shaped vertebral bodies (post-puberty[] Generalized osteopenia, delayed bone age, and craniosynostosis have also been described. Figure 1 A, B, C.[]

  • Qazi-Markouizos Syndrome

    shoulders Hypertonia Short nose Encephalopathy Cerebellar hypoplasia Submucous cleft hard palate Cerebral cortical atrophy Lacrimal duct stenosis Cognitive impairment Esophageal[] Symptoms - Qazi Markouizos syndrome Some of the symptoms of Qazi Markouizos syndrome incude: * Chronic constipation * Severe psychomotor retardation * Seizures * Delayed bone[] bone age Abnormal bone development Abnormal dermatoglyphics Abnormality of bone mineral density Cognitive impairment Constipation Cryptorchidism Highly arched eyebrow Hypertelorism[]

  • Cystitis

    Clavicular hypoplasia can result in narrow, sloping shoulders that can be opposed at the midline.[] […] in the arms and legs, a deformity of the knee joint that allows the knee to bend backwards (genu recurvatum), and slowed mineralization of bones (delayed bone age).Most people[] Hand and vertebral involvement can resolve with age. Early motor milestones may be delayed due to orthopedic complications. Intelligence is normal.[]

  • 3M Syndrome

    Other skeletal abnormalities that often occur in this disorder include a short, broad neck and chest; prominent shoulder blades; and shoulders that slope less than usual ([] Signs & Symptoms Three M syndrome is an extremely rare inherited disorder characterized by low birth weight, delayed bone age, and short stature; characteristic malformations[] Additional skeletal abnormalities, such as unusually slender long bones in the arms and legs; tall, narrow spinal bones (vertebrae); or slightly delayed bone age may be apparent[]

  • Osteoporosis

    If this happens, you may get any or all of these symptoms: Sloping shoulders Curve in the back Height loss Back pain Hunched posture What causes osteoporosis?[] It's Your Health On this page: The Issue Osteoporosis is a loss of bone density among aging adults that can cause painful fractures, disability and deformity.[] Children may have premature loss of deciduous teeth (age affected toddlers have short stature and delay in walking, and develop a waddling myopathic gait.[]

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